Decoding The Secrets Of The Duplicitous Gemini Man

Hi there!

I’m so happy that you’ve decided to pick yourself up a copy of my book on how to attract and understand the Gemini man. Before we get too far into things, I want to tell you a bit about who I am and why I’ve written this book.

I’m sure that some of you are still a little skeptical of astrology, and I totally understand. Believe it or not, I was once a skeptic and had trouble finding the value in gaining a better understanding of people based simply upon the placement of their planets and stars.

All that changed, however, after I went through my own rough patch with the man I now consider to be the love of my life and, an eye opening trip to visit a very special aunt of mine. She opened my eyes to how incredibly valuable this knowledge can be, and how astrology could really help me in gaining a solid understanding of my man and my relationship.

It took going through the heartache of not knowing where I stood with my Taurus man before it really all clicked. After spending some much needed time getting to know my aunt, who is an amazing astrologer, I came to realize that by understanding more about him astrologically, I could learn so much about not just who he was as a person, but how this new level of understanding could help me keep him in my life forever.

Honestly, I have my mother to thank for the long awaited introduction to my aunt. Thanks to their strong sense of family heritage and staying true to who you are I was able to explore the wonders of astrology and learn more about my partner, as well as myself, than I could have ever before imagined. This is where my journey into astrology all began.

One year my mother suggested that I get to better understand my own heritage a bit better by traveling to Romania, just outside of Bucharest, to spend some time with my aunt. Unbeknownst to me, she was, and is, a very well known astrologer within her close-knit circle of friends and clients. She had been a practicing astrologer to some pretty high-end clientele for several decades, and she really knew her stuff. Not only that, but she had this crazy kind of connection to, and understanding of, the Universal energies inherent within each of us that I found absolutely fascinating.

As I said, I was skeptical at first, but as it turned out, she really knew how to get to the heart of things just by asking a few simple questions about when my Taurus man was born. I was floored when she was able to give me so much info and had such insight into the issues we were having without me even telling her the bulk of what was happening. I mean, it really gave me chills. Once we were settled in and I gave her all the info she said she needed to draft my guy’s chart, she more than blew my mind with the things she knew about our situation.

This was the inspiration behind the book you are reading right now. Within these pages you’ll find the secrets held within the stars that will help you to better understand your Gemini man. Using this information, you’ll be able to really connect with him on a level that will help you build the relationship that may, right now, seem to be just outside your reach.

After years of studying and working with my own clients, I’ve been able to glean a great deal of knowledge about each sign and how they relate to one another in relationships. My goal here is to share these secrets with you so that you may benefit from the astrological guidebook to life that we are all born with, yet few of us actually get the chance to read or interpret.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to share with you a quick story with you. This is the story of one of my closest longtime clients and how she gained a better understanding of, and closer relationship with this guy she’d fallen head over heels for— her Gemini man.

With this one particular client, I built more than just a client/astrologer relationship. We actually have become close friends over the years. She was a Virgo and he a Gemini. Both ruled by the same planetary influence, Mercury, yet they saw, and approached, life in a very different manner. These two had known one another since childhood and were the best of friends. Everyone in their close circle thought they should be together, to include the two of them, but getting there proved to be more difficult than they could have ever imagined. The back and forth, on again/off again relationship they tried to develop went on for a number of years before they finally figured it out.

The Virgo girl found her Gemini guy to be amazing in every way, and he felt the same. The glitch in their connection, however, came when she always seemed to know where she was headed and was always in a solid relationship—Or so she thought. The Gemini guy would flit from one girl to another and was never fully “available,” which was quite the turn off for my Virgo client. Had he ever come out and told her that what he really wanted was a relationship with her, things would have been much different, but he wasn’t really one to commit to anything whole-heartedly, which was what she was looking for.

These two would flirt and come dangerously close to connecting, but at the last minute one of them would turn away. She, because he never seemed serious, and he, because her level of seriousness scared him away—until he was away from her, at which time he would regret his tendency to pull out of the potential relationship due to fear.

These two star crossed lovers actually went so far as to ignore their feelings and go in completely different directions. They each married different people and moved on with their lives. Neither first marriage lasted, his lasting only a mere 9 months. They always maintained a sort of psychic connection with one another, however, and finally were able to share how they each felt, openly and honestly. At this point things seemed rather impossible.

Once my Virgo client realized that her marriage, to a different Gemini man, was simply not going to work, the two were able to give their own relationship a go. And believe me, it was a long time coming. After some time and a lot of understanding on both sides, these two actually now share a strong and happy marriage. It took learning a lot about his astrological tendencies for her to realize why it had taken so long, and also to realize why the relationship with her other Gemini-cusp ex husband just hadn’t worked out. This, I believe, speaks volumes of why it is so important to take into account the many facets of your partners astrological chart. No two Sun signs are exactly the same, and this goes double for Gemini, the sign we most closely associate with duality. Being a gemini myself, I can tell you with all certainty that this is incredibly true.

I could go on forever and share countless stories of how astrology has allowed me to help countless couples find true happiness together. However, I think it is more valuable to share my knowledge with you so that you, too, can benefit from the magic held within your stars. People are always saying how it is too bad life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but what most of these people don’t understand is that it does! Astrology is like your own personal guidebook and instruction manual, laying out the true path to happiness and relationship success. All you’ve got to do is learn to decode these secrets and use them.

As you flip through the pages of this book, you’ll learn how to not only attract that Gemini man on your mind, but also how to connect with him and understand his inner workings. Using this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to develop a relationship with substance that will last. Who knows, you may even decide to start, or further, your own journey through learning all about astrology!

So, now, let’s get started and get into the headspace of your Gemini man so that you may find the relationship success you’ve been longing for and successfully go after it. I wish you all the very best of luck!

First Things First, The Gemini Basics

Before we get too deep into the secrets of Gemini, let’s take a look at the basics of what this sometimes confusing zodiac sign is all about.

Born between May 22nd-June 21st, Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and is represented by the twins. This representation of what the Gemini psyche is all about is linked to the inherent duality of humanity. There are two sides to every coin, and Gemini embodies both of them.

The constellation Gemini is actually a representation of the two brothers, Castor and Pollux, of Greek mythology—As you explore astrology deeper and deeper, you’ll find that there are a lot of references to both Greek and Roman mythology—These twins shared the same mother, yet they actually are said to have different fathers, Castor’s father being Tyndarus, the king of Sparta, and Pollux having Zeus, king of the gods, as his father. This presented some issues, as you might imagine, with Castor being born a mortal and Pollux being born an immortal son of a god.

The twins, both lively and curious about life, lived their entire lives together, as twins often do, but Castor eventually came to meet his demise, Pollux begged his demigod dad, Zeus, to save him. Seeing his son in such great distress at the idea of losing his brother, Zeus decided to grant Castor the gift of immortality. Thus, the two now live their lives together as the constellation of Castor and Pollux, or as we now know them, Gemini.

This aspect of how the zodiac sign of Gemini came about is of great importance when you start to consider what you know about your Gemini man. Knowing that this Sun sign was born of twins, one a mortal and one immortal, probably makes a lot of sense if you know any Gemini’s very well at all, does it not?

Each sign in the zodiac has things that it is associated specifically with, and Gemini is no different. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, also ruler of Virgo, an earth sign. Mercury gives the energy of curiosity and intelligence, and was known as “the trickster” in Greek mythology. This could really not be more appropriate for the twins, but we will get into this more in a minute.

Being a mutable sign, Gemini is more adaptable to their environment or situation than some other more stubborn signs, and is quite likely to change his mind at the drop of a hat.

Being an air sign, Gemini is highly intelligent and is often referred to as being a social butterfly. Able to be entertained by both silly, superficial conversation, as well as deep, cerebral thoughts, the dual nature of Gemini is found in just about every personality trait possessed by this Sun sign. Gemini is linked also to the number 5, which, in numerology, is the number we associate with change and constant development.

The season of Gemini is springtime, the time of year perfect for exploring, and when many are at their highest point of energy. Each sign is also linked to a specific color. Gemini’s color is yellow, a color linked with intelligence, good luck, and high energy levels.

Happiness and joy are linked to the color yellow, and as you might imagine, these traits are also closely connected with the sign of the twins. Each sign is also linked with a specific crystal or gemstone, with Gemini being connected to the agate stone. Carrying agate helps to bring balance and restore or maintain the yin/yang balance that is vital to Gemini’s success. It is easy for Gemini to get off track or go too far in one direction, losing that sense of balance. Agate stones are said to help avoid this imbalance and keep a Gemini soul on the right track.

Along with symbols, colors, planets, and stones, each Sun sign is also linked to a specific part of the human body. Gemini is closely connected to the upper body—The lungs, chest, arms and torso. You’ll often find that those born under the sign of Gemini have great upper body and core strength, but tend to be more susceptible to diseases that affect the lungs, such as upper respiratory issues.

So, this is all interesting, but doesn’t tell you a whole lot about your Gemini man and how to get closer to him, right?—Trust me, we’ll get to that—As we go through this book, I’ll explain a little about astrology and how the horoscope works, and a lot about what the Gemini man is really like.

Together, we’ll delve deep into the Gemini psyche, allowing you to gain a truly deep understanding of how he works, why he does the things he does, and how you can get closer to him. And as you come to understand all of this and put the pieces of the puzzle together, you’ll see why knowledge of this basic information is so valuable. When you get to the end of this book and can put all these pieces together, I am confident that things will click, and you’ll be able to relate to him in a way that makes him stop for a moment and think—Gemini’s love to think. In fact, the Gemini motto is literally, “I think.”

Just as there are many facets to each individual’s personality, there are many as facets to every horoscope and astrological chart, and we will make our way through many of them here. To begin with, though, let’s explore what gives us our vitality and our driving force. Let’s explore the Sun in astrology.

The Sun, Our Astrological Driving Force

In order to get a good initial idea of what someone is all about based on astrology, we look first and foremost to the placement of the Sun in their natal chart. This is why we refer to the different signs of the zodiac as “Sun signs.” The Sun’s placement in the skies at the time of your birth is exactly the core element of your main personality traits. Now, there is so much more to a person than simply where the Sun lies in their chart, and this is not to be forgotten, but the Sun is the largest factor in what determines a person’s feral astrological disposition. Essentially, this is the starting point of reference when reading a natal chart.

We see the solar system as being a heliocentric system of planets all revolving around, you guessed it, the Sun.Your astrological chart uses the same precedent. This term is actually derived from the Greek terminology “Helios,” which simply translates to “Sun.”

In astrology the placement of your Sun is a strong indication of your conscious thoughts and tells a bit about who you are at your core. This explains why people born under the same Sun sign can be very different yet still have a lot of the same fundamental characteristics. In a Freudian sense the Sun would be your Ego in the whole id and ego theory.

You’ll find as we go through and you learn more about astrology as a whole that there are many theoretical concepts that have molded how we look at modern astrology. There are also a lot of different terminologies used that you’ll become accustomed to, and learn the meanings of, the deeper you get into learning. Of course this depends on how deep into astrology you intend on going. For now, we’ll keep things relatively simple and stick with just learning the basics so you aren’t constantly having to Google this or that as you read through this book.

Now, as I’ve said, there are many facets to your horoscope beyond the placement of the Sun. You may have your Sun in Virgo, but your Mercury in Leo, giving you the fundamental practicality of a Virgo on the surface, but your how your mind works and processes information and communication would be more linked to how a fiery Leo thinks.

Think of the Sun as being the foundation which the rest of your personality builds upon.

You may be wondering why I’m going into so much detail about all the technical aspects just to find out how to get to the heart of your Gemini man, but trust me, there is a good reason. That reason being, that you really want to be able to understand how his mind works, inside and out, to get the full picture of what he is all about.

To gain this level of understanding you’ve got to be able to decode the different elements of his birth chart and know what these things mean. Just as you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can’t judge a person simply by having knowledge of their Sun sign —This is, however, a great start.

Together we will now go through the different parts of the natal chart, and I’ll explain a bit more about how you can get to know your Gemini man just by looking at where the planets were positioned in the skies at the time he entered this world.

The Cosmic Snapshot of One’s Personality, The Natal Chart

When you hear someone say they are having their “chart done” or “casting a natal chart,” this is a reference to the cosmic snapshot of where all of the planets, signs and houses were positioned at the moment of their birth.

The more information you have, as far as date, location and time of birth, the more accurate your natal chart will be. Just like we all have very different fingerprints and genetic makeup, we all have a natal chart that is specific to our own unique personalities and who we are and will become.

Some people don’t know their exact time of birth, and that’s ok. It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world, either. Although this is an important piece of the puzzle, there are ways to get around not knowing your time of birth.

Without the time we simply create a more generic type of chart called a solar chart. This is what is used when you read horoscopes found in newspapers and magazines. This is also why sometimes you may read your daily horoscope and think, “That is totally fitting for me,” and sometimes you think, “Man, was that off or what?”

In casting the solar chart the beginning reference point is the start of your Sun sign rather than the sign and house that were on the horizon at the moment you were born. Hence the term “solar” chart.

With knowledge of the time of birth, the ascendant, or rising sign can be derived.

This refers to whatever sign is at the starting point of the natal chart and indicates how others perceive you and what your outward personality is, as seen by those around you. This is your mask or the face you show to people and can be considered to represent your outward personality.

Astrological charts today are comprised of a 360 degree circle with the 10 planets (because we count the Sun and Moon as planets) and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The signs are then designated to certain houses which delineate where the signs, elements and planetary energies are the strongest in your natal chart. And yes, we do still count Pluto as a planet.

To better understand how the natal chart works, think of a wheel within a wheel. These wheels are separated into 12 sections, each one being designated to a specific sign.

The outer rim of the chart shows us where the signs are placed and the inner wheel shows what houses the signs occupy. Which sign each planet falls in the chart indicate how we relate, act or feel, while the houses show us where these elements of our personality are felt the most.

For instance, if you have Mercury in Leo you will be more outgoing and impulsive in how you communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, and if this falls into your 7th house (where we look for relationships and partnerships) you will be able to most easily express yourself in one-on-one conversations, and you probably do your best thinking when you have someone to bounce ideas off of. It gets much deeper than that, but this pretty much explains the gist of how to go about creating and decoding a natal chart.

The Difference between Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable Signs

As I mentioned earlier, your Gemini man is one of the four mutable signs in the zodiac. You probably know him to be someone who is malleable and able to change directions in a moments notice, should the need arise. This is a part of his duality, but also comes from the mutable quality of his Gemini Sun sign.

The mutable signs include Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. You’ll notice that these are all signs that have a lot in common, one of those things being that they are signs with polarity to one another. Gemini and Sagittarius are polar opposites, and Virgo and Pisces are polar opposites.

Those born under this quality are adept at going with the flow and making things work. There are also Fixed and Cardinal signs. They are all a bit different in how they relate to situations and people, allowing for a good sense of balance within the Zodiac.

Being a mutable Air sign, your Gemini man can be a bit flighty at times and is prone to changing his mind quite a lot. He’s able to roll with whatever life throws at him, and he knows no stranger. Depending on the circumstances, he’s more willing to make sacrifices for the greater good than, say a Leo (who is a fixed sign) would be. You see this quality in the Gemini man in that he won’t get all bent out of shape if asked to alter his plans to better fit the needs of his peers, or the needs of his partner.

The houses ruled by mutable signs are the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th, but we won’t delve too deeply into this aspect of astrology—Not right now, anyway. Just remember that these are the houses of communication, knowledge, learning, and change. Although quite different from one another, all of the mutable signs have in common that they work to help and assist others with the knowledge that they possess.

They strive to learn and gain more and more knowledge that can be used to make life run smoothly. They don’t tend to be the ones making major waves, but are the ones who put forth effort to smooth over situations and maintain some semblance of balance in their environment.

Taking into consideration that, being a duality, Gemini has been known to have a bit of a selfish side and, from time to time, will be the one who seems to be the cause of a ruckus being made. It’s all a part of their dual personality, though, and you’ll find that while your Gemini may seem selfish or problematic one moment, the next moment he will be the one headlining the search for a peaceful solution to whatever the problem at hand may be.

By now I bet you are starting to see a bit of your Gemini man in these descriptions we’ve gone through thus far. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

Just wait, it only gets better and more intriguing from here!

So What’s The Significance of Your Guy Being an Air Sign With Mercurial Energy?

Just as each Sun sign is either mutable, fixed, or cardinal, each sign in the zodiac is also connected to a specific element. These elements are earth, air, fire, and water. Some astrologers also include spirit as an elemental influence, but for our purposes we’ll just be exploring the basic four. And really, we’re going to focus mainly on air, as this pertains specifically to your Gemini man.

The Air signs include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These are the more cerebral signs and the ones who are commonly known to be the most sociable.

Symbolically, air signs represent quickness of thought and a tendency to have their fingers in just about everything. They aren’t as stable or steadfast as earth signs, and tend to be less dominating and aggressive than fire signs, and they don’t have the level of emotional intensity as water signs. Air signs have a great need for personal freedom and are capable of seeing the big picture that others often miss.

Your Gemini man is a dreamer, he’s quick witted, and he can fit into just about any social situation with little to no preparation. He’s not someone who needs a lot of stability in his life, and in fact, he’d rather stay away from things that tie him down. He is ruled by the planet Mercury, known in Roman mythology to be the god of merchants, and thieves, and as the trickster who will pick your pocket while entertaining you with lively conversation. In Greek mythology, Mercury is linked to Hermes, messenger to the gods. Both of these Mercurial depictions are great examples of how the Gemini mind works and what their personality is all about.

The energy from Mercury is fast paced and a bit spastic at times, making it important for those under this planetary influence to keep busy. A bored Gemini can lead to some self destructive behavior. Aside from this minor issue, there are huge positives that come from being ruled by Mercury, one of which is a great deal of intellect.

The combination of being an air sign, as well as being ruled by Mercury is what makes Gemini so masterful when it comes to communicating, as well as really pushing his drive to learn and understand the world around him.

He is a perpetual student of life and will take home some amount of knowledge from every situation he finds himself in. This is what gives Gemini that little glint in his eye that tells you he knows what’s going on, and if he doesn’t yet, he will soon.

You can learn a lot from just being in the presence of these guys, but you might have to work at keeping up, because before you know it he’ll have moved on and become fully engrossed in a different topic.

Common Traits Of The Gemini Man

In Some cases the personality of a sign can be easily linked to the physical description given to their constellation. For instance. Taurus, the bull, is described as being stubborn and having generally bullish tendencies.

Leo, the lion, can be describes as being regal and having more showy tendencies like that of a lion strutting his stuff and demanding to be the center of attention—Think of a cat who just won’t let you read the newspaper without doing his best to walk all over your reading material—Gemini is one of these signs, in that nothing represents the duality of a Gemini more accurately than the constellation of Castor and Pollux, the celestial twins. As confusing and inconsistent as this sign can be at times, Geminis are pretty straight forward about the fact that they have a distinct dual nature.

The 3rd house in the zodiac represents swiftness of thought, speech, movement, short term travel, conversation, short term goals, and communication.

In our individual charts, the 3rd house shows how we communicate and how we take in and process information.

Taking all this into consideration, it comes as no surprise that your Gemini man is masterful when it comes to communicating his thoughts to others. He’s always thinking and tends to have more than one fire burning at all times.

Because his mind stays so busy, he is likely to be the one in a group who is always multi-tasking. This can be a positive trait, but it can also present issues when it comes to his undeniably short attention span. His mind is so active that he has trouble staying on task if he isn’t totally interested in something. Not one to stop and think before acting upon impulses, you never want to leave a Gemini bored for too long, because there is no telling where his curiosity will take him.

Your Gemini man is going to be the one who stands out in a crowd for his personable nature. He can talk to anyone about anything and keep up with the conversation, seeming to be an expert on whatever the topic of choice happens to be.

In the beginning, he can make it seem as though he is an expert on whatever it is you are conversing about, but should the conversation go too deep, you’ll often find that he makes attempts to change to a different subject and start the whole process over.

For this reason many find him to be a jack of all trades. He knows a little about everything and a lot about nothing.

He is insanely creative and can spin the most fantastic of stories. He can get totally lost in his own thoughts, but doesn’t like to spend a lot of time alone.

He can keep you entertained for hours on end, and is someone you can find yourself talking to well into the wee hours of the morning. For this reason, during the early stages of relationships with a Gemini man you can feel as though you are able to connect with him like you’ve never connected with anyone ever before.

The Gemini man has no problem making a great first impression, due to his innate ability to size up any person or situation and adapt accordingly. He is quick witted and versatile in how he goes about getting into conversations. He can convince anyone of anything, and more often than not you’ll find that these guys are silver-tongued conversationalists who could sell ice to eskimos. For this reason, you’ll need to find a way to keep him rooted in reality when in a situation that holds any amount of seriousness.

He can’t stand routine or situations that are boring. He’s lively and excitable and will avoid anything that he feels will dull his natural shine.

Commitment and monotony are things that the Gemini man will avoid for as long as he can. This is especially true of young Gemini men.

His need for variety and freedom of movement can make developing serious relationship with him rather difficult, simply because once he starts to feel nailed down to any one person or location he may tend toward entering that fight or flight mode that puts a real damper on a budding relationship. One thing is certain though, if he does make a point to commit to you, you can know without a doubt that he is really, genuinely into you.

The Gemini man seems to have a natural streak of luck that follows wherever he goes. It could be his quickness of thought that gets him out of situations before they go bad, or it could just be that he has a natural awareness of when to exit a situation before things go south.

He attracts financial favor and can do well in life, but he will have to curb his impulsive nature if his financial success is to be sustained. You’ll often find those born under the Gemini Sun sign working in fields that involve communication, writing, travel, or connecting people in some way.

Being consumed with the duality of life in general, Gemini’s tend to always have two of everything. This is why you’ll often find the Gemini man to have two totally different “sets” of friends, hobbies, jobs, ways of thinking, or places he calls home, and in some cases you’ll find that the Gemini man likes to keep the attention of two lovers or potential mates. Once he finds someone he feels he can happily commit to he will change this and be a one partner kind of guy, but until then he will almost always leave his options wide open.

It has been said, and I find this to be incredibly true, that a Gemini will never lie to you. What can happen, though, is that what is true to him one day may not be the case at all the next day. This can be maddening to those of you who are more earthy by nature, or those who have a great appreciation for stability and continuity.

All in all, the Gemini man is not your best choice is you are looking for someone who will provide you with stability and a sense of security right off the bat.

What he will offer you is endless adventure and great conversation if you can keep up and keep him engaged without making him feel boxed in. He can be a fascinating companion and an amazing lover, but we will get more into these aspects of his personality in the next few chapters.

Now, Let’s Look At What Really Makes The Gemini Man Tick

Now that you know a bit about how astrology works and a general idea of what the Gemini man is all about, we’re going to take a deeper look into what really makes him tick. As we delve deeper into the secrets of the Gemini man, you’ll be one step closer to understanding how his mind works and closer to snagging that hot Gemini guy you’ve had your eye on!

Geminis are known for their outspoken nature and their ability to get the conversation going, so getting him to talk will be no problem at all. In social situations, you’ll find the Gemini man making his way around the room, taking part in every conversation that he can.

In fact, he’ll very likely be carrying on more than one conversation at a time, as his mind works at lightening speed. He’s a mover and a shaker, and you won’t find him staying in one place for too terribly long. He’s a dreamer and a great communicator. He hates to see anyone left out, and will be that guy who’s trying to coax the wallflower in the bunch out of their shell.

He loves to be surrounded by his friends and family and isn’t one who needs a whole lot of “me time.” This isn’t to say that he can’t entertain himself, however.

I mean, he is sort of like two people crammed into one body, so he does also possess a great ability to entertain himself when he has to. As long as he’s got a book, newspaper, magazine, or some other form of information at his fingertips he can get along just fine without the company of others, if only for a short period of time.

I’ve had many clients relate to me the difficulty they have in feeling secure within the relationship with a Gemini man due to his flirty nature. While it is true that he thrives on variety, once he chooses a mate he will be loyal to that one person for the duration of the relationship.

Even when he’s surrounded by potential admirers and seems to be flirting with them all, remember that he could choose whoever he likes, but the one he’s chosen is you. And his flirting is not really flirting per se, people just respond to his charm and charisma, and he loves getting to know new and interesting people.

It doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with them. Never make the mistake of becoming too jealous or possessive over your Gemini man or scolding him for his curiosity and his personable nature. These actions will throw up a definite red flag for him and could send him running for the hills.

The Gemini man is generous and has an undeniable need to please his partner. As much as he can’t stand the thought of being bored, he really can’t stand the idea of boring you in any way. A date with a Gemini man, especially the first date, will likely be one of the best experiences of your life.

He’s exciting and fun, and he will go out of his way to ensure that you have an amazing time. He’s all about exploring, so don’t expect to stay in one place for too long when you’re out with him. He likes to try new things and is down to check out wherever is the newest, hottest location in town.

Aside from keeping you entertained, the Gemini man has a genuine interest in what you’ve got to say. He wants to get a glimpse into your mind and understand your inner workings. By the end of the night you’ll probably find that you've shared more with him than you do with most guys in the first few months of knowing them.

That being said, you’ve got to come correct with your game if you want to keep him interested. As much as he loves to learn about you and your life, your past, and how your mind works, you never want to divulge everything about yourself to him—Not early on in your relationship, anyway.

Once there is nothing more to learn, his interest could fade and he may decide to move on. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to leave him curious about certain things. Trust me, it will keep him and coming back to learn more. Besides, there is only so much you can discuss about yourself before it becomes necessary to move on to a different topic. Actually, make that different topics.

You’ve got to keep things upbeat and be ready for anything when you roll with a Gemini.

Whether he admits it or not, the Gemini man can be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and he needs a daily dose of excitement in his life. If you can join him fearlessly, or better yet, if you can be the source or the idea person behind some fantastical adventure for the two of you, the odds are great that you can secure a spot within his heart.

If you are the type who likes to plan everything out to a tee, he may drive you bonkers with his impulsive, spur of the moment tendencies.

Then again, he also has a side that likes to make plans, it’s just that he’s easily distracted and doesn’t get too bent out of shape if his plans fall by the wayside. As far as he’s concerned, if he’shaving a good time, life is good. To him, life is more about the journey than it is the destination.

He may have planned a trip out weeks in advance, but realize at the last minute that there is a better, more exciting path he can take that has better scenery.

Even if this last minute change throws him off schedule, the important thing is that he arrived eventually, and now he has a story about the journey that he just can’t wait to tell whoever is waiting for him at his destination.

The take home message here is to stay flexible and don’t get too caught up with staying on schedule when planning something with a Gemini man. You’ll get there eventually, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a few side roads that will lead to adventure along the way!

So What’s Up With His Emotional Weirdness?

I’ll tell you, the Gemini man is not one to get into deep emotional situations if he can help it. He is a thinker and can reason and use logic to figure out just about anything. Well, anything other than those weird, and sometimes stifling emotions. He isn’t big into commitment and he really works at maintaining a firm grasp on his own personal freedom.

This lack of desire to commit diminishes when he finds someone he feels could be the one, but even then he may find it hard to express his emotions accurately. It’s this emotional weirdness that sometimes leaves you wondering if he’s ever going to take your relationship seriously or not.

The truth of the matter is, there is a lot about Geminis that falls into the “weird” category, or so I’ve been told by many a Gemini partner. While he is good at many things and seems to be able to quickly grasp a solid understanding of just about anything, he has trouble when it coms to recognizing and understanding his own emotions.

The irony here is that his duality gives him a crystal clear view of human nature and he has the ability to see all sides of all situations, as long as you don’t ask him to decode his own emotional side. To him, love and emotions start with a mental connection, not an emotional one.

Before you can even consider knowing his heart, you’ve got to get to know his mind, and vice versa. After this connection has been made and he starts to feel twinges of emotion and feelings of affection that go deeper than how he feels about friends or inanimate objects, this is where he realizes that he isn’t quite sure what to do with these feelings. He will embrace them, sure, but don’t expect him to be able to articulate what’s going on in that head or heart of his.

He may come off as cold or unfeeling from time to time, or he may decide to ignore the emotional intensity building within him while he tries to figure out what comes next. However, as your relationship grows, and it becomes apparent that these feelings aren’t going anywhere, he will start to explore and share with you his emotional side. The thing is, first he’s got to figure out how to do this.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, your Gemini man is a romantic at heart. He loves having a partner to share his experiences with. He loves the feeling of love. In fact, he will fall in love many times in his lifetime—But these short term romances and bouts of puppy love are just that, puppy love.

It’s when things start to get serious and you two begin down the road to true love and commitment that he may go into emotional weirdness mode. So, if you find yourself wondering what’s going on and why he just can’t seem to get it together on an emotional level, don’t lose hope.

If the relationship is solid and his feelings are true, he’ll get past the initial shock of what it feels like to really fall in love. Eventually he’ll even make the bold move to want to settle down, but this will take some time.

And remember, if a Gemini man ever makes the impulsive decision to dive deep into a commitment without first going through some level of emotional weirdness, or without stopping to give it some thought, the odds of lasting success for that relationship are not all that stellar.

Some Of The Really Great Things About Being With A Gemini Man

With everything in life, there are upsides and there are downsides. This especially applies to being in a relationship with a Gemini guy.

He is multifaceted and may sometimes surprise you with his ability to quickly go from one end of his personality spectrum to the next. Some refer to these guys as being two faced, but really it is just his dual nature coming out. Here we’ll look at some of the really awesome things about being in a relationship with the twins.

He’s true to himself and he’ll be true to you

Your Gemini guy may be a lot of things, but dishonest is not usually one of them. Not when he cares about you, anyway. Yes, he changes his mind a lot, but he’s upfront about it. He doesn’t have time to get caught up in lies, and really, he doesn't want to have to keep up with a lie either. As fast as his thoughts go from one thing to another, he sometimes has trouble keeping up with what’s really going on, much less remembering any untruths.

Where some people get the misconception that Gemini men are dishonest is the fact that he has two distinctive sides to his personality. His ability to go back and forth between his own personality, and his tendency to lead a sort of double life can be disconcerting, I know.

He may have more than one group of friends, or different manners of acting from one day to another, and he may sometimes have you totally convinced that he just isn’t being honest with you.

The truth is, duality is in his nature—It’s his thing. It doesn’t make him dishonest, it makes him a Gemini.

You’ll never be bored when you’re with him

Theres nothing in this world that a Gemini guy hates more than the idea of being bored. For this reason, you will never have to worry about your relationship becoming mundane or boring.

Everything he does, he does with a twinkle in his eye, and his upbeat energy will keep things lively and fun. Of course, you have to do your part and be willing to explore new and exciting things with him to maintain this sense of excitement within your relationship, but why would you not?

He’s the kind of guy to come home and surprise you with a new car, plan a weekend getaway he tells you about on Friday afternoon, or give you a treasure map that leads to your birthday present.

His imaginative and creative side comes out in all that he does, making him fantastic company to have around. He’s got a great sense of humor and your relationship will be filled to the brim with good times, all you have to do is open your heart to the possibilities that lie ahead when you intertwine yourself with a Gemini man.

With him you have a forever best friend

Before you can ever get to the point where you are in a romantic relationship with a Gemini man you’ve got to develop a mental connection with him. With this comes a bond of friendship that will only grow stronger as you grow together. He will be your best friend and someone you can share anything with. He’s not in this for the sex or for a trophy wife, he’s in it because he truly cares for you, as both his partner and his friend.

It is important to take this seriously and to reciprocate that level of friendship with him, as well. He has many people in his life who he calls friends, but few who he really and truly feels he can open up to, and fewer still who take the time to really get to know who he is beneath the surface.

When you take the time to explore who he is and make it a point to truly be his best friend, what you’ll get in return is a best friend for life who really values you and your connection, and who would do anything in this world to make you happy.

He is a really great lover

It’s true, Gemini men are amazing lovers. They tend to be very giving when it comes to making love and pleasing their partner, and their desire for variety can really spice things up. Being so totally unpredictable, you never know what to expect, which can be quite exciting. That Mercurial influence comes out when it comes to lovemaking too, so if you’re into dirty talk, your Gemini guy will very likely be more than happy to oblige.

He’s not afraid to try new things, in fact, he loves it. You could say that he’s kinky, but not in the dark water Scorpio sense. Gemini is more of the fun loving kind of kinky. Multiple partners is always a possibility, but he would never push it of you weren’t into the same idea. And if you aren’t as adventuresome as some, you can live out your fantasies through talking about what you might do if you were more adventuresome. As much as he loves to talk, this can also fill his need for kink.

Now Let’s Talk About Some Of The Not So Awesome Things About Being With A Gemini Man

Gemini guys are pretty great, but they are by no means perfect. They have their flaws, as do we all. Now, to help you understand all aspects of him, we’re going to look at some of the not so awesome aspects of being in a relationship with a Gemini guy.

He can be kind of selfish

It may not be intentional, in fact, I’m certain that it’s not, but there is this tendency with Geminis to act kind of selfish from time to time. This likely comes from the whole duality thing—Having to please the two sides to his own personality doesn’t always leave room for taking the wishes of others into consideration.

The selfish side of your Gemini guy isn’t a side he shows often, and thank goodness! It is, however, something to watch out for. Usually you can easily resolve any hard feelings by pointing out his behavior and explaining how it makes you feel. Of course there are those Geminis who are selfish and inconsiderate more often than they should be, and who don’t respond all that well to criticism. When it comes to correcting your Gemini man you may have to stand your ground and maintain your position despite his protests or denial that he would ever act that way. You’ve really just got to feel him out on this.

He’s probably got some skeletons in his closet that will inevitably pop up

Gemini men tend to be less scrutinizing of who they associate with in their younger years. This can lead to making negative associations simply because they can’t yet make the distinction between positive connections and someone who merely entertains him. We all make mistakes when we’re young, and even as we grow and mature, but for the Gemini man this can have some unpleasant consequences. Trying to build a serious relationship with one of these guys before he’s reached a certain level of maturity will almost always end with hurt feelings.

It isn’t that he means to make bad choices or do things that harm his relationships, it’s just that he doesn’t know any better until he’s learned his lesson about whatever it is that comes up. Luckily, though, his personality is such that he will make a mental note of his previous bad choices and learn from them as he goes along in life. He likes to keep things light and he has a specific distaste for drama, so he will avoid making the same mistake more than once if he can help it.

He can be inconsistent and flighty

Don’t take it personally if your Gemini man seems flighty or inconsistent when you try to nail down something you specifically know that he’s into. These guys change their minds as often as they change their briefs, making it hard to come to any certain conclusions about what they like and what interests them. There is just so much going on out there that he has a really hard time sticking to any one hobby, activity, or sometimes even one partner.

While his consistent inconsistency can be maddening to those who prefer to maintain the course they set out upon, it’s one of the things you have to be determined to deal with if you fall for a Gemini man. This is not to say that he’s going to up and leave you because he just changes his mind—Not if he has actual true feelings for you, anyway—What he’s more likely to do is jump from job to job, hobby to hobby, or change his preferences and his mind at the drop of a hat.

He can get quite loud and rowdy, should the mood strike

If peace and quiet is something you value, the Gemini man in your life will almost certainly be seen as a disruptive force from time to time. Socializing is his thing, and most Gemini guys aren’t the type to turn down a party. And, by now you know that he likes to talk and he never runs out of things to say. He is the life of the party, which is usually cool, but should you get more than one Gemini together there is really no shutting him up. If the two of you attend a party where drinks are involved you can just hang it up, he will go on for days about the most ridiculous things imaginable.

If you are the same type this can be fun, but if you aren’t it can quickly become rather annoying. This goes double, or perhaps quadruple, when you have a room with multiple Geminis sharing drinks and stories.

Once these guys get into a debate, it really doesn’t matter what the topic is, you’ve almost certainly lost your Gemini date for the rest of the evening. At first it can be cute to watch your guy sharing such camaraderie with his fellow Gemini friends, or anyone who is interested in getting a piece of the debate action, because it’s going to happen, but after a little while you may find yourself looking for some peace and quiet. Really, this one depends greatly on how you handle the high-octane energy contained within such a handsome package, but it’s always good to have a heads up on what could happen should you find yourself in this situation. Let’s just say being with one of these rambunctious, yet incredibly charming, guys takes patience.

How To Attract A Gemini Man

Now That You Have Some insight into the pros and cons that come along with these guys, and given that the cons didn’t scare you off, I’ve got some secrets to share with you on how you can attract that sexy Gemini man on your mind.

There are many things that the Gemini man finds attractive, so getting his attention isn't really all that difficult. Keeping his attention and his attraction, however, can sometimes prove to be kind of difficult. Unless we’re talking about a love at first sight kind of situation, he will be rather quick to move on to other things that interest him. If this happens, know that it isn’t you so much as it’s his natural disposition to move quickly from one thing, or one person, to another. This all changes when he’s settled on one partner, but until then it’s all up for grabs in his eyes.

For this reason, it’s important to make a move whenever you feel that initial vibe of attraction between the two of you. It can be something simple like suggesting the two of you catch a movie, or something exciting like inviting him on a skydiving adventure. He’s always down for new experiences, so it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll be willing to try anything you suggest at least once—Just don’t suggest anything that sounds boring; he hates boring.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, you don’t have to be the one who makes the first move with him. It’s actually pretty common for a Gemini to be the initiator of your first date, so don’t get too hung up on that aspect of things. Just remember that if you feel he’s into you, and if you’re comfortable doing so, it’s totally safe to go on ahead and make that first move. A little secret about Gemini men is that when he really, genuinely likes someone he will often be a lot more shy and reserved than usual when it comes to asking that person out. Bottom line, feel out the situation and the vibes he’s putting off and if the time feels right, go for it.

Anyway, back to how you can attract your sexy Gemini man:

There are a few basic things that will stop just about every Gemini guy in his tracks, and we’ll go over these now.

1.) Keep an open mind about things and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas openly.

Geminis, both men and women, are some of the most open minded individuals you’ll ever come across. They have the ability to see all sides of situations and they take in a lot more information than most people realize, so naturally they tend to connect more with other open minded individuals. You’ll get nowhere with him if you seem rigid or close minded.

Geminis are also super sociable and they don’t relate well to people who don’t know how to express their thoughts. The way he sees it, if you can’t express and articulate your thoughts there isn’t much hope for a good conversation. Going back to the fact that you have to form a mental connection with him before develop a romantic relationship, it’s quite important to be able to keep up in good conversation with this guy. Once he sees that you are someone with interesting ideas and that you have an open mind he can connect with, he’ll be drawn to you and excited to see what else you’ve got to say.

2.) Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your funny, goofy side

Gemini men are really big goofballs on some level. They have this youthful spirit that never totally grows up, so they notice others who aren’t afraid to be goofy and have a little fun. Never take life too seriously when in the company of a Gemini, especially not if you’re trying to attract him. Life’s too short to live without having a good time and he knows this. When you show yourself to be someone he can have a good time with and who isn’t all gloom and doom, he may start to see potential for a friendship to develop, and from that friendship you can get much more than if you tried to go straight for the romance.

3.) Be the one who brings some variety to the table

Variety is the spice of life and nobody knows this better than a Gemini. To him, nothing is worse than having to deal with the same old thing, day in and day out. In fact, he’d probably rather gouge his eyeballs out than to fill his life with monotonous repetition. Taking that into account, if you can bring some variety into his life just by being there, you are almost certainly “in” with this guy.

Ways you can do this are to mix up your wardrobe a little bit when you see him. He’ll be intrigued if you always seem to have a different style from one day to the next. You can be the one to guide a conversation from one topic to another, keeping him engaged and interested, or you can suggest activities you do together, or, depending on your particular situation, with a group of your friends, that are varied and add excitement to his day. Whatever you find that can spice up his day a little bit, do it. He will respond with positivity, guaranteed.

4.) Flirt with him like you’ve never flirted before

It’s no secret that Gemini men like to flirt. They do it all the time without even realizing that’s what’s happening. Often times, would-be partners end up with hurt feelings because they’ve mis-

interpreted his flirtatious tendencies for more than they actually were. You’ve got to keep things light and not take any of the flirting too seriously. Have fun with it.

Don’t be afraid to get really into it, though. Where some other guys may try to take things too far when you show your flirty side, a Gemini man will usually go right on along with you and you can keep the back and forth banter up all night long. You don’t want to make it seem like you are looking for anything serious. A wink here, a smile there, some witty comebacks to things he says to you.

Keep it up as long as you can and eventually you’ll find yourself in one of those perfect moments where you can let him know you really are flirting with him. Again, feel it out and don’t be afraid to pounce when the moment feels right. Just avoid making a big deal of it or trying to make it seem like you’re looking for a serious commitment just because he flirted with you. Ease into it and you can use this as a great starting point to getting where you want to be with him.

Astrology and Compatibility

There are many articles out there that espouse there are strictly compatible and strictly incompatible Sun signs. This is wildly inaccurate, as there is really no such things as two signs that just don’t stand a chance based solely on their Sun placement in their natal charts.

While those articles are helpful, and even fun to read, there are many elements of one’s chart that help to determine the level of compatibility that stands between two people. Yes, there are things about certain signs that make them more compatible right off the bat, but if someone tells you that you couldn’t possibly make it work with someone all based upon their Sun sign you need to move on and talk to someone who is a bit more educated on the topic of astrological compatibility.

That being said, some relationships definitely take more effort and understanding than others to make things work. One of the greatest things about astrology, though, is that you can pretty much read the two charts, or have them read for you, and figure out where your strong and weak points are in any given relationship. Beyond just looking at a natal chart, there are also what we call synastry charts, which are compatibility charts where you basically overlay your chart and that of your partner and look at how your planets all work together. This acts as a sort of roadmap for relationships and is a very handy tool to have at your disposal! We can get more into this later.

Many people believe that signs with like elements work best together, and on a superficial level this can be true. In other words, Earth signs with Earth signs-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air signs with Air signs-Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Water signs with Water signs-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. And lastly, Fire signs with Fire signs-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The reason these like minded signs work well together is that, generally speaking, they operate fundamentally on the same wavelength.

For instance, a Gemini and an Aquarius will automatically have in common that they are more cerebral in their approach to life and relationships, making their conversations flow rather easily. This in no way means that someone who is a Virgo can’t have great conversations and develop an amazing relationship with an Aquarius, though. Really, it all boils down to how your planets interact, as well as your Sun sign personalities, of course!

The Art of Determining Compatibility With Astrology

As I mentioned earlier, there are many astrological elements that we look at when comparing the compatibility of two people. The best ways to determine your level of compatibility are with a synastry or composite chart.

With these astrological techniques it becomes easy to tell how two people communicate with one another, where they will rub each other the wrong way, and can even indicate things like whether marriage is favored or not. The difference between these two types of charts, synastry vs composite, is that with a synastry reading we look at the two individual’s charts and how they relate to one another, while a composite chart actually melds the two people into one chart. Both of these are useful and effective ways of mapping out important elements of a relationship, and both are valuable tools of the trade.

Before you get into a full compatibility reading, your astrologer will want to gain a good sense of how you operate and what makes you tick by fully exploring your own natal chart first. After all, before you can ever even begin to understand someone else or how you will be able to relate to this other person you’ve got to first understand yourself. Astrology can help you to learn things about yourself and help you figure out how to handle certain situations in your life as they come up. Really, astrology is pretty amazing, which is probably why so many people still put a lot of faith in this age-old practice of using the stars as a roadmap to the best life possible.

Once you’ve gone through your own chart and have an understanding of what all of your planets and aspects mean, it’s time to see how well your chart meshes with that of your partner. To accurately complete compatibility charts it is always best to have each person’s full birth information, to include the time of birth. The reason being that only with the time of birth included can the houses of one’s chart be determined. This plays a pretty important role in seeing where two people connect. Aspects between planets and sign/element placement can show how you relate to a partner, but having that added information of where adds depth to your compatibility reading, which is pretty important.

I definitely recommend that all couples, whether they are just getting into a relationship or have been married for fifty years, have compatibility charts drawn up.

You’d be amazed at the things you can learn from your partners planetary placements and how they relate to your own. If you think of all these charts as roadmaps for life, the compatibility charts offer you the chance to decode your partner and figure out how to be the best partner you can be in the relationship. It can be a real help, too, for those times when things get rocky and you just don’t know how to handle problems that arise.

We won’t get too much deeper into compatibility charts and all that, not in this book anyway. For now, let’s take a look at the basics of Sun sign compatibility to help you relate to and wow your Gemini man.

Gemini and Aries

From the get-go, Gemini and Aries tend to hit it off quite well. Both of these signs have a curious nature and neither of them likes to sit still for too long or become stagnant.

In the beginning stages of this relationship things are exciting, passionate, and lively, and both Gemini and Aries may feel like they’ve found “the one.” After some time passes, however, the constant need to talk and discuss pretty much everything in great detail will wear on Aries nerves.

The Aries personality is one who likes to leap before they look, and even though you usually land right where you want to be, you aren’t one to sit back and think or discuss your next move. You just do it.

Gemini sees this as being a bit strange, but different, which for a time can be a really good thing. Where you could run into a snag with this is when your Gemini’s incessant need to talk seems to be slowing you down. I mean, if you stop for too long to discuss all possibilities of a decision you plan to make, you might miss out on an opportunity, and you really can’t stand the thought of missing out on anything.

This is a relationship where Gemini will need to reel it in a bit when it comes down to his flirtatious nature. Given the fiery, sometimes jealous nature of Aries personalities, there is a lot of potential for there to be some arguments and disagreements about why the Gemini was chatting up that girl at the coffee shop, and right under Aries nose, at that! Gemini doesn’t take well to accusations or jealous partners and can quickly go from sweet Dr. Jekyl to angry Mr. Hyde when approached in a manner that seems accusatory. Both partners will have to work to better understand one another to avoid any major meltdowns over jealousy.

Despite the issues these two share, there is a definite sense of mutual attraction and admiration for the qualities that both Gemini and Aries possess. Aries admires Gemini’s ability to talk to anyone about anything and sort of wishes they had that ability to so eloquently articulate themselves.

Conversely, Gemini admires Aries drive and action-oriented nature and the fearlessness found within the Ram. When these two aren’t arguing things can run pretty smoothly and there can be a pretty good sense of yin and yang, and when they work together there is little that can stop them from achieving a mutual goal.

Between the sheets there is lots of fun to be had! Gemini is down to experience new things and can find ways to broaden Aries sexual horizons, while Aries passionate nature really gets Gemini’s pulse going. When you mix fire with air you often times get an explosion, which is exactly what can happen with these two between the sheets. Aries isn’t as into talking about getting down and dirty as Gemini is, though, and likes to get straight to it, sans sexy talk.

All in all, this is a coupling that makes for a good matchup only if both partners can come to a great level of understanding about what makes one another tick. Compromise is required, but compromise isn’t always possible with these two. More often than not you’ll find that Aries and Gemini make much better friends than they do lovers.

Gemini and Taurus

With Gemini and Taurus we find one of the more frustrating romantic combinations in the zodiac. This is a common occurrence when you mix air and earth signs together, simply because they operate on such different wavelengths and see the world through two very different lenses.

Where Taurus is methodical and isn’t all that receptive to change, Gemini is fickle and spends his days seeking variety and a change from the daily routine that might offer some excitement. These traits alone may raise a red flag for each sign when considering a relationship with the other.

Taurus is a creature of habit who loves to be in the comfort of their home. Gemini is a mover and a shaker who loves nothing more than to be out exploring new places and seeing new things. In this relationship, Gemini may end up going out alone more frequently than Taurus is happy with, but even still, Taurus doesn’t want to join Gemini on all of his adventures.

Taurus tends toward jealousy and a feeling of possessing their partners, which can be a real turnoff for Gemini. Being the social butterfly that he is, Gemini is apt to develop many harmless relationships that don’t include Taurus, so there's got to be a lot of trust here for things to work out.

There is actually a lot that these two can learn from one another, as long as they aren’t bickering or fighting. Gemini’s lively energy can bring out Taurus’ fun side and help to remind you that there’s more to life than keeping things in good order. When you’re open to trying new things Gemini is the perfect one to go exploring with and the two of you can have great fun together. Exploring can get rather expensive if you aren’t careful, though, and Taurus’ excellent accounting skills can make sure that there’s money left over after one of those epic road trips Gemini is known for taking.

Gemini isn’t someone who’s all that great with followthrough, and this is another area where Taurus can help to facilitate the things that Gemini dreams up. Together you can turn those great ideas into a reality, but this alone isn’t enough to make the relationship a success. Communication is the key if the Gemini/Taurus connection is going to last. You’ve got to be able to understand the needs and habits of one another, otherwise you will just end up rubbing one another the wrong way until one of you decides to break it off.

As far as physical attraction goes, it is definitely there, but this attraction is almost always more superficial than Taurus would like. The Gemini guy may want to move things along too quickly when it comes to the physical aspect of your relationship, trying to get Taurus to give it up before there is any inkling of a real commitment coming.

Things will go well for a bit, but generally speaking this is just not a match made in heaven. Taurus is sensual and passionate and knows how to please a lover, but Gemini becomes uncomfortable when serious emotions start to work their way into the mix. Conversely, Taurus may feel uncomfortable with all the varied ways Gemini wants to make love, preferring to stick to their tried and true methods. This becomes boring to Gemini and therein lies the point where boredom, insecurity and jealousy can begin to bring this couple down. These two can make great friends, but generally speaking shouldn’t feel bad if they can’t make it successfully as lovers.

Gemini and Gemini

As you might imagine, pairing up two Geminis in a romantic relationship can be a bit chaotic. There are moments where things seem perfect, and then there are moments where both partners are left wondering why they ever thought this would be a good idea in the first place! I mean, this couple can go from being the perfect pair to being a hot mess within mere moments. The things you’ve got to remember is that with two Gemini personalities involved in the relationship you’ve actually got at least four distinctly different mindsets trying to rule, but it isn’t all bad. In fact, these two can have a blast together.

Communication is never a problem, and they never run out of things to say. Their relationship is full of adventure, excitement, and exploring new places and things together, always making new friends along the way. There is a lack of practicality in the Gemini/Gemini relationship, however, that can lead to these two exhausting either all of their resources or spending all of their time frivolously, which can later bring about regrets and a tendency to blame one another when there’s not enough left of either of these things.

Equally charming and sociable, the social calendar for these two will always be packed, just how they like it. It’s almost a certainty that if they weren’t both a part of the same circle of friends before the relationship began, they will be before it’s over. This is great and allows for them to throw parties and have a grand time together, but can be a cause for there never being enough alone time for the Gemini lovers in question. When you’re a Gemini in love with another of your same sign you’ve absolutely got to make sure you schedule time for just the two of you. Failing to do so will bring eventual boredom to your relationship together and a feeling of being disconnected.

Because you fundamentally want and need the same things from a partner there is a lot of potential for the two of you to satisfy one another’s needs. You each fulfill the other’s desire for a mental connection and you share a lot of the same values, which is really awesome. You’ll never find a friend as good as your fellow Gemini partner is, and even if things don’t work out for you romantically this is a friendship bond that will never be totally broken. You understand your partners fickle tendencies because you are always changing your mind, as well, and you can really appreciate one another’s zest for life.

Lack of variety is never an issue, but because neither of you are all that great with expressing your emotional side there is a tendency to never reach the emotional depth needed to sustain a long term, super committed relationship. One of you will have to become more stable and responsible for this to work. In other words, one of you will have to grow up a bit, but once you realize that’s what happened, that you had to give up some of your funloving ways, the potential grows for resentments to come up.

The sexual relationship between two Geminis is always exciting and full of great energy. You both agree that trying new things is just the best, and sex is always a bit of a game for the two of you. You never make it into anything incredibly serious, always leaving room for enjoyment and a few thrills.

Dirty talk and endless wordy foreplay is a huge plus and leaves you both longing for the touch of your partner. Your sexual encounters lack intimacy, which isn’t really a problem per se, but at some point you may find yourself wanting more. You love variety, so being with a different version of yourself may become tiresome after a while. The lack of emotional involvement and intimate connection leaves you pretty much wide open to things like experimenting with the idea of hosting a threesome, so if this is something you’d like to do, partnering up with a fellow Gemini may be your best bet.

Overall there’s a lot of potential for this couple, but Geminis see “potential” in a relationship kind of differently than most. Because you aren’t the type to typically go looking for a serious, long-term situation, this isn’t usually what you’ll find between two Geminis. You’ll have an amazing time together and depending on whether or not you both want the same things out of the partnership things could go either way. The long-term success here is really dependent upon whether or not you share the same relationship goals and whether or not you can evolve together emotionally and achieve intimacy.

Gemini and Cancer

When a Cancer and a Gemini get together and develop a romantic relationship there is a nice balance that’s created between the rational and the emotional mind. You wouldn’t think that these two would be a great pair, what with Cancer being such a homebody and Gemini being the very opposite, but in all honesty these two have a lot of positive things to share with one another. The key to reaching this point is all in coming to a point of understanding one another.

When you mix water and air, what do you get? Well, you will either get a hurricane, a tsunami, or maybe just a rain shower—Either way, you’re gonna get wet. Things are going to become uncomfortable at some point for both partners, yet the reasons are very different.

Once this has passed, however, each partner will realize that they’ve either learned something about themselves that helps them to grow, or that they just don’t want to weather the storm any longer. With more evolved personalities the end result is usually the former and not the latter.

Being a water sign, you Cancerian folks operate on a level that Gemini doesn’t quite understand—An emotional level. Gemini works to understand everything and can’t just call it quits because something perplexes him, so you sort of become a mystery that he wants to, but can’t solve. This works in your favor big time.

Being an air sign, Gemini operates on a more mental plane and uses logic to solve problems and make decisions in life. He’s seems kind of lacking in the emotional department, but you can see through the facade and know he’s got some emotions hiding in there somewhere. Not many people look beyond the Gemini’s initial outward image or take the time to poke and prod around looking for his emotional depth. In fact, most other’s figure that he just doesn’t have any depth and for that reason they only see what’s on the surface with these guys.

When Gemini and Cancer take the time to get to know one another there is a good chance that both partners will wind up learning how to embrace the side of themselves they don’t naturally seem to be able to reach.

Gemini teaches Cancer how to think logically and objectively, as well as that it’s perfectly okay to do things for themselves once in a while, and Cancer helps Gemini learn to access his emotional side. This creates a nice balance and can be the makings of a rewarding relationship as long as other issues don’t get too much in the way.

Where these two tend to get hung up is when Cancer becomes too emotional or clingy, which we all know happens from time to time. Even if Gemini is learning all about how to access his emotions, too much emotional intensity too quickly can lead to him feeling overwhelmed.

Conversely, Cancer needs a certain amount of reassurance in a partnership and Gemini’s flirtatious and super social nature can be a cause for concern. It may be harmless to the ever-social Gemini, but to the Cancer partner even flirting is like cheating, and that just won’t do. Needless to say, communication is very important to the success of this couple.

When it comes to making love, the lesson teaching continues. Now, Cancer needs a real connection to feel safe and ready to share an intimate connection with someone, so right off the bat that could pose a problem, as Gemini isn’t great with the whole intimacy thing. Once this couple gets there, however, Cancer can teach Gemini a lot about how to really make love instead of just have sex, and Gemini can show Cancer some fun new tricks that are sure to excite and delight.

All in all this isn’t a perfect match, but very few are, and Gemini isn’t the easiest person in the world to develop a relationship with in the first place. With some work and dedication this relationship holds possibility for a rewarding future.

Gemini and Leo

For Gemini and Leo, life is all about having fun and making the most of every situation presented to you. It comes as no surprise, then, that these two can make great lovers and partners. Both tend to live on the more energetic, brighter side of the spectrum, with neither staying too long in that brooding state of mind that can be a real downer. There’s a lot of potential for happiness here and the upbeat, happy vibe this pair gives off only grows stronger as they take on new experience and grow together.

When you mix air with fire you usually get more heat, making this a couple who’s passionate about their life together. There are, of course, times when the flame is blown out, but this is true of any relationship you look at. Leo and Gemini don’t need one another to be happy, and this is one of the keys to their success. They complement one another well, and as long as they can maintain a healthy level of respect for one another things should work out quite nicely for the most part.

Leo likes to have a good time and Gemini provides the lion with just the right amount of entertainment with his jovial personality. They laugh together and are able to find the humor in just about every situation life throws at them. Gemini will always be a child at heart, and this is one of the things that Leo really loves about him. Leo is warm and loving without being overtly emotionally suffocating, something that Gemini not only appreciates but something he just adores about his lion.

No relationship would be complete without a few issues here and there, and this pair is no different. While Leo isn’t one to suffocate their partner, there is still a good bit of jealousy hiding behind that smiling face. Gemini, being highly sociable and a bit of a flirt, has a knack for pushing the right buttons that lead to Leo feeling insecure and revealing that jealous side. This can lead to hurt feelings and drama filled arguments that Leo will never win. Gemini is a wordsmith who can’t be beat in a battle of words, and this frustrates Leo—As you know, Leo’s really don't like to lose.

Both partners are full of charm and share a love for parties and social situations, and for this reason they’re really by their friends who see them as the perfect couple. As long as Gemini can reel in his flirtatious side and Leo can realize that there’s no threat this can be a very rewarding relationship all around.

Aside from their general compatibility, these two are fire between the sheets. Leo loves the gracious praise and appreciation that Gemini so freely gives and Gemini loves Leo’s fearlessness when it comes to trying new things.

Leo will do well to share some of that graciousness though, and not expect to be the one who gets all of the compliments all of the time. Both are extremely energetic and genuinely enjoy the sexual experiences they share, creating opportunity for there to be more than just a few passionate nights. With this couple the fire never seems to burn out. All in all, this is one pairing with a great deal of potential for success, just so long as they each learn to compromise and respect their partners boundaries.

Gemini and Virgo

The relationship formed between Gemini and Virgo is an interesting blend of, “I love you,” “I hate you,” “I totally get you,” and “What the hell is wrong with you!” This couple shares having Mercury as their ruling planet, which gives them a fundamental understanding of one another, albeit one they don’t quite understand, and a connection that is, at times, described as rocky at best. What draws these two signs to one another is a great appreciation for their partner’s mind and a deep seated desire to understand how it works.

The earth/air relationship is not typically one that works out too well. The earthy person likes things to feel safe, grounded, and stable, where the air person is usually just all over the place. Virgo isn’t your typical earth sign though, and that’s what makes this relationship work. Virgo shares a lot of the same tendencies as Gemini, with the most prominent of all being the ability to fully think through every aspect of a situation. Both Gemini and Virgo are thinkers who are constantly scanning and analyzing the world around them. When they get into a relationship with one another, however, they both hit this weird brick wall of not being able to totally figure their partner out—This alone can keep a Gemini/Virgo relationship going for years.

Virgo is an enigma, not even understood by themselves, much less anyone else. Gemini thinks he’s an open book, but Virgo is able to find new depths within him that he didn’t even know were there. It really is a weird connection this unlikely pair shares, but it is undoubtedly there. Interestingly, Virgo is probably the only sign in the zodiac able to beat Gemini in an argument, debate, or otherwise battle of words or wits. This gives Virgo a sense of triumph and Gemini a desire to go back and try one more time to get a win. The win/lose ratio on intellectual wordplay here is about 50/50, and believe me when I say that is a huge turn on for both Gemini and Virgo.

They share the need to make a mental connection before a physical one, and this connection is often made before these two even know one another all that well. There are some things, often times a LOT of things that Virgo can’t stand about Gemini, and vice versa.

Virgo hates his flirtatious nature, but can usually see through it for what it really is—harmless. Gemini doesn’t like how prudish Virgo can sometimes be, but really this is what normal people call responsible, not prudish. In the end this couple may fight, debate, yell or scream, but, more often than not, there’s a strange and lingering desire to go back.

Of course there are Virgo/Gemini couples who just can’t stand one another because of these things, and who don’t have that desire to go back.

That’s ok, there is probably some underlying stressful aspect, or a few, shared between their compatibility charts that just says, “Nope, this is not who you want,” but looking strictly at Sun signs, these two can have a long lasting, sometimes stressful but never boring relationship.

As long as Virgo isn’t too demanding or critical and Gemini doesn’t go disappearing off into the night without saying so much as goodbye, things can work out. Communication is the key to making it work, but these two excel at communicating, which is one of the main reasons it’s possible for the Virgo/Gemini relationship to work so well.

When it comes to how they relate sexually, Virgo and Gemini share an intense physical attraction to one another. Virgo typically likes to stay in shape and can be something of a health nut, and Gemini just has this youthful, curiously attractive look that Virgo really digs.

Some see Virgo as being a prude, which is nothing more than a vast misconception. Really, Virgo is one of the more sensual signs and, once that mental connection has been established, loves to try the new things Gemini comes up with in the bedroom.

If they can keep the communication lines open and not drive one another crazy this is a couple who can make it work in the long run.

Gemini and Libra

With Gemini and Libra there’s an instant attraction and the thought that this other person just might be the one. They get along famously, they both like to socialize, they can have amazing fun together, and they both tend to approach love without all that heavy emotional stress that a lot of other signs will bring to the table right off the bat.

Both being air signs, Libra and Gemini love to talk, dream, and entertain. They both have an easy going outlook and do their best to not get bogged down with the stresses of day to day life. The combined positive energy they create together is uplifting and encouraging and creates an atmosphere where the relationship can grow without either partner feeling boxed in or suffocated. It’s important to both partners that they maintain a good sense of balance within their relationship and you won’t find too many Gemini/ Libra couples bickering or fighting unless it is over something truly serious.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about love and finding that perfect partner with whom they can share life with. Gemini likes the idea of love, and really likes having a partner who values balance and peace in the relationship as much as he does, but he still doesn’t want to jump into the whole committed relationship thing too quickly.

This can be where things start to get a little bit tricky for this couple, as Libra can choose a partner and be completely happy spending time with just that partner, loving just that partner, and being dedicated, where Gemini just isn’t totally convinced yet that they want to settle into making a decision that seems so life altering. Libra wants to know the relationship will last and Gemini wants to know he’s got a way out, should he need it.

In every relationship there are a few problems that will arise; it’s unavoidable. When problems or issues come up within the Gemini/Libra relationship there is the tendency for both partners to avoid dealing with it head on.

Both will try to side step the issue and go on about life as is nothing is wrong, which may at the time seem like the best course of action, but it is not. This leads to explosive encounters and the couple ending up blowing up at one another. Gemini will end up being tired of the stress that goes along with pretending things are ok and move on to another potential mate if problems aren’t quickly resolved.

The key here is constant honest communication, which is totally possible with this pair. As a cardinal sign, you Libras like to win. In fact, you really detest losing. Gemini, however, can talk circles around you and tends to take an even more intellectual approach to love than you do. When it comes to decision making, this couple isn’t exactly the best at settling on any one option. Gemini has trouble making up his mind and Libra is always going back and forth between two different options.

Choosing a place to have dinner can prove to be a nightmare for them—To help with this, a Gemini/Libra couple would really benefit from something like having a decision jar filled with great options each partner can agree on for things like where to have dinner or what to do for date night. The idea is to fill the jar with awesome options and when you can’t make a mutual decision you simply turn to the decision jar and pull one out. Problem solved.

When it comes to love making, these two are about as close to a perfect match as you can get. Libra is beautiful, elegant and oh, so sexy, and obviously the Gemini man digs his beautiful partner. Libra knows how to turn Gemini on and Gemini will not disappoint in the bedroom.

Neither sign is too terribly demanding and both are willing to experiment and try new things. The seductive mind games between this couple outside the bedroom leave both partners always longing for more and ready for another romp between the sheets. Overall, Libra and Gemini have a great chance at achieving relationship success and can create a loving partnership that lasts forever.

Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini and Scorpio are an unlikely match when it comes to creating and sustaining a romantic relationship that works.

The physical attraction is there, I mean, both of these signs are hard to resist, but these two Sun sign personalities operate on such incredibly different wavelengths that is can be difficult for this couple to find a common ground and develop real feelings of love for one another. Mind you, I said difficult, not impossible.

With Gemini being the airiest of air signs and Scorpio being the deepest of the water signs, you have to kind of wonder how these two ever found one another in the first place. Gemini uses his intellect and logical thinking to get through life while Scorpio relies almost completely on intuition and emotions.

These things very seldom overlap, and herein we find the root of problems that come up in the Scorpio/Gemini relationship.

It isn’t all bad for this couple though, so please don’t get me wrong. Gemini is intensely attracted to Scorpio and the mystery that surrounds the scorpion is something that Gemini finds intriguing and incredibly interesting. He will never fully understand how Scorpio works, turning his mate into a never-ending puzzle for Gemini to figure out.

Scorpio admires Gemini’s intelligence and his total acceptance when it comes to revamping himself and the constant need that Gemini has to change, learn, and grow. As a Scorpio, you rarely encounter anyone quite as mysterious and hard to understand as you are, but Gemini is different. He is like a giant question mark and the desire to unearth his true self draws you in Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is about as intense as they come. You do everything with an unmatched level of intensity that makes Gemini a little uncomfortable, but he’s still intrigued. This intensity extends into your romantic relationships probably more so than other areas of your life.

You require a partner who is willing to go all in and be completely dedicated to you and the partnership. This terrifies Gemini. Scorpio has trouble trusting in the first place, so Gemini’s fickle and flirty nature can be a huge issue.

Scorpio tends to be the dominating force in any relationship or situation, but Gemini doesn’t like to be dominated and values his freedom far too much to commit to a relationship that inhibits this. Another problematic area for these two is Gemini’s detached emotional state. This is seen as a threat to Scorpio’s emotional security.

With little promise of Gemini ever reaching any sort of emotional depth Scorpio’s jealousy is intensified that much more. The perpetual cycle of jealousy and mismatched emotional dedication is hard to break and often leads to the decision to end this relationship. Oddly enough, these two will often find it hard to separate for good and will try to make it work at least one or two more times before realizing they are just too different.

When it comes to sex, this relationship is hot and passionate and fun for both Scorpio and Gemini. Scorpio is known for sexual prowess and will introduce Gemini to a few things he’s never seen or experienced before, which is always a great thing to this dual personality sign. Sex is one area where an emotional connection is required for Scorpio though, and Gemini’s inability to reciprocate with the same level of emotional involvement poses a problem. So, while this couple may do unspeakable things between the sheets, and love every moment of it, Scorpio will not give it up for long unless Gemini experiences some sort of emotional transformation that allows him to tap into his emotional core and then dedicate every bit of himself to the Scorpion.

Generally speaking, this is not a relationship that is likely to work out positively for either partner. These two are just too different in every way. There are, of course, some Gemini/Scorpio couples out there with amazing relationships, which just goes to show that you can’t rely on Sun signs alone to determine compatibility.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are polar opposites in the zodiac, which actually makes this one of the best pairings due to the way their personalities complement one another. There’s a great yin and yang kind of vibe here and the potential for love is very, very high. Neither partner is too demanding or would ever ask for more than the other is willing to give, allowing each to grow both personally and as a couple.

The mixture of air and fire just seems to work here. Both mutable signs who need change and variety in life to be happy, Gemini and Sagittarius have more in common that you might think two people who are polar opposites would have.

They share a love of adventure and travel and can be perfectly happy exploring the world together, sharing past stories and experiences and creating new memories. Naturally restless, neither sign like to stay in one place for too long, making it sometimes difficult to pin this pair down or predict what they’ll get into next.

Gemini and Sagittarius are naturally drawn to one another and have a way of seeing things that a lot of other people just don't seem to be able to comprehend.

Sagittarius doesn’t quite share Gemini’s need for constant conversation and kind of hates meaningless chatter just for the sake of filling a quiet void, so in social situations Gemini is often the one to spearhead the chit-chat with friends or strangers. Sagittarius will step in when the conversation gains some depth. It is this kind of teamwork in every situation life hands them that makes this dynamic duo such a great match. They are the same yet different and each knows just when to step in and take the lead.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is more of a philosophical thinker than Gemini, but Gemini helps to offer a broader look into every situation. They stimulate one another mentally, which is a huge turn on for both partners.

This couple does, however, tend to overextend themselves and if they both decide that something is a good idea there is really no stopping them, even if the idea could place them into a hardship down the road, financial or otherwise.

Despite their wealth of shared intelligence and shared desire to fill those big brains and learn as much as they possibly can, there isn’t a whole lot of common sense shared between these two. Together they can take amazing trips and meet the most amazing people, but when it comes to who’s managing the finances and keeping things running, this couple falls short.

One person will have to step up and take on some mundane responsibilities like paying bills on time and maintaining a job if these adventures are to continue.

This is ultra important because money, or the lack thereof, is one of the biggest issues that comes up in the Gemini/Sagittarius relationship. Not because either sign is selfish or money hungry, but because usually neither of them know how to properly handle their finances and maintain the lifestyle they like to live.

When it comes to the sexual side of their relationship, Gemini and Sagittarius are a pretty amazing match. As a Sagittarius, you bring a level of passion to the relationship that Gemini loves, and Gemini adds some extremely pleasurable variety to your sex life.

Together you can enjoy many erotic hours exploring one another’s bodies and trying new things in new places, neither of you afraid adding lots of spontaneous and inventive sexual escapades to your list of adventures.

With neither Gemini or Sagittarius being into deep commitments this relationship will often turn into nothing more than a great friendship, perhaps one with benefits. However, if both partners share the desire to make it work there is a ton of potential for this relationship to be long lasting.

Gemini and Capricorn

At first glance the relationship between Gemini and Capricorn seems to be one with little, if any, potential for success. How could Gemini, the child of the zodiac and Capricorn, the zodiacal “adult” possibly find happiness, you ask? Well, it takes a lot of cooperation and understanding on both sides, but it is possible if both partners are willing to set aside their differences and make the necessary efforts.

As a Capricorn, you’ve got an earthy quality that keeps you grounded and gives you your drive to provide and grow stability in your life.

You need to know where you are headed in life and you like to follow a pretty strict plan for how to get where you want to be. Being an air sign, Gemini often astounds you with his inability to follow plans and his lack of stability. It doesn’t seem to bother him in the least that his most solid plan for the future is to just wing it and see what happens, and you just don’t get it.

Often the attraction shared between Capricorn and Gemini is one of mutual need for one another. These Sun signs are so vastly different that they are drawn to one another simply for the purpose of wanting to see how the other person goes about day to day life.

In Capricorn, Gemini finds a parental type, someone who will always make certain things are taken care of, leaving little worry that bills will be paid and responsibilities will be handled. In Gemini, Capricorn finds someone so full of life and vitality that even the darkest of days seem brighter simply because of your association with him. It’s not quite yin and yang, but it’s close.

Gemini is far more socially well rounded than Capricorn, having many friends and the incredible ability to talk to anyone about anything. The goat is more serious and places much less importance on socializing than the twins, as there is always some work to do that seems more important than mindless chit chat or partying.

The connection to someone who is so well received does come in handy though, and Gemini can actually help Capricorn by way of making new connections, both personal and professional. In a business relationship this can be an invaluable plus, opening doors to opportunities for Capricorn that wouldn’t otherwise become available.

Gemini’s tendency to flit from one thing to another can drive Capricorn mad and is one of the biggest problems this couple faces when it comes to compatibility. Capricorn needs stability, something that not even the most responsible Gemini can provide. He may seem stable one moment, but the next thing you know he’s forgotten the plans you made and decided to try paddle boarding.

Conversely, Gemini needs freedom and Capricorn can be quite stifling. Being the designated adult in this relationship means being the one to spoil the fun sometimes, which isn’t something Gemini responds well to, and is one major thing that can drive him away. Gemini’s work ethic is another thing that perplexes Capricorn and can cast a negative light on the potential for longevity of this romance. Capricorns need to know that their partner is responsible enough to grow old with. Ironically enough, Gemini refuses to believe that he’ll ever grow old.

When it comes to how well this couple matches up in the bedroom, they run hot and cold. Because Capricorn typically needs a commitment prior to engaging in any kind of physical intimacy, it can take some time before these two even make it to the bedroom.

Once there, the level of sensuality shared between these two depends on which of Gemini’s personalities is present. Capricorn is actually one of the more sensual signs of the zodiac, but Gemini is going to have to have patience and take his time getting to the finish line. If Gemini will slow down and take his time seducing Capricorn, maybe set the mood by lighting some candles and creating a more sensual environment, Capricorn can give him a sexual experience he’ll not soon forget.

All in all, this isn’t what you’d call a match made in heaven, not by a long shot. If both Gemini and Capricorn can set aside their differences and try to embrace the things about one another than are more annoying than they are charming then there is potential. But as I said, it will take a lot of work. Honestly, these two make much better business partners than they do lovers.

Gemini and Aquarius

The relationship between Gemini and Aquarius is one to be envied. These two seem to make the perfect match, complementing one another in just about every way. They see the world through the same lens and can learn a lot from one another.

Neither sign likes to engage in petty arguments or dramatic displays of emotion, leaving little for this couple to fight and bicker over. These two are friends first and love is just an awesome bonus, making this a pretty perfect match.

Both air signs, Gemini and Aquarius are great communicators and can spend hours on end talking about everything and nothing at all.

Gemini is always exploring new things and makes it his mission to understand at least a little bit about everything and Aquarius is the visionary, always dreaming big dreams and figuring out ways to achieve them. Neither sign is possessive or jealous, which is good because possessiveness is exactly what will drive either of them away in short order. They share a mutual respect for one another and build their relationship from a strong basis of friendship rather than simple attraction.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and has a chaotic and unpredictable energy that adds intensity and spontaneity to everything this pair does together. As an Aquarian you appreciate that Gemini is always down for whatever last minute adventures you dream up, and you appreciate even more than he is one of the few people in the world capable of surprising you with some of the things he suggests or does. Usually you’re the one doing the surprising, but in Gemini you find a sort of twin flame kind of connection that isn’t easy to find with your umm...unique personality.

Neither Gemini or Aquarius are all that great when it comes to emotional expressions. You both tend to take a more mental approach to how you love, which has come off as cold or uncaring to partners in your past, but here you find someone who not only understand, but who doesn’t try to smother you with their own emotional needs and expressions.

This lack of emotion can cause the relationship to sometimes feel more like a close friendship than a romantic connection, but as long as you are both satisfied it really doesn’t matter if you are fitting into the traditional relationship mold or not, now does it?

Aquarius and Gemini are one of the few couples out there who can make long distance relationships work really well. Because both signs have a distinct need to maintain personal freedom and a sense of individuality it’s actually good for you to do things on your own and then reconnect and share stories of your latest adventures.

It’s rare for problems to come up in this relationship, and if they do, or if you find that you just aren’t happy together, the break is usually amicable and the friendship you have will continue to last.

The sexual aspect of this relationship is very rewarding for both Gemini and Aquarius. These two turn the bedroom into a veritable playground, full of erotic pleasures and sexual exploration. Aquarius is innovative and ready to try whatever Gemini can come up with and vice versa.

You can rest assured you will never have to settle for missionary every night with your Gemini man, not by a long shot. There isn't

a whole lot of passion and intimacy here, but both partners definitely get exactly what they want and need, and really that’s all that matters. Overall, this is one of the most positive matches in the zodiac and can lead to a long-standing relationship full of adventure, fun and happiness.

Gemini and Pisces

The relationship between Gemini and Pisces can be a bit tricky, as these two tend to have a rough time finding a good common ground to base their relationship on.

At first things seem great and Gemini is drawn into Pisces enchanting nature and piercing gaze. And who could blame him? Those born under the Sun sign Pisces are just as hard to resist as they are to figure out, making this mysterious lover a captivating puzzle that Gemini can’t quite figure out.

With Gemini being an air sign and Pisces being ruled by water, these two are mismatched in how they deal with feelings and emotions. Like all water signs, Pisces has a high level of intuition and an emotional depth that makes Gemini a little uncomfortable.

Gemini is more of an intellectual and uses logic and reasoning to make decisions, something that Pisces isn’t all that great at doing. When these two combine their intuitive and intellectual processes great things can happen, but the ability to do this is kind of hit or miss and actually depends a lot on current astrological conditions.

Both being mutable signs, as well as signs of duality, Pisces and Gemini couples tend to run into trouble when it comes down to honesty. As a Pisces you don’t mean to be so shrouded in mystery, but you are and there isn’t much that will change that.

More often than not, you misunderstand one another and your matched inconsistency with deciding on what exactly it is that you want and need is a cause for a lot of confusion that can lead to indirect deception. It doesn’t help that Gemini doesn’t seem to know what he wants either, and his constant flitting from one thing to another can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for Pisces who is really just looking for someone who can provide a little bit of stability.

Pisces needs a partner who is dedicated to the relationship and tends to be a bit too clingy and emotionally demanding than Gemini likes.

If Pisces could get a grasp on how important it is to give Gemini his space, or if Gemini could figure out how to make Pisces feel secure in the relationship, things would run much more smoothly. It really boils down to a lack of effective communication and understanding that pulls this couple apart. If these two could ever figure out how to effectively communicate with one another this romance could actually work, but this often seems to be a huge IF.

Gemini does appreciate Pisces creative side though, and when these two work together on small creative projects the results can be incredible. When things work well they work really well, if only these two could maintain being on the same wavelength. Unfortunately though, Gemini’s lack of emotional availability is cause for a lot of insecurity for Pisces, who requires an emotional connection to be able to thrive in a relationship.

Where Gemini runs from commitment and doesn’t typically take relationships all that seriously, Pisces is pretty much the opposite, which usually leaves Pisces with hurt feelings that Gemini remains impervious to.

The sexual chemistry between Gemini and Pisces is intense and passionate. Pisces knows how to seduce Gemini and brings out his kinky side, and Pisces loves the attention that Gemini gives when getting down and dirty. Both partners are incredible flirts and will build up enough anticipation that by the time they get to the bedroom clothes hit the floor in record time. This is one area where Pisces fantasy world can actually come to life and Gemini is more than happy to be a part of the fun.

Role playing, sharing fantasies, dirty talk, and trying various new positions keep both partners completely immersed in the erotic experience. Things get a little weird when Pisces inevitably opens those emotional flood gates though, and this is the point where Gemini starts to become uncomfortable and the sex becomes less fun.

If the Gemini/Pisces couple is to make their relationship last they’ll have to develop a healthy understanding of one another and make an effort to meet one another’s needs. This is true of every relationship, but here it can be exceptionally difficult to master. Overall, Gemini is just too superficial and free spirited to satisfy Pisces need for emotional stability and security in a relationship, and Pisces is too demanding for Gemini’s liking.

There isn’t a whole lot of potential for this relationship to last without there being some strong supporting elements in this pair’s specific compatibility reading.

What To Do With All Of This Information About Your Gemini Man

Ok, so now that you know just about everything there is to know about these guys, from what they like, what to expect when you interact with them, and even how compatible they are with each individual Sun sign, I’m going to show you how you can seal the deal with him and make him yours for keeps. While getting one of these free spirited and duplicitous guys to settle down isn’t the easiest thing you’ll ever accomplish, it is one of the most rewarding.

It’s time to put what you’ve learned thus far to use and start working on building a real relationship with your sexy Gemini guy!

As I’ve said, it isn’t all that difficult to attract a Gemini man. He likes lots of things, and if you play your cards right he’ll like you too. There are a few things one must do when trying to get a Gemini to commit, all of which we’ll go over now.

Show him that you aren’t out to take his freedom away

Freedom is everything to the Gemini man, so it is never a good idea to make him feel smothered or pinned down.

He’s got to know that he’s free to be himself, explore the world as he’s always done (within reason, of course), and free to continue along his lifelong quest for learning and experiencing new things. Never tell your Gemini man that his free spirited days are over, doing so will surely find you standing alone wondering where he went.

Be his friend and partner in this adventure we call life

Rather than try to take his freedom away, show him that you are totally down to go along with him on his adventures. Be his co-pilot and partner through thick and thin. The more willing you are to embrace his curious nature and go along with him on his various quests to learn or experience life, the more you’ll start to see why these guys are so happy go lucky. He is the eternal child, and he has a deep desire to enjoy his time here on earth as much as possible. The more excited you are to embrace this side of him, the more he will see you as someone he can spend his life with. Some people have such a negative outlook and approach to the way the live life. Don’t be one of those people. Your Gemini man knows life is meant to be lived and lived well, join him in his pursuit for happiness and he will show you how to get the very most out of your time here on earth too.

Always connect with him on a cerebral level

The Gemini man has to be able to connect with his partner on a cerebral level before he can ever truly connect on a physical or emotional one. It’s important to remember this, even after you’ve established your relationship. It’s not a one time thing, meaning you’ve got to make an effort to maintain your mental connection each and every day, otherwise he may very well lose interest. Now, I’m not saying you have to stress about whether or not your conversations will be enough to entertain him, or scour the web every day looking for interesting things to discuss at dinner, so please don’t get me wrong. The mental connection you share with your Gemini man isn’t just about having something interesting to talk about, it’s about being able to connect with one another on a level that transcends emotion and physicality. He’ll fall in love with your mind way before he falls in love with your body—although your body is definitely not a downside to the relationship—So it’s important that you avoid letting the stresses of day to day life cause you to shut down or avoid letting him in. Leave the stress of work at work, and once you are with your Gemini man let that be a safe space where you can connect freely and just be you.

Don’t try to separate him from the friends he had before he had you

This one is a biggie, so pay close attention here. Gemini men are social creatures who really and truly value their close friendships. He’s going to have some friends he’s close to, and this can sometimes feel intimidating, especially if you think his friends don’t like you or something like that. It’s true, sometimes there is friend jealousy where maybe his best bro won’t be totally excited that he’s started spending so much time with you rather than going out and doing the things they used to do regularly.

Eventually though, this will fade away, so don’t let it stress you out if it happens. Conversely, you’ll want to avoid being jealous of the time he spends with his friends. He literally needs his time to socialize, otherwise he’s like a butterfly trapped in a jar. Try to find a positive balance between the time he spends with his buddies and the time he spends with you, maybe even tag along sometime and make yourself a member of his friend group.

There will be times he’ll prefer for you to hang back and do your own thing while he does his, so don’t let this surprise or upset you. Enjoy it and be thankful he isn't some overbearing control freak who gets upset at the idea of you having your own girls night out. You want to become a positive addition to one another’s lives, not take over and try to dominate each other.

Be willing to experiment and try new things

The Gemini man needs variety in his life and as your relationship grows you’ll find that he’s constantly wanting to try new things and engage in new experiences. Don’t be afraid to experiment with him and try some of these new things yourself. Some of the stuff he comes up with can seem kind of weird and may just not be what you’re into, but if you’ve never tried it you’ll never really know if it’s your kind of thing or not, right?

He’ll love that you’re brave and adventurous enough to broaden your horizons with him and not let fear of change hold you back from living life. And if you do decide that some of his ideas or plans are just too out there for your tastes, always support him in whatever he wants to try. Holding him back inhibits his freedom and we’ve already discussed how well that goes over with a Gemini.

Never stop learning and stay educated

Being such a smart guy, the Gemini man needs a partner who’s matched in intelligence and isn’t stuck in old ways of thinking. He is a perpetual student of life and you’ll do well to continue on with your own quest for knowledge if you want him to stick around. From technology to philosophy, whatever it is that interests you, never stop learning about it. The Gemini man loves to talk, and the more intelligent conversations you can share the more into you he will be. You’ll notice a little sparkle in his eye when you get him into a conversation where you can teach him something or a debate where he realizes that you really do know what you’re talking about. This turns him on more than anything. Matter of fact, nothing is more of a turn off to him than trying to converse with someone lacking in intelligence, so playing the “ditzy chick” card with him will win you no points.

Be a part of his support system he knows can count on and create a feeling of home he knows he can return to

Because the Gemini man tends to be all over the place, he needs someone who offers him some sense of home or stability. I’m not so much talking about a literal house, but more a metaphorical one. You, yourself can be the safe place he knows he can always come back to.

You can be the one he counts on when he needs to feel supported and loved. Gemini is literally the child of the zodiac, and he’s going to have those moments where he feels insecure or scared of the world he loves to explore, or scared of where he’s at in life, or even scared that he might lose you. If you can be his safe place and the one who gives him comfort when he’s not quite sure what he’s doing with his life, or if he’s doing what he should be, you can bet he will always come back and his love for you will intensify as he sees that you really and truly do care for him.

I am definitely NOT saying to baby him or to be like his parent, what I am saying is to be someone he knows will be there for him and he will always do the same for you.

Gemini Level: Master

Congratulations! You’ve now mastered understanding the Gemini man and how he works. With all that we’ve gone over you will be able to not only attract your Gemini, but also keep him. You also have a good head start on realizing the potential issues that you may run into, depending on your own Sun sign, as well as the things that make you a great match for one another. Considering what a mystery these guys can be, you should be feeling pretty proud of yourself right about now.

As long as you can remember to give him his space, and freedom and keep up with his conversational personality, you stand a pretty decent chance of developing the relationship you’ve always wanted with your very special Gemini man. He isn’t always easy to live with and he is by no means perfect, but he is more interesting than most and he’ll definitely add some spice to your life. It isn’t always easy to deal with his fickle nature, and sometimes you may want to just shake him and scream, “Make up your mind!” but this would prove to be an ineffective use of your own energy, so do your best to refrain.

If you find yourself lucky enough to snag yourself a Gemini man, you’ll find him to be a loving partner who would move mountains for you if he could. He has the innocence of a child, and even though he may not always make the very best decisions, he always has the best of intentions. He’ll never do anything intentionally to hurt you, and with him you’ll always have a friend you can count just might not be able to count on him right that moment. I mean, you have to find him first and get him to be still so you can explain what it is that you need, but then he’ll be more than willing to make sure you get it.

Now, I know that relationships don’t always go as planned, which is why this is not all I have to share with you about the Gemini man. If you’ve had him and lost him, whatever the reason, there may be a way to mend your broken relationship, and you can find the secrets to doing so in my bonus book How To Win Back Your Gemini Man After A Breakup. This, along with the other special bonus books included in the Gemini man series, will help you to become even more in-tuned with your own Gemini man and give you the knowledge and he tools you need to handle anything that comes up in your relationship.

I wish you all the very best in life and love, and I always love to hear from my readers, so please, never hesitate to be in touch if you’ve got questions about things we didn’t cover.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and create the relationship you’ve always dreamt of with your Gemini man!

May the stars be on your side,


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