How My Story Can Help You Win His Love

Hi there! Seeing that you’ve taken the time to grab yourself a copy of my book on how to attract and keep that special Virgo man in your life, I want to take a brief moment to let you get to know who I am and why I’ve written this book.

Some of you are probably still a little skeptical of astrology, and I totally understand. Believe it or not, I was once a skeptic and had trouble finding the value in gaining a better understanding of people based upon their stars. This all changed after a really rough patch with the man I consider to be the love of my life and an eye opening trip to visit an aunt of mine.

It took going through the heartache of not knowing where I stood with my own Taurus man before it really all clicked that by understanding more about him astrologically, I could learn so much about not just who he was, but how I could relate to him and keep him forever. Honestly, I have my mother and aunt to thank, as well as their strong sense of heritage and staying true to who you are for jump starting my journey into becoming an astrologer.

One year my mother suggested that I get to know my heritage a bit better by traveling to Romania, just outside of Bucharest, to spend some time with my aunt. Unbeknownst to me, my aunt was, and is, a very well known astrologer in her close knit circle of friends and clients.

It was on this trip that her incredible knowledge of what was going on in my love life, all from me telling her what his Zodiac sign was, that really piqued my interest in astrology. It was on this trip that I decided I, too, must learn the things that she knew.

It was incredible the things that my aunt just seemed to know, all based on very little information from me. She had been a practicing astrologer to some pretty high end clientele for several decades.

And as it turned out, she really knew how to get to the heart of things just by asking a few questions about when someone was born. Once I gave her all of the info she said she needed to draft my guy’s chart, she more than blew my mind with the things she knew about our situation.

You see, I was once in a relationship with this amazing man I still am, actually who pushed me away and right into the art of astrology. If not for that visit with my aunt, I don’t think that our love would have lasted this long and be so strong. Not because we didn’t love and care for one another, but because at that point we didn’t understand one another.

This was the inspiration behind the book you are reading right now. Within these pages you’ll learn how to better understand your Virgo man and really connect on a level that will help you build that relationship that may, right now, seem just outside your reach.

After years of working with charts, stars and my personal clients, I’ve been able to glean a great deal of knowledge about each sign and how they relate in relationships and my goal is to share these insights with you.

Before we get into how you can understand your Virgo man, I want to share a quick story with you. This is the story of one of my closest long-time clients and how she gained a better understanding of and a closer relationship with this guy she had fallen head over heels for her Virgo man.

With this one particular client we built more than just a client/astrologer relationship, we became close friends. Over the years I became very aware of all the issues she faced in trying to develop a relationship with this one man who happened to be a Virgo.

There was only one man for her, but he just didn’t seem to be all that into a romantic relationship with her, even though their charts showed an insanely compatible and rewarding relationship. The problem was that she just didn't understand his signals. Like ships in the might, these two were always missing one another, and this got to be very frustrating for the both of them.

The relationship started when they were both just teenagers, both a part of the same circle of friends. The Virgo guy was shy and reserved and never actually thought that this amazing girl could ever really have feelings for him.

Little did he know that she reciprocated his feelings and then some. These two never seemed to be able to get together, however, because the Vigo guy never really showed his interest in her or let his feelings be known. He was afraid of rejection, so he never tried.

He found her to be amazing in every way, and she pretty much was. Just as he would build up the courage to say something to her about how he felt, she would start dating someone new and the Virgo guy would retreat back into the friend-zone.

All the while he had no clue that if he had simply told her how he felt, she would have happily turned away other suitors and started a relationship with this Virgo guy. This went on for years.

Finally, once the pair had grown up and incidentally grown apart, they ran into one another and quickly became friends once again.

They each had a lot to share with the other one and over the course of renewing their friendship, this time on a more one-on one basis, they were able share their true feelings from back in the day.

It was this sharing of feelings that led the Virgo man to be comfortable and confident enough to just come out and ask her if she still had those feelings for him, which she of course did. Once they started dating things really took off.

All it took was the Virgo guy knowing that this girl, now turned woman, of his dreams had some feelings for him to give him the confidence to take a leap and initiate the first date. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Long story short, had my client not taken a look into the astrology behind her feelings for this Virgo man she may have never told him how she felt. She requested many times that we look into what was happening in his stars at the current time or that we look again to see in what ways they were compatible.

They both needed the courage and reassurance on some level to take that leap, and I love knowing that I, armed with the knowledge of how astrological compatibility works, was able to be of some level of assistance to their union.

Once together, the two actually came in for a couples reading and the results were incredible. By explaining to them the ways in which their planets worked together they were able to get to know one another on a deeper, more spiritual level. It’s one thing to look through a person’s chart before the relationship begins, but it is something altogether different to be able to help a couple who are requesting a reading together. Of course, the desire to understand your partner has to be there, and with these two is always has been.

She still comes to me from time to time when he is being particularly perplexing, wanting a reading to find out what’s going on with him, or with them.

I tell you, nine times out of ten she will call a few days or weeks after we talk and tell me of the changes that occurs a result of the two of them being able to relate without anger. She says that astrology allows them to really “get” one another. I believe she is right.

I could tell you countless stories of how astrology has allowed me to help couples find true happiness. However, I think it is more valuable to share my knowledge with you so that you, too, can benefit from the magic held in the stars.

People are always saying how it is too bad life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but what most people don’t understand is that it does!

Astrology is like your own personal guidebook to life, and when applied to romance and love it can be the difference between your relationship working and reaching new heights of intimacy or fizzling out, all due to misunderstandings or simply not knowing how to communicate.

As you flip through the pages of this book, you will learn not only how to attract a Virgo man, but also how to understand his inner workings.

You’ll be equipped to develop a real relationship that will last and perhaps even start your own journey through learning all about astrology. So, now, let’s get started and get into the headspace of your Virgo man so that you may find what you are looking for and successfully go after it. I wish you all the very best of luck!

Understanding the Basics About Your Virgo Man

Virgo is the 6th sign in the zodiac and is represented by the sign of the Virgin. This representation of what Virgo is all about is a bit of a misnomer, leading you to believe those born under this sign to be prudish and lacking in sexuality.

Actually, the Virgo constellation is a symbol of the harvest and the virgin symbol represents purity, modesty and being of service to others. The time when the Sun is in Virgo is when we would expect to be gathering harvest that was planted in the spring, thus making Virgo the symbol of continuation of life.

Each sign in the Zodiac has things that is is associated specifically with and Virgo is no different. Virgo is what is referred to as a Mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury, also ruler of Gemini, an Air sign.

The season of Virgo is the fall period before the winter comes and the colors we most closely a ssociate with the sign of the Virgin are navy blue and hues of gray. These are muted, classic colors that go along with the modesty of the virgin symbol. Each sign is also linked to a specific stone or stones. With Virgo, we associate Sapphire, Peridot and Moonstone.

Along with symbols, colors, planets and stones, each sign also has specific parts of the body that it is linked to, the likes of which are used in medical astrology. Virgo is linked to the nervous system, as well as the stomach and digestive system. If you have ever been close to a Virgo you probably already understand why. They tend to be a tad bit high strung and when they get overstressed the result is usually an upset stomach.

That’s all interesting, but doesn’t tell you a whole lot about your Virgo man and how to get closer to him.Trust me, we’ll get to that As we go through this book, I’ll explain a little about astrology and how your horoscope works, as well as going into detail about what the Virgo man is really like.

We’ll delve into the psyche of the Virgo man, and with this information you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of how he works and how you can get closer to him. Not only will this book help you understand him, you’ll learn how you can relate to him in a way that makes him stop and think Virgos love to think. In fact, their motto is “I analyze.”

There are many facets to every horoscope and astrological chart, and we will make our way through many of them. To begin with, though, we will first explore what gives us our vitality and our driving life force; the Sun.

The Sun in Astrology

In order to get a good initial idea of what someone is all about based on astrology we look first and foremost to the placement of the Sun in their natal chart. This is why we refer to the different signs of the Zodiac as “Sun signs.”

The placement of the Sun in the skies at the time of your birth is what determines this. Now, there is so much more to a person than simply where the Sun is positioned in their chart, but the Sun is the largest factor in determining a person general astrological disposition. Essentially, this is the starting point of reference when reading a natal chart.

We see the solar system as being a heliocentric system of planets all revolving around, you guessed it, the Sun. Your astrological chart uses the same precedent. This term is actually derived from the Greek terminology “Helios,” which simply translates to “Sun.”

In astrology the placement of your Sun is a strong indication of your conscious thoughts and tells a bit about who you are at your core.

This explains why people born under the same Sun sign can be very different yet still have a lot of the same fundamental characteristics. In a Freudian sense the Sun would be your Ego in the whole id and ego theory.

You’ll find as we go through and you learn more about astrology as a whole that there are many theoretical concepts that have molded how we look at modern astrology.

There are also a lot of different terminologies used that you’ll become accustomed to, and learn the meanings of, the deeper you get into learning. Of course this depends on how deep into astrology you intend on going. For now, we’ll keep things relatively simple and stick with just learning the basics so you aren’t constantly having to Google this or that as you read through this book.

Now, as I’ve said, there are many facets to your horoscope that just the placement of your Sun. You may have your Sun in Virgo but your Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) in Leo. This would give you the fundamental practicality of a Virgo on the surface, but how your mind works would be more likened to how a fiery Leo thinks.

Think of the Sun as being your foundation upon which the rest of your personality is based upon. You may be wondering why I’m going into so much detail about all this technical stuff just to find out how to get to the heart of your Virgo man.

Well, the reason is that is you really want to be able to understand how his mind works and how to get the full picture of what he’s all about you’ll need to be able to decode the different elements of his chart. Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a person by simply knowing their Sun sign.

Together we will now go through the different parts of the natal chart, and I’ll explain a bit more about how you can get to know your Virgo man just by looking at where the planets were when he entered this world.

The Natal Chart

When you hear someone say they are having their “chart done” or “casting a natal chart,” this is a reference to the cosmic snapshot of where all of the planets, signs and houses were positioned at the moment of their birth.

The more information you have, as far as date, location and time of birth, the more accurate your natal chart will be. Just like we all have very different fingerprints and genetic makeup, we all have a natal chart that is specific to our own unique personalities and who we are and will become.

Some people don’t know their exact time of birth, and that’s ok. It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world, either. Although this is an important piece of the puzzle, there are ways to get around not knowing your time of birth.

Without the time we simply create a more generic type of chart called a solar chart. This is what is used when you read horoscopes found in newspapers and magazines. This is also why sometimes you may read your daily horoscope and think, “That is totally fitting for me,” and sometimes you think, “Man, was that off or what?”

In casting the solar chart the beginning reference point is the start of your Sun sign rather than the sign and house that were on the horizon at the moment you were born. Hence the term “solar” chart.

With knowledge of the time of birth, the ascendant, or rising sign can be derived. This refers to whatever sign is at the starting point of the natal chart and indicates how others perceive you and what your outward personality is, as seen by those around you.

This is your mask or the face you show to people and can be considered to represent your outward personality.

Astrological charts today are comprised of a 360 degree circle with the 10 planets (because we count the Sun and Moon as planets) and the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The signs are then designated to certain houses which delineate where the signs, elements and planetary energies are the strongest in your natal chart. And yes, we do still count Pluto as a planet.

To better understand how the natal chart works, think of a wheel within a wheel. These wheels are separated into 12 sections, each one being designated to a specific sign. The outer rim of the chart shows us where the signs are placed and the inner wheel shows what houses the signs occupy. Which sign each planet falls in the chart indicate how we relate, act or feel, while the houses show us where these elements of our personality are felt the most.

For instance, if you have Mercury in Leo you will be more outgoing and impulsive in how you communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, and if this falls into your 7th house (where we look for relationships and partnerships) you will be able to most easily express yourself in one-on-one conversations.

It gets much deeper than that, but this pretty much explains the gist of how to go about creating and decoding a natal chart.

Fixed, Cardinal and Mutable Signs

As I mentioned briefly earlier, your Virgo man is one of the mutable signs. You probably know him to be practical and more adaptable and accepting of change than some other people you’ve come across. This comes from the mutable quality of his Virgo Sun.

The other Mutable signs include Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. Those born under this quality are adept at going with the flow and making things work. There are also Fixed and Cardinal signs. They are all a bit different in how they relate to situations and people, allowing for a good sense of balance within the Zodiac.

The Mutable signs are more ok with change than the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo & Aquarius) , who tend to not be willing to budge in most situations, while cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) are the ones who like to get things started and tend to initiate action.

Being a mutable Earth sign, your Virgo man is practical and organized and is able to roll with changes and adjust accordingly. He’s more willing to make sacrifices for the greater good than, say, a Leo (who is a fixed sign) would be.

You see this quality in the Virgo man, in that he finds it acceptable to change his plans to fit those of the people or circumstances around him. Being that he is an Earth sign, he has a bit more stability than a Gemini or Sagittarius and he isn’t quite as rooted in his emotions as a Pisces, but what they all have in common is adaptability.

The houses ruled by mutable signs are the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th, but we won’t delve too deeply into this aspect of astrology at this juncture in time.

Just remember that these are the houses of communication, knowledge, learning and change. Although quite different from one another, all of the mutable signs have in common that they work to help and assist others. They strive to learn and gain knowledge and want to make things run smoothly. They don’t tend to be the ones making waves, they are the ones who put forth effort to smooth over situations and maintain some semblance of balance in their environment.

By now I bet you are starting to see a bit of your Virgo man in these descriptions we’ve gone through thus far. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Just wait, it gets much better from here!

Understanding Virgo, the Virgin

In some cases the personality of a sign can be easily linked to the physical description given to their constellation. For instance, Taurus, the bull, can be described as being stubborn and have generally bullish tendencies. Leo, the lion, can be described as being very regal and has more showy tendencies like that of a lion strutting his stuff, demanding to be the center of attention (think of a cat who just won’t let you read the newspaper without doing his best to walk all over it).

With Virgo, the physical description of this sign isn’t exactly what you might think when your thoughts move to your Virgo man.

Virgo, the virgin, is depicted as a woman holding a shaft of wheat, said to signify the coming of the harvest. Back in the day this was also thought to represent the maiden figure, someone who worked to serve others and to keep things going in day to day life. She kept up with all of those mundane tasks that are neither glamorous nor particularly fun.

This depiction does work with the general disposition of Virgos, but since we are talking about the Virgo man, the female virgin figure doesn’t really fit, now does it?

The 6th house in the Zodiac represents work, health, practicality, organization, pets and those boring day to day tasks we all love so much. In our individual charts, the 6th house shows in what ways we keep it together and keep things moving right along.

The reference to pets stems from the maiden caring for livestock and the harvest that goes along with raising the livestock to use for necessities, such as food, bone and leather products. This is the more practical area in a chart, so wherever Virgo is located in your chart is where you will have the most determination to keep organized and stay on top of things.

As a general rule, Virgo men like to maintain a neat and tidy environment, however, I have met several Virgos who are anything but neat and tidy.

The thing to understand is that even if it seems to be a mess on the surface, you can bet that your Virgo guy knows exactly where everything is. In fact, he’s probably got it all catalogued away in his mind in a most organized kind of way. They are also perfectionists who notice even the smallest blemishes in whatever they are inspecting.

Things that get lost in the details to most people will never get past the discerning eye of a Virgo. This penchant for perfection can cause your Virgo man’s focus to be rather narrow sometimes. It can turn into one of those situations where he can’t see the forest for the trees because one of those trees is asymmetrically placed in the forest.

It is for this reason that the Virgo man needs someone creative and who thinks on a larger scale to draw him back a bit and help him to see the big picture. He will never admit to being narrow minded, leaving it up to the more inventive type thinkers to show him what he’s been missing.

The Virgo man is very discerning when it comes to who he will partner up with, meaning you can’t be sloppy or poorly put together these things are a total turnoff for the Virgo man. Some things that are get a Virgo guy to look you way include intelligence and personal responsibility. You have to bring your A-game if you want to engage a Virgo personality in conversation because for every statement you make he will have a question.

It’s incredibly difficult to prove to a Virgo that they are wrong about something. After all, he did the research and made notes and possibly even wrote a thesis on whatever subject you are discussing, so be certain that if you are planning on debating anything with your Virgo man that you’ve gotten your information from a reliable and reputable source.

An Earth Sign With Mercurial Energy

In astrology, each sign is linked with a specific element. These elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Some also use Spirit as an element, but for now we will just stick to the four basic elements.

The Earth signs include Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Symbolically, Earth signs represent stability and steadfastness. They are connected to nature and are’t as social as Air or Fire signs. They like to feel well rooted and secure in all areas of life.

Being an Earth sign, your Virgo man has his feet firmly planted on the ground. He’s not much of a dreamer, but he is very quick witted and supremely intelligent. Having Mercury as his ruling planet gives your Virgo man great depth of thought and the ability to articulate himself well in any type of situation.

With this mixture of earthy stability and Mercurial thinking, it’s no wonder that Virgos are highly intellectual and can find a solution to virtually any problem you can throw at them.

Mercury is known as the ancient god of communication, travel and also as the trickster. In an astrology chart, Mercury is an indication of how we share information, how we process that information, how we think and also how we project our thoughts and knowledge.

The energy from Mercury is fast paced and can sometimes be a bit neurotic, making it important for those under this planetary rule to keep busy. Mercury gives a predisposition to being high strung and this is where the nervous system being a part of the body associated with Virgo comes from.

Incidentally, Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini, an Air sign, which explains a lot about why Virgos tend to make excellent writers and have such an ability to express their thoughts in a manner that is easily understood and grammatically correct.

Unlike Gemini, Virgos are usually seen as being introverted on the surface. This is where the differentiation between an Air sign ruled by Mercury and an Earth sign ruled by Mercury begins to become more evident. The Virgo motto is “I analyze,” which is undoubtedly a byproduct of the Mercurial energy that pushes them to strive to gain a firm understanding of any and everything they come across.

The energy from Mercury gives Virgos a bit more energy than their fellow earth signs and a keen eye for detail. There isn’t much you’ll get past a Virgo, and if your Virgo man’s Mercury is also positioned in his Sun sign this energy will be even more prominent in his personality.

Mercury moves quickly through the Zodiac and sticks pretty close to the Sun, which makes it easy to find in a natal chart and keeps your ways of thinking close to home, for the most part.

All this considered, Virgos are typically seen as some of the most intellectual and analytical signs in the Zodiac. With their feet on the ground, their quickness of thought, and keen powers of perception they can accomplish just about anything they put their mind to.

Once you draw your Virgo man out of his shell you’ll find that he actually has a lot of fascinating insights that you’ve probably never even considered, and can make great company.

All About Your Virgo Man

Now that you know a bit about charts and have a general idea of what the Virgo man is all about, we’re going to take a deeper look into what makes him tick.

This will help you to gain a better understanding of how his mind works and hopefully put you one step closer to snagging that hot Virgo guy you’ve had your eye on. Or, if you’re already in a relationship with a Virgo guy and you want to delve deeper into why he is the way he is, this guide will help you do just that.

Virgos aren’t exactly known for their gregarious and outspoken personalities, so when you first meet a Virgo guy you’ll notice that he comes across as being an introvert or the quiet guy in the room.

It takes a little bit of time for him to warm up to you, but once you get him alone and spark up a conversation, that quiet demeanor will be replaced by his surprisingly charming and witty personality. With Mercury as his ruler he’s got plenty to say, he just isn’t all that fantastic at meeting new people and engaging in small talk.

The Earthy element in his makes the Virgo man sensible and methodical in all that he does, but this Earth sign operates on a more cerebral level than Capricorn or Taurus. Actually, once you get him going on a topic he’s knowledgeable of or interested in it’ll be just as hard to shut him up as it was to get him talking in the first place!

Virgos do tend to be a tad bit sensitive, though, so if he thinks you are losing interest or that he’s upset you in the conversation, he’ll quickly recoil and let you go on about your business. The Virgo man will do his very best to be polite and he would never want to force you to carry on a conversation you weren’t into.

Virgo men are practical and thoughtful and he’ll show you that he likes you by helping you out with tasks that aren’t all that fun or glamorous.

Organization and cleanliness truly are next to godliness to these guys, so if he doesn’t know what to do with himself or if he gets nervous he may begin to tidy up the space around you. Don’t take this as an insult to your housekeeping abilities, it’s just what he does.

He likes to give off the impression that he is in complete control of his emotions, but really, if he likes you, he is probably a nervous wreck on the inside while he’s building up the courage to ask you out or planning to let you in on his feelings.

Virgo men are analytical and logical creatures and to them romance can be one of the few things that they just can’t quite figure out  There is no clear instruction manual that explains how to go about courting a mate. In fact, it is very possible that nerves may get in the way of attempting a romantic conquest, causing him to get all tongue tied and decide to leave it and try for another day.

This can be frustrating when you are waiting for his invite and it never comes. It’s important to remember that the more comfortable he is around you the easier it will become for him to express his true feelings, and reassurance is always appreciated. In all actuality, Virgos are one of the most confident signs in the Zodiac when he knows what he’s doing. But when it comes to romance it takes a little nudging to let him know he’s on the right track.

As Earth signs go, Virgo men like the idea of something stable that they can rely on. He doesn’t mind the idea of commitment and relationships.

The idea of what may come of a bad breakup and all the emotional turmoil that could ensue, however, is something that really freaks him out.

This is one of the reasons that it’s important to him that you build up basis of trust before things get too serious. Once in a relationship, you couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful or loyal partnerit just might take you some time to get there. Virgos don’t like to rush things, especially important things.

If you are a fly by the seat of your pants kinda person, he may drive you bonkers with his meticulous need to plan everything out to a tee.

He likes to know what he will be doing tomorrow, next Tuesday, and three Wednesdays after that, as well as what time he’ll be doing it. If you aren’t into scheduling what to do in your fun time, you may want to be the one who picks where you go on a date and surprise him. Virgos are actually not averse to being surprised, as long as they’ll like the surprise, that is.

He has high standards for himself and he will expect that you do, as well. Being crass, vulgar or just plain rude is a huge turnoff for the Virgo man. If he sees you as being careless or irresponsible he won’t perceive you as being an acceptable partner and you won’t likely get another chance with him. First impressions are important to him and this goes double if he is planning on introducing you people he knows, so be on your best behavior when you go out with him and dress to impress.

Now, when it comes to physical contact with your Virgo man, his approach will depend on how confident he is with you and how things are going in the moment.

He is a perfectionist in all that he does, and actually this is a really great quality when it comes to getting down and dirty. He wants to please you and he will keep on trying until he’s mastered giving you exactly what you like. Getting to that point with him, however, can be tricky.

The whole “virgin” thing is truly misleading, I promise. Yes, he is reserved, but he doesn’t just go around sleeping with any and everybody, which I am sure is a plus from where you’re standing.

The Virgo man wants sex to mean something and he wants it to be with someone who means something to him, so don’t expect this kind of guy to throw down on a first date. Like all Earth signs, he is a very sensual being and with the right person he can be an incredible lover.

The Upsides to Being With a Virgo Man

He is Loyal

The Virgo man is a real salt of the earth kinda guy who would never betray your trust and confidence in him.

There are so many men out there who are players and just want to add another notch to their belt, but the Virgo man is different.

He will bend over backwards to make sure that you are happy and that you have what you need in life. Sometimes this leads to the point of putting himself in a position that he would never be in if it weren’t for the fact that someone he cares for needs something.

His perfectionist tendencies don’t allow for anything that falls below the line of being the best at whatever he does, to include being the best boyfriend around.

He’s not one to go out clubbing or really go out all that much at all. He likes being in the comfort of his home and he likes the security that he feels having a partner he can connect with and depend on.

Now, if you betray his trust and you act in a manner that is disloyal, he will never forget, nor will he continue to carry on a relationship with you.

Up until you reach a point where you are not his partner, though, you never have to worry that he will do anything to hurt you.

He is a Very Hard Worker

This may not sound all that exciting, but think about it for a moment. How many guys are there in the world who are lazy, don’t have a job, or just don’t seem to care that much about being successful in life?

When you get to thinking about settling down and building a life with someone you want to know that they are going to have your back. You want to know that they are capable of making sure that you have a roof over your head, and you want to know that when push comes to shove they will be there for you.

The Virgo man takes pride in his work and all that he’s accomplished. He’s like a little worker bee, building his accomplishments up into something that is worth bragging about. And he will focus this same energy that he uses when he’s working on something on other important areas of his life, as well.

He is a master problem solver and can figure out how to successfully navigate just about any problem you can throw at him. He’s a real go-getter, and that in and of itself can be very sexy.

He Genuinely Cares About Your Wellbeing

Ok, so this one isn’t terribly exciting either, but if excitement is what you are looking for in a man, a Virgo may not be the best choice for you.

This is not to say that he is dull, he just puts priorities first. The Virgo man really and truly cares about you and wants to know that you are taken care of. He’s a natural care taker, and when there is something you need he will make you his top priority until that need is met.

If you get sick he will bring you chicken noodle soup. If your car breaks down he will lend you his until you get it fixed, or make sure that you get to where you need to be, and on time at that. Whatever it is that comes up in your life that could dismantle your day, he will put forth an incredible amount of effort to make things right for you.

Even the small stuff you may not notice, he will take the initiative to take that worry off of your plate. For instance, you may come out of work one day to find that while you were busy doing what you do he went and had your car serviced, just because it needed to be done and he saw that you were busy.

Virgos have this thing about them where they are excellent at accomplishing a lot in a minimal amount of time and they make it look effortless. So something that may seem like a big deal to you, to the Virgo guy is just another thing to check off his list.

Now, if he starts to feel that he’s being taken advantage of, all that will stop. Relationships are a two way street and as long as you are working together as a team, he’ll make sure that you have as few pesky problems as he can It’s just what he does.

The Downsides to Being With a Virgo Man

His Perfectionist Tendencies can be Exhausting

If you aren’t a perfectionist yourself it can be kind of annoying the level to which a Virgo man will take his need for everything to be just-so.

He isn’t ok with things being “ok,” things have got to live up to his standards, and trust me, those standards are high. He means well, but this can become a real pain in the butt when you just want to move on but he is letting his OCD shine through and refuses to move along to the next task until everything lines up exactly as it should.

This can be especially agitating if you have a more laid back personality. Virgo men are very specific in how they think that things should be done, and his need to perfect every aspect of life can turn into being overly critical of others when they aren’t quite up to par or don’t meet expectations.

He Can Seem Emotionally Vacant

Don’t be surprised if it seems your Virgo man is putting up walls emotionally. This is because emotional displays aren’t something that the Virgo man is all that great with.

He isn’t trying to intentionally leave you feeling left out in the cold, he just finds it difficult letting you see his emotional side. This is something that will remain hidden until there is a very real sense of trust that’s built up between you and your Virgo. This is more of a cautionary action than anything else and isn’t a negative reflection on you or the relationship.

It can be really difficult for you to feel like the relationship is going somewhere if you feel like he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, and deep down he knows this.

He probably goes through in his head how to open up to you, he may even try to practice being more emotional when he’s alone How you practice something like emotions, I’m not exactly sure, but you can bet a Virgo can learn how to work at any task he sets his mind to.

This tendency will actually pass once he gets to a place where he’s comfortable with his own emotional state. After all, he’s not a robot, he just has to learn to process and quantify the way you make him feel.

I mean, the last thing a Virgo man wants to do when it comes to something this important is misspeak and mess it all up.

He Can Be A Workaholic

Virgos are known for their good work ethic and for always getting the job done. This is normally a good quality in a man, but it can become bothersome to your relationship when he just can’t seem to separate his work life and his personal life.

Failing to complete his responsibilities at work are the things that nightmares are made of for a Virgo personality. After all, Virgo does rule the 6th house in the Zodiac, which is considered the “house of work and day to day life,” so it comes as no surprise that he takes his job very seriously.

The way in which this can be a problematic trait is when work gets in the way of what, to you, seems like a very logical and acceptable time for you to spend together.

He may cancel a date because someone else called in sick and he feels he has to cover for them, or, depending on what kind of work he does, he may try to work and spend time with you in tandem.

He may not see the issue with this, nor will he understand why you seem so upset about it. For the Virgo man, work is fun and enjoyable and he may not completely understand how to take a break from whatever job he has.

The Basic Rules of Attraction

When it comes down to it, there are a few basic things to take into consideration when entering into a relationship with a Virgo man. First off, he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

He doesn’t easily fall in love, not typically at least, and he very likely isn’t going to jump into a serious relationship until he knows that it’s the right choice for the both of you. Virgo is attracted to the smart, sexy type.

Deep down he does crave having a partner, but he will live his life happily as a hermit before he will get into something serious that is feels unsure about.

He won’t play head games with you, and you’ll get nowhere trying to do so with him. You can’t manipulate a Virgo, and if you do, it will only happen the one time. As I’ve explained, and you very well know by now, Virgo men are highly intelligent and are capable of seeing through any attempts of outwitting them.

The trivial and often base head games that people play with one another, stemming from jealousy or the need to control their partner are not welcome in the Virgo guys bubble. In fact, trying to snag him by playing silly mind games will only lower his opinion of your personal intelligence. He can see right through anything that isn’t genuine.

Virgos, both male and female, tend to live healthy lives and you won’t often find one who is out of shape. They can be super athletes, or just your run of the mill bookworm who passes on the sweets and fast food. What I’m saying is that whether they are runners, gym rats or even if they spend all of their time in the library or at the computer, a Virgo will do their very best to stay as healthy as possible. There isn’t really a physical “type” for this sign, but you can usually spot them by their healthy attitude.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to bring your A-game if you intend on impressing a Virgo man. They are not shallow types, but appearance is important and you should avoid showing up looking a hot mess.

Neat seams, a tucked in shirt, accessories that at least sort of matchthese are things you should consider when you are working at getting the attention of a Virgo man. You don’t have to be perfect, and in fact, trying too hard will be transparent and he will overlook you totally. Just be yourself, or, depending on your specific style, a neater, more well put together version of yourself.

Three Tips to Help You Attract A Virgo man

1.) Show him your brains, not just your beauty

To the Virgo man, having your wits about you is just as important, probably more important, actually, than having a super-model body. Virgos look beyond the physical when they are attracted to someone.

Sure, we all have those moments of wanting to go for it just because someone is smoking hot, it’d go against out primal instincts if we were’t attracted to attractive people. If you don’t have the brains to keep up with good conversation, however, you won’t stand much of a chance at making it last with a Virgo man.

Looks don’t hurt, of course, but if you are going to try and accentuate anything, work on showing him your intellect and save the goods for when you get to the next level.

2.) Do your best to be punctual and dependable

Most Virgos are very conscientious about being punctual and dependable. He will never leave you hanging or expect you to wait on him when he’s late for something, and he’ll expect the same from you.

I am not saying that your Virgo man is going to freak out if you are a few minutes late to meet him, but if you are perpetually unpunctual he will see it as you simply not caring about him enough to show him common courtesy and that translates into you not being someone he can build a life with. Not to mention that it is just kind of rude to be late for everything you do. Show him you care by something as simple as showing up on time.

3.) Live a healthy lifestyle

You probably shouldn’t go changing your lifestyle to try and attract someone you don’t yet know, and that’s not what I mean here. What I mean is to let him see that you, too, care about your health and staying in shape.

Common goals are a great conversation starter and if you notice that cute Virgo guy in your office reading a health and fitness magazine, there’s your “in” to talk to him right there. Once he realizes that you are into something he’s into, he’ll feel more comfortable engaging in further conversation.

Eventually you may even go from tips on how to have your best run ever to discussing where you’d like to have dinner together. Truly, when it comes to attracting a Virgo, it’s the little things that help the most.

When you set out to gain the affection of a Virgo man you must first gain his respect. It takes a little bit of time to get to know this kind of guy, but generally he will not lose respect for you unless you do something to warrant that.

It can be something small that he respects you for, like being a hard worker, managing your time well, helping others, or something else that you don’t really think about, you just do because, well, that’s what you do.

Being an Earthy sign, Virgos like to settle into a nice routine and know what’s coming in their day to day life. This does make them a bit predictable, but this can be a good thing.

If you are still stumped on how to better get to know a Virgo man, you can learn a lot about him by his habits and patterns. Don’t go and spy on him, that’s not a good idea, but if you are where you see him every day and you notice what his routine consists of you can use this to your advantage.

The Dark Side of Virgo Man

Despite all of the great things that come along with coupling yourself with a Virgo man, there are also some not so great traits that these guys tend to possess that can be a real downer.

This goes back to balance in all things. I mean, without the darker side the positives wouldn’t seem all that positive, now would they?

So what are the things you need to avoid or watch out for when it comes to a relationship with a Virgo man? Well, I’ll tell you:

He never forgets anything

If you do something to hurt your Virgo, he will undoubtedly remember the event long after it is over and done with. Even the smaller things will stick in his head for year, maybe decades to come.

They’re like elephants in this respect and I really don’t understand it, myself. Sure, a Virgo will forgive you for minor things. As long as you don’t burn his house down or cheat on him you can work though most problems, but certain things will leave a permanent imprint on his brain.

Now, on the surface this is not necessarily a terribly trait or even a “dark” part of his personality. When this can become an issue is when you get into an argument or a disagreement and he feels the need to remind you of things from the past that you thought were over and done with.

I suppose the answer here is to not hurt his feelings, but nobody is perfect, despite what Virgo would like to think, and people make mistakes. Just be prepared to answer for the more serious infractions for a long time to come if you do something that warrants your Virgo guy stuffing the incident away in the old memory bank.

He can be very judgmental of others

While Virgos tend to be one of the more nurturing and caring signs in the Zodiac, they are also one of the most judgmental. It is’t out of hate or malice that they nitpick the problems or issues that other people have.

In fact, for the most part, Virgo actually thinks it is helpful to point out the flaws that someone possess. The idea, to them, is that pointing these things out will benefit the other person. The reality is that the quest for perfection that Virgo sets out on, pretty much at birth, is not the goal of everyone.

It’s true, the judgmental side of Virgo can make you feel as though your every move is being closely watched and evaluated. It can be hard to get past this at first, but after you’ve gotten to know him and you’ve come to understand him a bit better it becomes easier to tell him to simply mind his own business.

Also, like I’ve mentioned before, Virgo men hate, absolutely hate, to be told that they are not up to par when it comes to the things they are doing. If he gets too personal with his observations of what you could be doing “better” you can always show him how it feels by pointing out some of the things you notice that he could be doing betterThe things he’s not doing right may be few and far between, but let’s face it, nobody is perfect, not even the Virgo man.

Virgo Male Attraction From A-Z

He is a perfectionist, a bit of a loaner, and someone who notices absolutely everything, but you are really diggin' him and you hope that you are on that list of things that the Virgo man makes note of. He is someone on a mission.

He wants to learn, to heal, to organize and, honestly, he just wants to be a helpful and productive member of society. Sure, he has his downfalls, but don't we all?

So you are wondering how to get the Virgo man in your life to notice you and want to form a romantic bond with you, which is exactly why you’ve picked up this book.

Well, we’ve already gone into a lot of the basics of how to get a little closer to your Virgo man, and now we will look at how to really get under his skin and make it so that he just can’t get you off of his mind.

How A Virgo Man Will Show He Is Totally Smitten With You

It can be more than just a little bit difficult to tell when that Virgo guy is into you. This can be frustrating and can sometimes even make you feel like you should just give up and move on to a different Zodiac sign for partnership. Don’t give up so easily!

The ways that Virgo men show they have feelings for you can actually be pretty easily decoded once you know what you are looking for.

Being that Virgo men are pretty standoffish, at least in the very early stages of getting to know someone new, eye contact can be a big sign that a Virgo is into you. Some say that the absence of eye contact reflects a guilty conscience, and I’m sure that in a lot of cases this can be true, but with the shy personality of your typical Virgo, eye contact isn’t really about whether they feel guilty of something to not. The eyes said to be the windows to our souls, and looking into someone eyes, if only for a moment, can reveal a lot about that person.

If your Virgo guy has yet to really make conversation, but he does make eye contact with you, this is his way of feeling out the situation. He wants to see how receptive you are and kind of test the waters to see if he can approach you.

Another way to know that a Virgo man is into you is by his words. Does he offer up complements? If so, you can bet that he thinks you are just the best.

Virgo men operate on a level where, even though they do notice just about everything, they don’t go around complementing people on their appearance just because. If a Virgo man notices that you look nice and goes so far as to let you know that he noticed, this is a huge indicator that he’s got eyes for you.

While he probably won’t send chocolates and roses to your door, he may send you things that can be useful in your day to day life. This can be a bit confusing because getting a calendar or a box of staples isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a romantic gift.

Not unless the Virgo guy in your life notices that you have trouble remembering the date, or overheard you complaining about how you ran out of staples just before you finished a project that one time.

If the Virgo guy in your life starts putting thought into things or ways you could make your life a little more efficient, this is another sign that he’s into you.

The little signs that he cares means he actually spends some of his time focusing on what you need in life, which is the first step to romance in Virgo land.

Now, I know that we’ve gone over how that the Virgo man is something of a loner, but there is a flip side to this. Virgos like good conversation, in fact, if you’ve ever been close with a Virgo you probably know that this is a sign you don’t want to enter into a debate with unless you are very well prepared.

Words are a Virgo’s thing. Some people are action oriented, but the Virgo man, well, he’s more word oriented. You may go so far as to call him a wordsmyth of sorts. That being said, if he gets into a conversation with you and seems genuinely interested in your thoughts there’s a good chance that he is into you.

If you can’t tell from the body language during the conversation, you’ll be able to tell by assessing who else in the room he has taken the time to converse with. If you are the only one there who captures his attention, you know you are in.

Lastly, and this is one of the most definitive ways to know that you’ve sparked the interest of a Virgo hottie, if he makes awkward attempts at getting your attention you’ll know that he has a thing for you.

Virgo men are not your Rico Suave types. They don’t spit game and very rarely will you see one assert himself and just take control. If you are looking for a macho man, you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if he makes an effort that you can tell is strained and uncomfortable for him to do something nice for you or try to help you in some way, you’ll know he has it bad for you. This can actually be quite adorable and endearing!

Truthfully, the Virgo man wants a partner. He wants someone he can depend on and who he knows will be there at the end of a long day. He may take a long time to warm up to you completely and even longer to come to a point of being able to totally trust you, but once you reach this point with him you will find that you have an incredibly faithful partner and friend. He will have his quirks and he will seek perfection in all that he does, which can often be irritating, but in the long run he is a good guy.

You see, the Virgo man has a lot going for him, but what the most of them lack is the confidence to come out and be honest about their feelings.

He will demonstrate confidence in many other areas, but when it comes to feelings he probably feels at a loss of how to express himself. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Virgo guy who will come out and tell you he likes you and he wants a relationship, but once you’ve broken the ice and things start to move along he really does make a great partner.

If you start to pick up on any of these aforementioned behaviors in your special Virgo man, don’t shrug them off.

If you let him know that you notice him too, and you may have to take the reins here and be the one to ask him out, you’ll be one step closer to snagging that Virgo boyfriend you’ve been eyeing. And that’s the whole reason you are reading this book, yeah?

Tips And Tricks

Tip 1: Introduce him to something new that he can learn about

Virgo men are thinkers and they love to learn new things. Being ruled by Mercury, the Virgo man is someone who lives to learn and he has a mind that processes new things very quickly. If you want to stay at the top of his thought processes, introduce him to something that he’s not yet encountered. This will intrigue him, which is always a good thing.

You can accomplish this by suggesting a date night someplace rich with history that he may not yet be privy to or by suggesting an outing to your local bookstore to grab up a new book that he’s not yet read.

As he learns about whatever it is you’ve entered into his world, he will be thinking of you while he studies or reads about this topic. Better yet, you could find away that the two of you can learn more about something new together. Showing him that you have a brainy side will definitely help to secure within his mind that you’re somebody he can grow with and not just another pretty face.

Tip 2: Show him you have a love for, or at least that you like animals

While not all Virgo men have a love for animals, it is safe to say that the most of them do. This is not to say that he won’t go to great lengths to keep his furry friends from dirtying up his couch with their dander, but he probably does have a soft spot in his heart for fur babies. If on the first date you make it well known that you don’t care for animals you may lose his interest for good.

A good way to get around this, for those of you who just don’t see the point in having pets, is to perhaps ask him to introduce you to his pets and explain to him that you’ve never had that connection.

One thing that the Virgo mind is good at is logic, so if you can’t logically understand why he’s got a menagerie of pets, asking him to help you to understand could actually be a great bonding experience.

On the other hand, if you realize that you both have a dog, suggesting a play date at the dog park nearest you is another wonderful idea.

Tip 3: Avoid getting too personal too quickly

It can be tempting to let it all out and share everything with your Virgo guy once you’ve started to get to know one another. He is so caring and he listens, he opens doors and is a real gentleman. What more could you ask for, right?

Well, the problem comes when you get too comfortable with him. Yes, he will listen to what you have to say and he will probably come up with a solution to every problem you throw at him, making him seem like some amazing, caring superhuman, however, if you throw a bunch of personal emotional drama at him be prepared to watch him politely run out the door.

With the Virgo man you’ve got to ease into the super personal stuff. Consider this, from his perspective, sharing with you where he shops for groceries could be considered personal, so if you get into it with your sister and come to him angry, hurt and crying, you can bet he will not know what to do with himself. He’ll try his best to comfort you, but this will lead to some comments that feel very impersonal coming from him that could make you feel like he doesn’t even care, which couldn’t be further from the truth. He cares, but he doesn’t know how to handle large emotional displays.

This is really for the early stages of being with a Virgo man Eventually you’ll get to where you can cry on his shoulder about anything.

Although, there stands a very good chance that he will forever give that awkward advice that makes you think he doesn't actually understand the gravity of your situation. This is a Virgo trait that never fades.

Tip 4: Make him a nice home cooked meal

Cooking, cleaning, working...these are the very things that the Virgo sign rules, making it quite safe to say that a good home cooked meal is something that the Virgo man will appreciate.

He isn’t much into glitz and glamour. He doesn’t too much care for painting the town red, but a good meal, good conversation and good company can really set the mood for the perfect evening in the eyes of your Virgo man. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty perfect to me too!

In the moments when you have him to yourself and all those defensive walls have come down, such as when relaxed and enjoying a nice meal together, free from stress and pressure from outside sources, you can learn a whole lot about him and vice versa. It’s not easy being a Virgo. After a while everyone expects perfection from you, so dinner in and away from the masses can be an ideal way to get him to relax and open up to you.

Astrology and Compatibility

There are many articles out there that espouse there are strictly compatible and strictly incompatible Sun signs. This is wildly inaccurate, as there is really no such things as two signs that just don’t stand a chance based solely on their Sun placement in their natal charts.

While those articles are helpful, and even fun to read, there are many elements of one’s chart that help to determine the level of compatibility that stands between two people. Yes, there are things about certain signs that make them more compatible right off the bat, but if someone tells you that you couldn’t possibly make it work with someone all based upon their Sun sign you need to move on and talk to someone who is a bit more educated on the topic of zodiac compatibility.

That being said, some relationships definitely take more effort and understanding than others to make things work. That’s one of the great things about astrology, though, is that you can pretty much read the two charts, or have them read for you, and figure out where your strong and weak points are in any given relationship.

Beyond just looking at a natal chart, there are also what we call synastry charts where you basically overlay your chart and that of your partner and look at how your planets all work together. This acts as a sort of roadmap for relationships and is a very handy tool to have at your disposal! We can get more into this later.

Many people believe that signs with like elements work best together, and on a superficial level this can be true. In other words, Earth signs with Earth signs-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air signs with Air signs-Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Water signs with Water signs-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. And lastly, Fire signs with Fire signs-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The reason these like minded signs work well together is that, generally speaking, they operate fundamentally on the same wavelength.

For instance, a Gemini and an Aquarius will automatically have in common that they are more cerebral in their approach to life and relationships, making their conversations flow rather easily. This in no way means that someone who is a Virgo can’t have great conversations and develop an amazing relationship with an Aquarius, though. Really, it all boils down to how your planets interact, as well as your Sun sign personalities, of course!

The Art of Determining Compatibility With Astrology

As I mentioned earlier, there are many astrological elements that we look at when comparing the compatibility of two people. The best ways to determine your level of compatibility are with a synastry or composite chart.

With these astrological techniques it becomes easy to tell how two people communicate with one another, where they will rub each other the wrong way, and can even indicate things like whether marriage is favored or not.

The difference between these two types of charts, synastry vs composite, is that with a synastry reading we look at the two individual’s charts and how they relate to one another, while a composite chart actually melds the two people into one chart. Both are useful and effective ways of decoding points in a relationship.

Before you get into a full compatibility reading, your astrologer will want to gain a good sense of how you operate and what makes you tick by fully exploring your own natal chart first. After all, before you can ever even begin to understand someone else or how you will be able to relate to this other person you’ve got to first understand yourself.

Astrology can help you to learn things about yourself and help you in figuring out how to handle certain situations in life that come up. Really, astrology is pretty amazing, which is probably why so many people still put a lot of faith in this age old practice of using the stars as a roadmap to the best life possible.

Once you’ve gone through your own chart and have an understanding of what all of your planets and aspects mean it’s time to see how well your chart meshes with that of your partner. To accurately complete compatibility charts it is always best to have each person’s full birth information, to include the time of birth.

The reason being that only with the time of birth included can the houses of one’s chart be determined. This plays a pretty important role in seeing where two people connect. Aspects between planets and sign/element placement can show how you relate to a partner, but having that added information of where adds depth to your compatibility reading, which is pretty important.

I definitely recommend that all couples, whether they are just getting into a relationship or have been married for fifty years, have compatibility charts drawn up.

You’d be amazed at the things you can learn from your partners planetary placements. If you think of all these charts as roadmaps for life, the compatibility charts offer you the chance to decode your partner and figure out how to be the best partner you can be in the relationship. It can be a real help, too, for those times when things get rocky and you just don’t know how to handle problems that arise.

We won’t get too much deeper into compatibility charts and all that, not in this book anyway. For now, let’s take a look at the basics of Sun sign compatibility to help you relate to and wow your Virgo man.

Virgo and Aries

When it comes to relationships, Virgo and Aries make an interesting pair. This isn’t a couple likely to make it in the long run, however, mostly because of the huge differences in how these two signs go about approaching life.

Aries is bold and can be seen by Virgo as being rather fool-hardy when it comes to making important decisions. Virgo seems to prudish and slow to pull the trigger, causing Aires to become frustrated or even bored while waiting for Virgo to make a move. While they may admire one another, these two don’t make the best match romantically.

This is not to say that it can never work between a Virgo and an Aries personality, but it would certainly take some work.

As an Aries, you have a lot of drive and passion for all that you do. You are high energy and you want things done right now, regardless of how much planning has gone into whatever it is you are starting.

You are forceful and have no problem going after what you want in life, and Virgo can get behind that, but the Virgo mindset is to plan, plan, plan and then act on those carefully constructed plans.

Your Aries mind just can’t wrap around why anyone would stop moving for such an extended period to just sit and think.

One area where the two of you can agree and get along is when it comes down to ambition. You are both hard workers, although you tend to work much more quickly. Virgo isn’t exactly slow, just more deliberate and exacting.

Virgo does really admire your tenacity and your ability to get people up and moving, though, as this is not a quality that the more quiet Virgo has ever been able to attain. Usually for the Virgo, they are the ones doing all the work. You, however, well, you get people up and moving.

Being linked to the Ram, your Aires personality is going to be more headstrong as far as just coming out and stating your intentions for the relationship you’d like with Virgo. You are this way with everything and that can, on occasion, make Virgo a bit uncomfortable.

He’s wondering if you’ve really thought things through enough to make such a bold statement as just suggesting the two of you start a relationship. For no other reason than making certain you aren’t jumping ahead of yourself, the Virgo man will decline invitations to take things to the next level until he’s sure that you are sure.

Aries is also a very passionate sign while Virgo is more of a thinker. You are action oriented while he is more word oriented. It can be frustrating to you that you just can’t keep up with him when it comes to crafting the best way to say things. Your impulsive nature leaves a lot for the nitpicky Virgo mind to make note of. This can cause arguments and can be the root of some feelings getting hurt.

When it comes down to sex, things can be rather interesting at first. Virgo has a very seductive side and this is actually one of the areas where the Virgo and Aries personalities can come together without incident, for a little while at least.

Aries pushes Virgo to try new and exciting things, which can be good for Virgo, who would not usually come out and suggest such things on his own. This is not a good basis for an entire relationship, though, and after while you both come to realize that this just isn’t a match made in heaven. This is not to say that is can’t work, just that there will be a lot to learn from both sides and there will be a lot of compromising if this is to be a relationship where both parties can feel they’ve found their happily ever after.

Virgo and Taurus

With Virgo and Taurus we find one of the very best combinations for friendship, partnership and romance. You are both Earth signs, so already you have a strong basis of seeing the world the same way.

You tend to approach life at the same pace and can relate to one another, often not having to explain yourself or your motivations. Taurus can be a bit stubborn, but as long as there is a solid reasoning behind it, Virgo is willing to stand behind the bull’s stubborn stance.

Virgo is known as the healer of the Zodiac, but even the healer needs to be healed very once in a while. This is possible in the Virgo/Taurus relationship. Virgo tends to be the nervous type and has trouble when it comes to calming down or not stressing over things. Taurus, ruled by the soft and caring Venus, has the innate ability to help Virgo realize that all the worry is usually for naught.

Virgo feels that he can trust what Taurus says and there is a certain kind of soothing quality about this relationship for both parties involved.

Being a Taurus, you like to spend time at home, which Virgo also enjoys. You are someone who is good with finances and who isn’t an extremist, another positive quality in the eyes of the cautious Virgo personality.

You make great friends and are able to base your relationship off of a good, solid friendship. This is the best kind of relationship and is one of the most important elements of a relationship that can last the long haul.

Taurus is known for practicality and precise planning. The Virgo man absolutely loves this about you, and the two of you could really accomplish a lot together if you put your minds to it.

There is something special about this relationship that offers you each the security that you need in a partner, both emotionally and practically. You both feel that there is a high level of sincerity in this relationship, and there is.

While this isn’t going to be the most action packed and exciting of partnerships, you can build something quite wonderful with the Virgo man and he will show you his appreciation for your stability in many ways. You may have to work at getting him to embrace the emotional side of things, but your Venus energy will shine through and offer additional warmth and loving energy to this union.

Sexually, things can also work out really well for the both of you. The Virgo man tends to be a little uptight and may need to be coaxed a bit to come out of his shell. You have this covered and are capable of finding sexy, sweet ways to integrate new things into your love life. You are both very sensual signs and once you get comfortable and things get hot and heavy, Taurus and Virgo can go at it all night long. It may take a little while to get there, but why rush something so great?

Virgo and Gemini

When it comes to compatibility, the relationship between Virgo and Gemini can be something of a slippery slope. You are similar, yet different. You are each ruled by Mercury, however, the way you use this Mercurial energy comes across in two totally different ways.

Gemini and Virgo are both thinkers and communicators, for sure, but more often than not you end up at cross purposes simply because you don’t quite understand why the other person does the things that they do.

When you strip away the fact that you are both Mercury ruled, Virgo and Gemini don’t really have all that much in common. This is where things get a little weird for you and the Virgo. You aren’t quite opposites, so you don’t have the whole “opposites attract” thing going for you, but you definitely aren’t the same, so you aren’t able to see eye to eye on all that many things. You and the Virgo are stuck somewhere in the middle in some sort of compatibility Limbo.

Relationship success is a possibility for Gemini and Virgo, but it is something that has to be worked at. If you can achieve success in developing a solid relationship between this Air/Earth combination it can be a very rewarding experience for the both of you, but be prepared for some arguments along the way, as this is kind of unavoidable. You, being a fun loving Gemini and an Air sign, need to get out there and see what the world has to offer. You are a social butterfly and you’re all about chatting it up with your neighbors, friends, or anyone who will listen, really. Virgo, being very much an Earth sign, likes to keep his thoughts tethered more to reality and isn’t quite as outgoingIn fact, Virgo is more of the strong silent type, where you don’t really get that whole concept of silence.

The thing about this relationship is that Virgo needs structure, stability and to know that you are going to be there as someone who can be depended on.

This need for you to become a little more rooted to the ground can be scary for a Gemini, and is one of the things that must be ironed out before you get too far into a serious relationship. Sure, the two of you can talk endlessly about a myriad of things and never get bored with the conversation, but when it comes time to settle down, Gemini can start to feel a bit boxed in.

The major upsides to this union is how the two of you play off of one another. When things are going well, Virgo can add some depth to your flighty Gemini ways, and you can add a little excitement and flare to Virgo’s sometimes stuffy manner. You balance one another out, which is something that you both actually really need, as long as you can respect one another’s boundaries.

Sexually, the two of you make a good match. There is just the right amount of curiosity, communication, connection and trust between Virgo and Gemini to bring about some passionate experiences you are both certain to enjoy.

The trust may take some time to build up, but Virgo isn’t really one to hop in the sack on the first date, so once you get to that point you have probably already gained a good amount of mutual trust and respect. You see, when you strip away the rest of the world and it’s just the two of you, this is where your natural compatibility seems to shine the brightest. Between your fun and flirty style and Virgo’s seductive nature your sex life can be pretty amazing.

Virgo and Cancer

When Virgo and Cancer personalities get together in a romantic sense, it can feel like the perfect union. You both have a need to be needed, you both tend to want to care for others and you both have a deep desire for stability in your relationship.

You are each caring, hard working and you both have an ingrained sense of commitment to whatever it is you are doing. Virgo appreciates your dutiful nature and is intrigued by your sensitive side.

With Cancer being a Water sign ruled by the Moon, there are a lot of emotions floating around in this romantic connection. This isn’t something that Virgo is all that used to, yet somehow these two can make it work. In an odd way, it’s your individual insecurities that can help in creating a bond that you both feel you can trust in.

Once you come to realize that the other person is just as afraid of losing you as you are of losing them there is a unique kind of balance that gets struck and you come to realize that this other person is just as into commitment as you are.

As a Cancer, you want to care for and settle down with someone you can build a nice stable life with. The Virgo man thinks that this is a splendid idea, given that the environment is right and that the two of you get on well together. Virgo is born to work, working and accomplishing his duties is a part of who he is. This gives a great sense of stability to you in knowing, basically, that he is willing to bring home the bacon so that you can keep those home fires burning.

You tend to put yourself out there emotionally and you need a partner who will reciprocate this and assure you that things will, indeed, work out.

There are times that Virgo can seem cold and lacking in emotion, but there are times that he sees you as being too emotionally driven, so this, too, balances itself out in a weird way that just sort of works. You are both equally insecure at times, yet able to find a sense of security within one another. Alone you may feel weak or small, but together you bring out one another’s strengths, and this is a great quality to have in a romantic partner.

When you mix Water and Earth there is the potential for growth, and this nurturing relationship is just what these two signs strive for in life. Neither of you are too over the top and you really complement one another quite well.

Sure, there will be those times when you just don’t understand his analytical approach to pretty much everything and there will be times when your emotional depth scares him because he doesn’t know how to respond. This is where that sense of balance comes into play, though. You can really learn a lot from your Virgo man and vice versatogether you can grow both individually, as well as together.

Now, when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom, the Virgo/Cancer couple can have some transformative sexual encounters. The Virgo man is sensual and will take his time tending to all of your desires and you really get a feeling that he truly cares and wants to meld with you completely. You offer a depth of passion that the Virgo man may have not before encountered and he makes you feel like you are the only other person in this whole wide world.

Over time you may even branch out into some of the more taboo areas of sexual experiences, but until then, neither of you is in a rush and you’ll never feel pressured by him to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing. This is a relationship that can definitely make it for the long haul.

Virgo and Leo

When it comes to love and romance between Virgo and Leo, there is a fine line between love and hate. The can actually make for a pretty passionate relationship, if these two can make it past the initial stages of introduction and get to know one another on a personal level rather than a superficial one. Mixing Fire and Earth doesn’t yield any great explosive reactions, not at first, anyway.

At first glance, Leo comes across as a bit self absorbed, something that Virgo’s really don’t relate to. Virgo may come across as being too prudish or even dull, which isn’t something that Leo is all that into.

Once these two spend a little time together, however, things shift in a more positive direction. Leo is seen as a very strong and domineering personality, and this is something that Virgo can be a little intimidated by. You’ve got to remember here, Virgo isn’t royalty, in fact, Virgo is more on the level of being a servant, so you can see where the intimidation factor can come in.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is actually a warm and loving kind of personality. You want to love and be loved and you are fiercely loyal to those you care for. This is something that Virgo can get behind and something that he admires you for. You have a presence that is undeniable, and have a code of honor that Virgo really digs.

In love and relationships, and really in all aspects of life, Leo seeks out praise and the loyalty of others. Virgo is a bit more discriminating than most and won’t just had out empty compliments to stroke the lion’s ego like some others will.

This makes the occasions when Virgo does give you a genuine compliment really mean something. Your fun loving personality is in love with love. You need a partner who can reel you back in when you get too out there and Virgo fits this description nicely.

There can be issues when it comes to finances shared between Virgo and Leo, especially when you get down to who spent the most and on what. Leo doesn’t really worry too much about balancing the checkbook, a trait that can leave your Virgo counterpart in a state of apoplexy.

Virgo is a more private personality, while the Leo in you wants to strut your stuff. Leo is quick to engage in battle, but Virgo can slice through any angry outbursts with just a few carefully calculated words. You are each powerful in your own way and can handle the other when things get rough, as long as you take the time to make up after any spats you stand a chance of making things work.

In the bedroom things are warm and sensual. You both get a lot from the connection you create with one another and the earthy Virgo sensuality really strokes your need to be admired. While Virgo isn’t apt to toss empty praise your way for all the world to see, this changes when you are in the throes of passion. Virgo really knows how to fuel your fire and your warm embrace can help to loosen Virgo up a bit and let his feisty side shine through.

The two of you can go far together if you are both wiling to bend (somewhat) to the other’s will and find a nice common ground. Without this, however, it could be a rough road for Virgo and Leo.

Virgo and Virgo

When two Virgos get together the result can be a very positive relationship. After all, these two already seem to know and understand one another inside and out before they even meet.

This is a very comfortable relationship and one that can withstand the test of time as long as these two can stay on good terms. It isn’t hard for this couple to develop a strong basis of trust and affection because they each enter into the union already knowing what the other needs and wants, for the most part.

If you are looking for someone who you can count on and who will meet your expectations when it comes to responsibility and intellect, coupling yourself with a fellow Virgo is the way to go. This cuts out all the guesswork and allows you to get right to the best parts of a new relationship.

Now, of course not every Virgo isn’t exactly alike, otherwise this could end up being a very boring union. You each have your own unique flavor to bring to the table and you can have blast getting to better understand the inner workings of one another.

Two Virgos have no trouble at all when it comes to communicating. The potential for trouble comes when either of you start to nitpick the other. You each think that your way is the right way to go about whatever the task at hand may be and it can be difficult to convince you otherwise. If either of you can put up a good argument, though, you actually stand a good chance of changing your fellow Virgo’s mind.

This won’t go down as the most exciting relationship in history, but it will be one of the most solid. Capable of working through your problems without getting petty or being vengeful, you are both willing to bend a little and accommodate your partner. You both want and need the same kinds of things, you respect one another and you are able to offer security and stability to your partner.

Sure, there will be disagreements along the way, and you may even sometimes want a little more excitement than what you’ve got with someone so similar to you, but when you really think about it you probably realize that this is right where you want to be.

When it comes down to sex, two Virgos can actually have a very satisfying sex life. You are able to communicate to each other what you like and together you can branch out and try new things. As I previously stated, the whole virgin thing is a bit of a misnomer with your sign.

In all reality, Virgos are very sexual beings and are satisfying lovers as long as there is a good element of trust in their partner. Who am I telling this to though? You’re already well aware of how Virgo works, now you can rest easy knowing that you and your fellow Virgo could build something both efficient and incredibly satisfying.

Virgo and Libra

In terms of romance, Virgo and Libra can make a good connection, but this connection is one that requires some work if it is to last. Being an Air sign, you are an intellectual type and can relate to your Virgo counterpart on a cerebral level. Probably more so than any of the other signs, Libra’s need companionship and a

partner to share their life with, and Virgo can seem to be a prefect match in the beginning stages of getting to know one another.

The Libra in this equation seems to be the most perfect creature that the Virgo has ever had the joy of knowing, much less knowing on a very personal level. You Libra’s love and need balance, Virgo needs the same.

You have the ability to beautify whatever situation you find yourself in. You speak with eloquence and can carefully articulate yourself in a manner that Virgo just adores. You can bring much needed balance and harmony to the live of Virgo and the two of you can live in harmony, balancing one another in a most glorious way for a good while.

Ruled by Venus, you are able to bring out the softer side of Virgo and show him the more beautiful aspects of life and love. Virgo tends to be more serious, but being ruled by Mercury, the two of you can have some great conversations and debates can get intense. This is a good kind of intensity, though. You both challenge one another and can respect the other person for their strong, well planned out points of view.

There can be a push and pull between the Virgo and Libra personalities that causes some friction stemming from both wanting to have more control than the other in the relationship. Virgo feels that he is a better person to handle the important aspects of a relationship and Libra may start to see Virgo as the one who’s expected to handle the more tedious tasks of a life shared together. This is acceptable for a while, but eventually Virgo will tire of being the one to handle the responsibilities that Libra easily tires of.

While you like to go out and socialize, Virgo likes to stay in. Where you like to indulge in the finer things in life, Virgo likes to

save for a rainy day and rarely ever splurges on things that aren’t a necessity. After being together for a time, the newness wears off and the connection begins to wane. Virgo may start to see the importance of appearance as superficial.

Remember that Virgo is an earthy sign who keeps his nose to the grindstone, and while Libra is beautiful, there isn’t much functionality in beauty. Virgo likes to plan ahead and needs to know that his partner is capable of building a solid life with him, Libra doesn’t so much like to plan and kind of lives in the moment.

Sexually, the two of you will likely have sparks in the beginning, but the natural Libra tendency toward being a social butterfly who is naturally flirtatious can get to Virgo and leaves the Virgo man concerned. Trust can be an issue here, even if there is nothing for the Virgo to worry about He doesn’t know that. This is a relationship that can work, but not one that is a slam dunk. These two signs are probably better off being friends than romantic partners.

Virgo and Scorpio

You wouldn’t typically look at Scorpio and Virgo as two signs that could make a relationship work, but you’d be incorrect in that assumption. On the surface it seems as though these two are far from compatible, but that’s the thing, they both like to live their lives far below the surface that most can easily see.

Virgo can be seen as something of an enigma. Earthy and practical, yet deep and intellectual, all at the same time. Both Virgo and Scorpio are very private personalities and neither of them like to just put themselves out there for the world to see. Virgo analyzes, and while Scorpio hates to be analyzed, there is a strong sense of respect that the Scorpion has for Virgo simply because Virgo is one of the few who isn’t rattled by Scorpio’s darker side.

While some may see your Scorpionic ways as cold or ruthless, Virgo sees through the darkness and realizes that you are someone who is fiercely loyal, as well as highly intelligent. Getting to know the real person underneath the facade can be a task for both of these signs, but you can bet they are up for it.

As a Scorpio, you are very goal oriented, only you take a different approach to attaining your life goals and dreams than the Virgo man does. You have this mystique about you that is irresistible to just about everyone, but Virgo is one of the few who you will deem worthy of getting to see the real you. You are both loyal partners and you both have aspirations to rise to the top, although Virgo may keep this hidden a bit better than you.

One area that the Virgo/Scorpio relationship can come to cross terms is when Virgo starts to criticize you and your approach to things. As Scorpios go, you really don’t like to be criticized, much less by someone you actually like and care for. By nature, Scorpio is one of the most confident signs in the Zodiac.

You demand respect and you know that your way of doing things works. Virgo kind of has a problem with this, as he knows best of anyone that there are faults in just about everything that we do. Then again, Virgo doesn’t like to be criticized by others any more than you do, even though he will criticize himself all day long.

When it comes to your sexual compatibility, there is huge potential for sparks to fly here. Scorpio is known as the one most likely to engage in taboo, kinky sexual escapades, and while Virgo may not be ready for this in the early stages of your relationship, there is a lot of trust between the two of you.

Virgo may not be up to your sexual level when it comes to what he’s already experienced, but there is a lot that you can teach him. Because of the healthy trust between the two of you, there are really no limits to where you can take the sexual relationship.

This is a relationship that has all the makings of being long lasting. Where the Virgo seeks order, Scorpio seeks power and domination. Together you just might be able to rule the world.

Virgo and Sagittarius

When it comes to love, Virgo and Sagittarius are quite the unlikely pair. The Virgo is an earthy type who values routines, schedules and knowing that he’s planned ahead for whatever may come. Sagittarius is a free spirit who rarely plans ahead and lives life going wherever the wind blows.

Virgo needs security and is smart enough to know that Sagittarius is not the place to look for a secure future, and yet there is still a definite connection between these two signs that can’t be denied.

There are a lot of reasons why this pair should and shouldn’t be able to make a relationship work, but typically the latter wins out. Virgo is intrigued by the intellect possessed by Sagittarius and how this Fire sign seems to know just about everything.

Sagittarius finds Virgo’s work ethic and desire to learn endearing, but couldn’t fathom the idea of being so closely tethered to the ground.

Being ruled by Jupiter, you Sagittarius types like your broad horizons. You need to know that you can roam free and explore the world uninhibited and able to go and do as you please. But Jupiter carries the burden of wisdom, and you must share this wisdom

with others, lest it be lost forever through the sands of time. Virgo is like a sponge, soaking up every bit of wisdom you have to share. While Virgo loves to hear your tales of travel and adventure, he can’t imagine striking out on his own in such a manner.

Virgo needs stability, flat out. You are an adventurer, and at least in your earlier years aren’t the one to offer the stability that Virgo needs. It would be unfair of you to try, and you know this. There isn’t a single reason, though, that the two of you can’t become the best of friends.

You actually do have a lot in common. You are both intellectual types, you both love to learn new things and you are both mutable signs capable of making changes that will benefit your relationships or simply the other person.

When it comes to the success of your sexual relationship there is actually a lot of potential here for satisfaction on both of your parts. Virgo is a bit reserved in the beginning, and may be more so knowing that the relationship isn’t one that will last for the really long term, however, should you work something out or decide to try for a solid relationship, you could be in for some incredible sex.

The passion brought by Sagittarius is unsurpassed and once Virgo opens up, the sensuality he has to offer you is both erotic and comforting all that the same time. You work so well together it is almost as though you are dancing, only naked and, well, you know...

While this isn’t a relationship that will typically stand the test of time, Virgo and Sagittarius do have the chance of developing a strong bond together that won’t easily be broken. This is the couple who, after being friends for forty years gets into a romanic relationship in their later years of life and spends their golden years, happily exchanging stories and adventures of years gone by.

Virgo and Capricorn

The relationship between Virgo and Capricorn is one that seems destined for success from inception. These two relate well to one another because they’re already on the same wavelength.

From day one there is a strong sense of understanding what the other wants before it is even voiced that it is wanted. The main reason that these two get along so famously is due to the fact that they are both Earth signs and they both have the same fundamental needs and desires.

It’s true that like signs tend to pair best with like signs, Earth with Earth, Air with Air and so on, making Capricorn one of the most compatible matches for Virgo. Being a Capricorn, you love the idea of creating a good, solid foundation for the rest of your life. Virgo loves knowing that once you create that foundation you are not likely to be going anywhere. The two of you feel you’ve hit the romance jackpot with one another, and that’s a really great place to be, isn’t it?

Within this union of Virgo and Capricorn you each feel you’ve found a kindred spirit. Finally! Someone who has the same values and the same degree of responsibility that you do who you feel you can entrust with creating a foundation for the rest of your collective lives. Not much could be better, or so it may seem.

Neither Virgo nor Capricorn are impressed with mushy displays of emotion. Virgo finds romantic displays like flowers or a box of chocolates to be kind of superfluous, which works out because Capricorn sees things like that as being a huge waste of money.

When it comes to finances and creating a good solid sense of security within the relationship, these two are just the best. You work well together, have the same values and neither of you are into the endless relationship drama that some just can’t seem to get away from.

The only major downside to this relationship is in the area of romance itself. Both Virgo and Capricorn are so goal driven and practical that there isn’t a whole lot of romance.

While you each value responsibility and your goal oriented lifestyle, you need to have a little bit of romance injected into the relationship from somewhere.

If one of you is able to accomplish this and spice things up now and again you can keep the relationship from going stale. However, if you can’t find ways to soften up your partner, the relationship may soon start to feel more like a close friendship or even like you are dating your business partner.

Sexually these two are very compatible. There is a lot of passion burning beneath the surface of Earth signs and the way you connect and understand one another makes you each feel very secure.

A sense of trust and security in a partner is the key to unleashing the beast within both Virgo and Capricorn personalities, so the chemistry here is through the roof. There may not be a whole lot of cuddling afterwards, but you both get exactly what you need and you work to ensure that your partner is enjoying the experience as much as you are.

All in all, the Virgo/Capricorn relationship is one that could definitely withstand the tests of time. The main thing to remember is to not let your romantic relationship turn into a stale business-like partnership. Find ways to make life interesting together and the two of you can go very far.

Virgo and Aquarius

The relationship shared between a Virgo and an Aquarian is one in which the two personalities really and truly are fascinated with one another.

There can be some frustration shared on either side of this relationship, simply due to the vastly different ways that these two signs operate on a day to day basis, but the fascination is still there. Aquarians tend to walk around feeling misunderstood, nobody quite “gets” them, but to Virgo this is like a puzzle that must be solved, and who better to solve it than them?

For the most part, Virgo is very neat and tidy and likes for his life to stay this way. He plans ahead and always knows what’s coming around the corner. The Virgo can tell you how much is in his bank account, what time his parking meter will run out, even how many minutes there is until he has to get up for work the following day.

Aquarians don’t require this level of precision in life, and this can be perplexing to the Virgo mindset. Aquarians think on a much larger scale. You know that you have a bank account and you think you remember where the bank is located, you may or may not have remembered to feed the meter and you are positive that the work day will come, but prefer to not bother yourself with the details of how many minutes, or even how many hours are left until it’s time to wake up.

Aside from the differences found between these two, Virgo and Aquarius can make a pretty smart match. You both possess the desire to acquire knowledge and your thirst for learning never ceases.

Yes, as an Aquarian your thirst for knowledge is on a much broader scale than that of the Virgo, but the way that your mind works is more than just intriguing. To Virgo, Aquarius is an enigma that must be figured out.

You Aquarians are the dreamers and the innovators of the world. Virgo is much more detail oriented, but can fill in the gaps in areas of life that you don’t readily consider. You can create a good balance.

You teach Virgo how to dream big and Virgo teaches you that the small details are just as important as the larger ones. You are each hard workers who are very goal oriented, this is cause for the admiration you share for one another. When you each set your sights on the same goal there’s not much in this world that can stop you from finding success together.

When it comes down to romance and emotions, you both kind of agree that sloppy emotional displays are unnecessary for a healthy relationship. Aquarius can give the feeling of not wanting to settle down, and that’s probably because it takes a lot to get an Aquarian to want to settle into a routineIn fact, it is almost impossible.

Aquarius needs freedom and if Virgo can’t provide this the relationship will certainly fail. This can be the source of some insecurity for Virgo, but if these two truly do have love for one another, along with a healthy dose of chemistry shared between the two, it can work out. On the other hand, Virgo needs stability, and if Aquarius can’t provide this, things can go south rather quickly. This is a relationship that will require a lot of understanding on both sides, no doubt about that.

Sexually, this can be a rewarding relationship for both Virgo and Aquarius, once there has been a healthy sense of trust established. Virgo may seem a bit too prudish at first, but Aquarius is one of the few who can coax Virgo out of his shell and push him to try some exciting things he wouldn’t have considered before.

For Aquarius, Virgo offers a sweet sensuality that the Aquarian may not be used to, but that is much enjoyed. This isn’t going to be the easiest relationship to nail down, but if you can come to compromise and work to understand one another there is hope.

Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces are two signs in the Zodiac who create a good sense of balance when together from day one. If for no other reason, this is due to the fact that you quite literally are opposing signs in the Zodiac.

Being a Water sign ruled by Neptune, you are one of the most intuitive and emotionally driven signs there are. The Virgo man doesn’t totally relate to this, as his mind is much more analytical, but you hold a sort of mystical and dreamy presence that he just can’t ignore.

While the Virgo man is not a super emotional and feeling oriented kind of guy, he does appreciate how firmly you are planted in trusting your intuition and your feelings. Few, if any, other signs can be relied so heavily upon for their sense of intuition and this holds a sort of wondrous intrigue for the Virgo man. Even though Virgo tries to hide his innate sensitivity, you are able to see past the walls he puts up, giving you an advantage when it comes to knocking them down.

You are each a but insecure and need that knowledge that you can trust your partner 100%. Virgo offers the grounding and the security that you need so desperately and you open his mind to things that have so far only been found in his dreams.

There is a sort of co-dependency here that can be beautiful, as long as it doesn’t go too far. If the emotional waters of the relationship get too heavy, Virgo may not know how to handle himself and could withdraw completely. If you are able to maintain a good balance, though, you’ll find yourself able to create a strong relationship wherein you each get the security that you need.

Virgo is a thinker and can figure out just about anything you throw at him. He has a love for facts and numbers and has a mind like a steel trap. The Pisces mind is one that holds a great imagination and your ability to come up with stories and ideas off the top of your head is cause for a lot of admiration from the Virgo man.

You help him to loosen up a bit and get more in touch with his imaginative side. You also help to open him up to romance and can transport the well-grounded Virgo to a place of dreams he couldn’t otherwise find on his own.

There is a delicate balance here between Pisces and Virgo, and just as you help him to dream and feel a little more, he helps you to become a little more grounded. You are both good at compromising, being that you are both mutable signs, so finding the balance can be easy if you work at it together. Pisces helps Virgo learn how to feel, as well as how to be comfortable doing so, and Virgo provides a safe-haven that Pisces needs to be content and happy in life.

Sexually, there is a huge connection here and the potential for amazing sex is a given. Pisces has an erotic charm that could intoxicate any man, and Virgo is in no way immune to this. Pisces feels things so deeply and is such a sensual being that the sex can be quite meaningful.

The bonds of trust between you and the Virgo man are strong, allowing him to let loose and share his seductive side with you completely.

This is a pair who can create a deeply felt connection that withstands the tests of time. Typically speaking, Water and Earth signs do pair nicely together, and these two are no exception.

How to Seal the Deal With a Virgo Man

By now you know just about all there is to know about the Virgo man and how to attract him. We’ve gone over compatibility ad how Virgo relates to each of the Zodiac signs and we’ve looked at what to do vs what not to do if you want to find yourself on a hot date with a sexy Virgo man. Now, let’s take a look at how you can build a relationship with a Virgo man that can totally last a lifetime.

It’s not all that difficult to seal the deal with a Virgo man, all things considered. Sure, he will be the first one to explain why you are doing something wrong or in what way you can increase your productivity ten-fold.

This can be really annoying and can be the cause of some arguments and hurt feelings on both sides of the relationship. You wish that he’d lighten up a little and not pick apart how you go about everything and he doesn’t understand why his observations aren’t totally appreciated. Once you figure out how to handle this aspect of things, however, you’ll find that the Virgo man truly does want to settle down and build a life together.

The Virgo man is someone who wants to plan for everything. He will likely have your imaginary children named and know what schools are the best in the suburb he’s planning on the both of you moving to, once the time comes, of course, by your third date.

If you want to make the relationship stick you’ll need to show him that you do appreciate these quirks and if you aren’t able to think that far into the future, give a good explanation of why you’d prefer to not plan so far into the future. You can counter this with perhaps planning for just the week ahead rather than for the next ten years.

Mental Before Physical

As I’ve stated previously in this book, Virgo men operate on a cerebral level and love to analyze the world around them. You can’t enter into a relationship with one of these guys and base it all on the physical aspects of love and romance.

There’s got to be some sort of a strong mental connection before you try to move into the physical realm of things with a Virgo guy. He doesn’t want to settle down with just anybody, he wants to find the right somebody. He knows that beauty fades and that sex is only a byproduct of a positive connection between two people.

The Virgo man wants to understand how your mind works, and in working toward gaining a good sense of this he will pick your brain until it hurts. Don’t be offended by his need to know you inside and out before he’s willing to turn his heart over to you. Once you’ve established that cerebral connection and he’s let you in it isn’t all that difficult to stay there.

Show Him You are a Reliable Partner

The Virgo man values reliability in a partner above all else. He needs to know that you will not fail him when it comes to the important stuff. Things like being punctual and not letting him down will be the deal breakers as you grow your relationship with a Virgo man. You see, he figures that if you are always late for the little things in life, how can he rely on you for the major things? It’s pretty easy, actually, to show him that you are someone he can count on, you’ve just got to be willing to put in the effort.

If you are someone who is perpetually late, this relationship could actually work to help you better that side of yourself. After all, nobody really wants to sit around waiting on someone who is always tardy to the party, least of all a Virgo man. Once he comes to realize that you are someone who is reliable and who most definitely has his back, this is a relationship that can grow and flourish. That need to find stability and to be well grounded in life will always be there for the Virgo guy, you’ve simply got to show him that you are also seeking the same.

Instead of scoffing at how he picks everything apart and analyzes it, show him that you, too, find the inner workings of life interesting.

You don’t have to change who you are or even fake interest in the things the Virgo man finds interesting. You’ve just got to show him that you are a responsible co-pilot and someone he can put his trust in. Once this happens you’ll have a partner who will never leave your side and who would move mountains to make your dreams come true.

Virgo Men as Parents

If you are planning on developing relationship with a Virgo man that will go beyond dating, perhaps into the realms of marriage and setting down, it helps to understand what these guys are like as fathers.

Of course not all couples have kids, and that is a personal choice wherein neither decision is right or wrong. If you do have children together, however, you can expect for the Virgo man to be a pretty incredible father figure.

Virgos are the kind of parents who always know what is going on with their kids. School schedules, baseball schedules, who needs what and when...all of this can be handled effortlessly by the Virgo parent. He will never miss a play, a parent-teacher meeting, or a game, and your kids will always be on time. The approach that a Virgo father figure takes to child rearing is one that helps to prepare your youngsters for the real world in a most organized manner.

Virgos are creatures of habit and will ensure that all aspects of their children’s lives are well planned out. As I said before, he is apt to have your kids named and know what schools they will go to by the third date if he is feeling you and thinks that the relationship could go that far. Virgo parents give kids the stability that they need to succeed, as well as being able to handle just about anything thrown at them when it comes to helping with homework.

Being an Earth sign, it is very important to the Virgo parent that there is a solid home environment created for his offspring, or for his step-children, even.Whatever your family dynamic is composed of, he will treat your kids and his as equals as long as you are all building a family together.

He is loyal and dedicated to the well-being of his family. For this reason the Virgo man is an excellent choice when it comes down to who you want to build a life with.

His capacity for loving his kids is huge and you never have to worry that their best interest is not at he very top of his list. Child rearing is a serious job and Virgos are all about succeeding in whatever job they take on. For this reason you can rest assured that children of Virgos will be set for a life of success.

It is possible that the busy, working Virgo father will be wrapped dup with his career for a large portion of the time. With today’s changing times and the different manners in which people work, such as freelance, small business owners, telecommuting, etc...It is possible, now more than ever before, for the Virgo dad to be able to work diligently while still maintaining a strong presence in every facet of his children’s lives. If this is a possibility, he will make it happen.

The Virgo man as a parent can be seen as someone who is more strict than some others and bad behavior will not be rewarded. In fact, bad grades, bad behavior, and failure of any sort are things that fall into the category of unacceptable to the Virgo parent.

For this reason it is possible that the relationship may be strained between Virgo father and child as the child grows up. In the end, this will help to make certain that your kid grows into a smart, capable adult, but in the moment the discipline from a Virgo parent may not go over well. Unless, of course, your child is also a VirgoIn this instance perfection will likely be something that the child strives for from birth.

Don’t get me wrong, the Virgo dad doesn’t literally expect your child to be perfect, not to the point of criticism and negative reinforcement. He will, however, do his best to help his children be the best they can possibly be.

Overall, Virgos make some of the best parents around. The manner in which the children are raised is one that is, for the most part traditional and creates a safe environment for growth and development.

Not overly emotional, Virgo fathers can come across as being cold from time to time, but not a moment goes by where the best interest of his offspring are not at the very top of his priority list.

Putting It All Together

If you can come to understand the Virgo’s need for perfection and for things to be well planed out, and if you can deal with his OCD tendencies, you stand a pretty good chance of creating a life-long bond with one of these guys.

He will offer you not only stability, but also a warm and sensual kind of love that, once developed, is very real and heart-felt.

Sure, he holds his partner to some pretty high standards, but none higher than what he holds himself to.

It can be difficult for some to understand why he has to be so analytical of every little thing, but you know with a Virgo man that no detail will go unnoticed.

This can actually be a very helpful trait in a partner. He will offer his love and devotion to you wholeheartedly and without reservation once you have established a good, solid basis for your relationship.

You can trust him without worrying that his affections will stray and you can relax, knowing that the mundane details of life will always be taken care of.

If you are lucky enough to snag yourself a Virgo man, you’ll find him to be a loyal and loving mate. Virgos are the healers, the care givers and the ones who tend to go unnoticed in a crowd. This is how they like to stay, though.

He will make every effort possible to ensure that you have a wonderful life and he will make hefty personal sacrifices if it means that you are taken care of. All that he asks in return is that you be true to him and that you offer him a reliable and stable partnership.

Now, I know that relationships don’t always go as planned, which is why this is not all I have to share with you about the Virgo man. If you’ve had him and lost him, whatever the reason, there may be a way to mend your broken relationship, and you can find the secrets to doing so in my bonus book How To Get Back Your Virgo Man. This, along with the other special bonus books included in the Virgo man series, will help you to become even more in-tuned with your own Virgo man and give you the knowledge and he tools you need to handle anything that comes up in your relationship.

I wish you all the very best in life and love, and I always love to hear from my readers, so please, never hesitate to be in touch if you’ve got questions about things we didn’t cover.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and create the relationship you’ve always dreamt of with your Virgo man!

May the stars be on your side,