How My Story Can Help You Win His Love

Hi there, and I’m so glad that you’ve taken the time to grab yourself a copy of my book on how to attract and keep that special Scorpio man in your life. Before we get into how you can come to better understand your Scorpio man, I want to take a moment to tell you why I’ve written this book and how I began my journey into Astrology. Don’t worry, it will only take a moment.

Some of you are probably still a little skeptical when it comes to astrology, and I totally understand. Believe it or not, I, too, was once a skeptic and couldn’t see the value in gaining a better understanding of people based upon their stars.

I just couldn’t wrap my head around how charting the stars, so far away, could possibly help me with my love life. I mean, it really all sounded a bit far fetched at first. This all changed, however, after a really rough patch with the man who ended up being the love of my life.

It took going through the heartache of not knowing where I stood with my own Taurus man before it really all clicked that by understanding more about him astrologically, I could learn so much about not just who he was, but how I could relate to him and keep him forever. Honestly, I have my mother and aunt to thank, as well as their strong sense of heritage and staying true to who you are for jumpstarting my journey into becoming an astrologer.

One year my mother suggested that I get to know my heritage a bit better by traveling to Romania, just outside of Bucharest, to spend some time with my aunt. Unbeknownst to me, my aunt was, and is, a very well known astrologer in her close knit circle of friends and clients. It was on this trip that her incredible knowledge of what was going on in my love life, all from me telling her what his Zodiac sign was, that really piqued my interest in astrology. It was on this trip that I decided I, too, must learn the things that she knew.

It was incredible the things that my aunt just seemed to know, all based on very little information from me. She had been a practicing astrologer to some pretty high end clientele for several decades and really knew how to get to the heart of things just by asking a few questions about when someone was born. Once I gave her all of the info she said she needed to draft my guy’s chart, she really blew my mind with the things she knew about our situation.

You see, I once was in a relationship with this amazing man, and I still am, actually, who pushed me away and right into the art of astrology. If not for that visit with my aunt I don’t think that our love would have lasted this long and be so strong. Not because we didn’t love one another, but because we didn’t understand one another.

It is for this very reason that I have written this series of books on how to better understand the different Zodiac signs and really connect on a level that will help you in building that relationship that may now seem just outside your reach.

Now, after years of working with charts, stars and my personal clients, I’ve been able to glean a great deal of knowledge about each sign and how they relate to one another in relationships and my goal is to share this with you.

As you already know, this book is focused around the dark and mysterious Scorpio man. As you flip through the pages you’ll find the knowledge you’ve been looking for that will help you understand a little more about your Scorpio man, as well as help you to form a lasting bond with him.

When you put this information into action, he will see just how amazing you truly are and wonder where you’ve been all of his life. It’s true, the secrets to understanding decoding the Scorpio man found in this book will help you to capture his heart and he will be forever yours.

What I want to share with you first is a story about this one particular client I once had who just couldn’t seem to come to understand her Scorpio man. She didn’t get why he had to be so secretive and she felt that she was certainly going to lose him forever.

She didn’t, they actually were able to work things out and now have a beautiful family with two children, a dog, cat, and the whole nine yards. It was pretty rough going for a little while, however, until she came to me for guidance and began to embrace how astrology could help her to repair the holes that seemed to fill the relationship she had with her, then, Scorpio boyfriend.

You see, my client’s then boyfriend had gone through quite a few relationships that had left him a little on the defensive side. He’d been hurt before and he didn’t intend on letting anyone make him feel that way ever again, but then he met this amazing Taurean lady who kind of stole his heart from the get-go.

She felt the same, but was a little more reserved than he was and it took some doing for her to accept that he really and truly wanted to be with her. Once she finally let him in, though, things went along wonderfully for the first couple of months-Just long enough for her to get really comfortable in the relationship.

At first his secretive nature was only a little concerning and she figured that he would come around and open up a bit after the two of them reached the next level of their relationship.

What she didn’t count on was that the secretiveness, and to be honest, the possessiveness, would become more intense. Well, it did. It’s no secret that both Taurus and Scorpio personalities tend to have a jealous streak, but with these two it became a real problem. She could accept that he was protective over her, she felt the same way, but what she couldn't accept was that he seemed to be hiding things from her.

This went on for a few more months, and this is the point where she came to me requesting some insight into the astrologic compatibility between her and her man.

When you just looked at the facts of the relationship it did look bit bleak, but once we looked at the synastry compatibility chart between these two the compatibility was actually through the roof.

She expressed to me how intense and passionate their love making was and how he made her feel truly loved, like he understood her on some karmic level that she’d never experienced with anyone in the past. This was why she wanted so badly to find a way to save the relationship before it was too late.

Well, we weren’t even all the way through our initial meeting when he called her up, demanding to know where she was. She explained that she was having their charts read and expressed a bit of what we’d discussed in the hopes that he would be receptive and find some interest in the astrology of their relationship. She almost seemed surprised that he was interested in coming along with her for the next session, but really this was no shocker after getting a look into his chart. She was finally speaking his language.

Long story short, these two came in for a couples session and we discussed the various points in their charts that showed the strengths and weaknesses that were inherent to their relationship. This allowed them to kind of reset their relationship in some ways and offered insights into how they could better understand one another.

The biggest thing they gained from our sessions was perspective into how their partner saw the relationship. They started communicating-like, really communicating-and together they were able to see the amazing potential that this relationship held. By learning to compromise and give one another space without giving reason for suspicion they became closer than ever. I was even extended an invitation to the wedding about a year later, which was incredibly beautiful.

They now have a gorgeous home, wonderful family and a bright future ahead. Sure, there are rough spots, and he still maintains an air of secrecy about some things, but this is just his nature and she’s learned to accept that. He appreciates that she is always by his side and she appreciates that he is always there for her.

They share a special bond of understanding and loyalty that offers them both the security they need and desire, which is at the core of what makes their relationship so strong and unbreakable. Not to mention the fact that they still have an incredible amount of passion between the two of them. They’ve never lost that spark and, from what I understand, she has even gotten to love trying new things in the bedroom.

In the course of my work, I have gotten so many emails from distraught men and women, who just cannot understand their mate. I have talked with countless people about how to use astrology to help better their relationships, know themselves betterand of course, know their partners better. It is in that spirit that I hope this book helps you to have a stronger understanding of what makes these enigmatic men tick.

As you flip through the pages of this book, you will learn not only how to attract a Scorpio man, but also how to understand his inner workings.

You’ll be equipped with knowledge of how you, too, can develop a real relationship that will last. Perhaps you’ll even start your own journey through learning all about astrology. So, now, let’s get started and get into the headspace of your Scorpio man so that you may find what you are looking for and successfully go after it. I wish you all the very best of luck!

Understanding the Basics About Your Scorpio Man

Scorpio October 23rd-November 21st

Scorpio is the 8th sign in the Zodiac and is represented by the constellation Scorpius, Latin for scorpion. There are few who would argue the fact that Scorpio is the most intense sign in the zodiac, and fewer still who are eager and willing to go up against this powerful Sun sign in battle. One of the three Water signs, Scorpio is definitely the one who’s waters run the deepest.

To understand what Scorpio is all about, we’ll start by taking a look at the 8th house in the zodiac. This is where we look to understand the more serious elements of life, our primal feelings and urges, and those major life events that no man can escape from.

Things like life, death, sex, transformation and personal evolution-These are all Scorpionic elements of life and nobody understands them better than a Scorpio. These guys can be a bit difficult to live with and even harder to understand, but it isn’t impossible once you grasp just how deep and passionate they are about, well, there’s not a whole lot that Scorpio takes lightly. Everything is important and everything should be taken seriously.

Each sign in the zodiac has certain things associated specifically with it, and Scorpio is no different. Scorpio is what’s referred to as a Fixed Water sign, and is ruled by two of the most intense and powerful planets in the cosmos, Mars (god of war) and Pluto (god of the underworld).-You are probably already shaking your head and gaining some level of understanding of why your Scorpio man holds the level of intensity that he does.

The reason for this co-rulership is because Pluto was discovered long after Mars, and in the beginning Mars was the sole ruler of Scorpio. Once the tiny dark planet was discovered, however, it only seemed fitting that Pluto take control of this dark and secretive Sun sign.

Each zodiac sign also connects to a specific season or part of the year. The season of Scorpio includes the Halloween, also known as Samhain, or All Hallows Eve. As you well know, this is one of the darker holiday traditions we regularly observe, and, of course, is tied in with the Scorpionic time of year. I know, big surprise, right?

Being a Fixed Water sign, Scorpio men are very stubborn and not very often will they be willing to bend to the will of another. The color we associate with Scorpio is, you guessed it, black, which goes right along with the whole lord of the underworld vibe that most Scorpio’s naturally possess.

The birthstone linked to Scorpio is Topaz, thought to provide some level of protection from sickness and from one’s enemies, as well as holding the ability to release occult powers to the Scorpio who wears it. Each zodiac sign also rules over a specific body part.

For Scorpio, this is the reproductive organs. This ties in with the 8th house elements of birth, death, sex, regeneration, and those primal elements of life which we all take part in and experience. Scorpio is also known as the sexiest sign in the zodiac, so it comes as no surprise that these guys literally rule over the body parts linked to sex. The Scorpio motto is, “I desire.”

So what does all of this tell you about your Scorpio man? Well, not a whole lot just yet, but have patience, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. Before we get too much deeper into what these guys are all about, I want to help you understand a little bit about how astrology works. Trust me, this part is quite important down the road when you start to try and decode your Scorpio man’s birth chart.

As we go through all of the parts of a horoscope and delve into the deep and brooding mind of the Scorpio man, you’ll start to really be able to piece it all together and gain a better, deeper understanding of not just how to relate to him, but also how to get him to relate to you.

There are many facets to each and every horoscope and birth chart, and in fact, horoscope translates to “view of hour,” indicating that what you get when you look at someone’s chart is literally a snapshot of the energies present at the moment, or “hour,” of their birth.

Once you know what to look for and how to interpret these cosmic snapshots you can gain a lot more insight into someone’s personality and what drives them than you might have thought was even possible.-The coolest part is that you really don’t even have to know the person before you get to know them. All you really need is their birth information.

To start off with, we’ll begin with what gives us our vitality and the very life force that drives us; the Sun.

The Sun in Astrology

To get a general grasp of anyone’s horoscope and general astrological disposition, we start with looking at where the Sun lies in their chart. Now, there is a lot more to someone than just their Sun sign, but this is essentially the driving force from where all other astrological information is derived. Just as we look at the solar system as being a heliocentric system of planets revolving around the sun, your astrology chart takes this same precedent. This term actually comes from the Greek terminology with “Helios” translating to “Sun.”

In astrology, the placement of your natal Sun is an indication of your conscious thoughts and your core personality. And the way we determine a person’s zodiac sign is by looking to which constellation the Sun was moving through at the time of their birth. Seems simple enough, right?

The zodiac sign that the Sun falls into at the time of your birth is thought of as being the outer face that you show to the rest of the world. If you want to look at in a Freudian sense, the Sun is your Ego in the whole id and ego theory.

You’ll learn as we go through all of the aspects of an astrology chart that we use quite a lot of theoretical references, as well as specific terminology that you will become more familiar with as we move through this book.

Now, there is, as I have said, much more to your horoscope than simply where the Sun is located. You may have your Sun in Gemini but your Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) in another sign; we’ll say an Earth sign. This will give you the duality of a Gemini Sun on the surface, but a more earthy feel to how you communicate. Think of the Sun as the foundation of who you are; it is the core of your personality.

You may be wondering why I’m going into all the technical aspects of astrology just to find out how to attract your Scorpio man. This is because to be able to fully grasp the whole picture of your Scorpio, you must also be able to understand and decode the remainder of his personality. Think of the old adage of not judging a book by its cover. Least of all the signs, you do not want to simply think you understand a Scorpio personality based upon where his Sun lies.

This would actually be a pretty big mistake. That being said, while it is very true that not every Scorpio is exactly the same, there are certain undeniable traits that each person who falls under a specific Sun sign will share.

Together we will now go through the parts of the astrological chart. Pay attention to this part, as we are building the basis for how you will better grasp the whole of his personality and also give you the tools to help you in using astrology to build and grow a better, happier life for yourself. Trust me when I say that you can definitely learn to use astrology to build the best life possible.

The Natal Chart

When you hear someone say they are having their “chart done” or “casting a natal chart,” this is a reference to the cosmic snapshot of where all of the planets, signs and houses were positioned at the moment of their birth. The more information you have, as far as date, location and time of birth, the more accurate your natal chart will be.

Just like we all have very different fingerprints and genetic makeup, we all have a natal chart that is specific to our own unique personalities and who we are and will become.

Some people don’t know their exact time of birth, and that’s ok. It isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world, either. Although this is an important piece of the puzzle, there are ways to get around not knowing your time of birth. Without the time, we simply create a more generic type of chart called a solar chart. These are the charts used for the horoscopes found in newspapers and magazines.

This is also why sometimes you may read your daily horoscope and think, “That is totally fitting for me,” and sometimes you think, “Man, was that off or what?”

In casting the solar chart the beginning reference point is the start of your Sun sign rather than the sign and house that were on the horizon at the moment you were born. Hence the term “solar” chart.

With knowledge of the time of birth, the ascendant, or rising sign can be more accurately derived. This refers to whatever sign is at the starting point of the natal chart and indicates how others perceive you.

In other words, this is a representation of your outward personality as seen by those around you. This is your mask, or the face you show to people.

Astrological charts today are comprised of a 360 degree circle with the 10 planets (because we count the Sun and Moon as planets) and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The signs are then designated to certain houses which delineate where the signs, elements and planetary energies are the strongest in your natal chart. And yes, we do still count Pluto as a planet.

To better understand how the natal chart works, think of a wheel within a wheel. These wheels are separated into 12 sections, each one being designated to a specific sign. The outer rim of the chart shows us where the signs are placed and the inner wheel shows what houses the signs occupy. Which sign each planet falls in the chart indicate how we relate, act or feel, while the houses show us where these elements of our personality are felt the most.

For instance, if you have Mercury in Leo you will be more outgoing and impulsive in how you communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, and if this falls into your 7th house (where we look for relationships and partnerships) you will be most comfortable when you have a partner to bounce ideas off of and having someone to help you come up with ideas will be beneficial to you. It gets much deeper than that, but this pretty much explains the gist of how to go about getting started with creating and decoding a natal chart.

Fixed, Cardinal and Mutable signs

As I mentioned earlier, your Scorpio man is one of what we call the Fixed signs. You know him to be one who isn’t easily swayed from his line of thinking and as someone who does not bend to the will of others-A characteristic you’ll actually find in all of the fixed signs.

Despite his fixed nature, he is willing to compromise if it means he can maintain a level of control over a situation, which is something very specific to the Scorpio personality.

There are also Mutable signs and Cardinal signs. They are all different, allowing for a sense of balance within the Zodiac.

Being a Fixed Water sign, your Scorpio man is probably one of the most intense, stubborn people you’ve ever come across. He feels things intensely, and the emotional waters truly do run deep with this guy.

He never goes into anything unless he plans on dedicating himself to it 100%, and he possesses a determination and a will to succeed like nobody else. Stability and loyalty are just a couple of the characteristics of a Fixed sign that you will find in him, and when he enters into a relationship he has to know that his partner is as committed as he is.

Water signs are all high on the emotional scale, and all three of them have a touch of something special that gives them what some consider to be psychic abilities. Not just linked to intuition and psychic gifts, Scorpio is closely linked to all things occult.

The 8th house of the zodiac is also where we find the dark arts and the macabre. This really comes as no surprise considering Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which, mythologically speaking, is the Roman god of the underworld.

Other “fixed” signs include Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. Fixed houses refer to the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th, but we won’t go too much further into this, as we are really focusing on gaining a better understanding of your Scorpio man.

Just remember that in any given chart, the planets found in these houses or signs will carry more “fixed” traits than if they were in any of the cardinal or mutable signs or houses.

The fixed signs, although quite different at times, are all very steadfast in their attainment of goals. Yes, the goals may be different, but the dedication to reaching them will be much the same. Persistency and an unwavering attitude of “I will do this” is found in all of the fixed signs and none will be easily swayed in a differing direction from the course they have set upon. I bet you are starting to see a glimmer of your Scorpio man in these descriptions. Just wait, it only gets better from here!

A Deep Water Sign With Plutonian Intensity

Each astrological sign is linked with a specific element that describes their nature. These elements are Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and sometimes Spirit. We are really just focusing on the four basic elements, however, as Spirit isn’t typically used in traditional astrology.

The Water signs include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Symbolically water holds the secrets to life and the Universe within its depths and represents the more emotionally driven signs of the zodiac. There is a certain kind of mystery associated with these signs, and you just know that beneath the surface there is so much more than meets the eye.

If you’ve ever stood before a large body of water, especially after dark, you know there is a definite feeling of being small in comparison to its vastness and depth. Some waters flow and constantly move while others stand perfectly still. It is said that still waters run deep, and this is a most fitting description of the Scorpio personality.

Being ruled by Pluto, Scorpio’s have even more depth to their personalities than other Water signs. After all, the god of the underworld isn’t often found up here with us mere mortals. This is where the Scorpio’s intensity and mystery stem from.

Now, up until 1930, when Pluto was discovered, Mars was thought of as the ruler of Scorpio, which ties in with the determination and sheer power of Scorpio’s essence. Incidentally, the discovery of Pluto just happened to coincide with the invention and eventual detonation of the very first atomic bomb, a nice comparison of the level of sheer power held in such a small package, with which comes monumental change and transformations that cannot be undone. Never one to back down from a fight, Scorpio is truly not a sign to be messed with.

In the natal chart, Pluto represents where we need to change and areas of life where we’ll undergo a serious transformation in our lifetime.

Regeneration is a theme with Scorpio personalities, and you’ll never come across one who is content to leave things as they are. There are always changes to be made and elements of life that can be improved upon. Life, death, sex, magick, mystery, all of these are Scorpionic attributes that we can trace back to out outermost planet.

It takes about 248 years for Pluto to make a complete orbit around the solar system, and it can take, on average, 31 years for Pluto to complete a transit through one zodiac sign. When moving through Scorpio, however, Pluto’s speed of orbit increases a great deal, taking only 12 years to complete the transit cycle. Pluto is powerful in Scorpio and seems to feed off of the intense Scorpionic energy.

Actually, those who have Pluto in Scorpio in the natal chart are thought to be more self destructive than most, which is something that must be worked out within the individual. This is just one demonstration of how understanding how to read one’s chart can be of great use in determining what issues will be most prominent and will require the most attention in order to live the best life possible. All of this considered, someone with a strong Pluto placement in their natal chart will have a lot of Scorpionic tendencies.

Strong, powerful, seductive, destructive, intuitive, and intense, these people are the ones who come into our lives and really shake things up. They force us to look beneath the surface, and always seem to be on some never-ending quest to find the deeper meaning in life.

Things You Need to Understand About the Scorpion Man

Some signs can be easily linked to the physical description of their sign, and Scorpio just happens to be one of them. I don’t think there could be a better symbol for Scorpio than that of the Scorpion.

Walking around, stinger full of poison positioned right above his own head. Completely in control of his own destiny, the scorpion would rather face death by his own venomous sting than fall at the hands of some other predator.

This is a very Scorpionic way of thinking, actually, and you can bet that your Scorpio man will do whatever it takes to maintain some level of control over his ultimate destiny.

He’s not afraid to face what’s on the other side if it means maintaining the feeling of having control of his life. This can be a rather self-destructive manner of thinking, however, and is one of the most intense elements of the Scorpio personality.

As I mentioned before, the sign of Scorpio is tied in closely with all things occult, and it is not uncommon to discover that your Scorpio man is somehow connected to, or has a deep interest in, things that are not quite of this world. They are born with one foot in, one foot out, and this is not something that ever leaves them.

You see, Scorpio’s lack the fear that many have of exploring the darker side of life. He feels a need to understand everything, even the things that really have no clear cut explanation. His reliance on feeling rather than logic is what allows him to see beyond the veil that separates the physical from the metaphysical. He’s very Plutonian in this sense.

I’ve never met a Scorpio who didn’t possess a great intuitive sense, and many of these guys hold some level of psychic awareness, whether they choose to embrace it or not. No, he can’t read your mind and he doesn’t know what you are thinking at any given moment-I mean, he probably can’t-but he is seriously in-tuned with your vibrations and is probably one of the most observant people you’ll ever meet.

The Scorpio man possesses a powerful sixth sense and intense level of intuitive perception that can leave you wondering how the heck he was able to see so deeply into your soul so quickly, and without being invited in.

Not much gets past the eye of a Scorpio, and, at times, it can feel like his piercing eyes are actually able to penetrate right through you. This can occasionally lead to problems, however, as Scorpio’s are very good at making a huge deal out of something totally insignificant when they feel emotionally threatened.

If they think you have slighted them, they will leave no stone unturned in finding out all of the details of what’s transpired. As you might imagine, can often produce details that aren’t factual at all. Their detective like mindset is attributed to the fact that those born under this sign often have issues with jealousy and can become insecure in relationships if not given reassurance often.

The possessive nature of the Scorpio man is not something to be ignored. He will love you with all he’s got, but if he senses that you are longing for someone other than him, he will quickly become jealous, clingy, and possessive to the point of driving you away. This is one of his biggest faults.

One huge thing you’ve got to understand about the Scorpio man is that he expects his romantic partners to be 100% invested in the relationship.

He is an all or nothing kind of guy and casual encounters are really not his bag. There’s got to be a solid foundation of trust and he’s got to know that he is the only one for you.

Relationships are almost always going to be complicated with a Scorpio partner, in fact, there’s really no such creature as a “simple Scorpio.” They just don’t exist, period. If you are looking for someone laid back and chill, you might want to reconsider pairing up with a Scorpio man.

The Scorpio man can seem quite the paradox, actually. He is powerfully intense and has this strange kind of magnetism that draws you into him, but once you become connected he can come across as cold and secretive. The truth is, he values his privacy and there will always be some element of his personality that you just don’t see.

His emotional depth is infinite and there is always more to learn about him-The trick is getting him to allow you in enough that you can explore his depths before he shuts and locks the door.

He’s always changing and evolving in one way or another, and will never reach a point where he feels he is done evolving. This can seem a bit contradictory given his Fixed nature, and yet, this is how the Scorpio man operates.

As you may already know, Scorpio’s are highly sexual creatures and hold within them a level of passion unsurpassed by any other sign. For the Scorpio man, sex is a vitally important part of a relationship. In fact, for most Scorpios there can’t really be a relationship without that sexual bond.

The Scorpio man has a natural kind of mysteriousness that draws you in and his intoxicating gaze compels you to stay.

He is intuitively seductive and gives off a very masculine presence that lets you know that he really knows how to please his partner. All of their frustrating traits aside, there are few who will ever dispute the fact that Scorpio’s make amazing lovers.

Diving Deeper Into the Endless Depths of the Scorpio Psyche

Now that you know a bit about charts and have a general idea of what the Scorpio man is all about, we’re going to take a deeper look into what makes him tick. This will help you to gain a better understanding of how his mind works and hopefully put you one step closer to snagging that Sexy Scorpio man you’ve had your eye on. Or, if you’re already in a relationship with a Scorpio guy and you want to delve deeper into why he is the way he is, this chapter will help you do just that.

When you start to get to know your Scorpio man, you’ll realize that the deeper you get into the relationship, the more of a mystery he becomes. The truth is, not even the Scorpio man himself fully understands how deep his own waters flow, so don’t feel bad if it seems like you are always missing something. This is one of the things that keeps him shrouded in mystery and keeps you going back for more.

Whatever he does, he does with passion and intensity. He will throw himself into a project, hobby, job, relationship, or anything he decides to work toward, and has a determination to succeed in all things. He is ruled by his emotions and can easily become emotionally invested in whatever he’s doing. This is no different when it comes to relationships.

His best and worst traits will be revealed when he finds a partner and begins to develop a real relationship with them. He is loving and generous beyond measure, and will do anything to protect the one he loves. But with this love comes a sense of ownership or possession.

Your Scorpio man can’t even begin to fathom that you’d be with him yet want someone else. He can become incredibly jealous and hurt feelings or a broken heart after he’s opened himself up to someone he cared for can incite rage and a desire for vengeance. It’s quite literally all or nothing with the Scorpio man, and relationships are not to be entered into lightly.

Really, he doesn’t approach any part of life lightly. He takes things more seriously than he probably should, but this is how he operates and his mind won’t easily be changed, unless, of course, changing would give him the upper hand.

When it comes to sexual encounters he is the all-knowing master. He knows how to make you feel like a queen in the bedroom, and he has this innate ability to draw out your deepest, darkest fantasies and desires. Getting it on with a Scorpio man is not for the faint of heart, that’s for certain! He likes to explore the taboo realms of sexuality and loves nothing more than a partner who is into new, tantalizing experiences.

Scorpio men make amazing lovers, partly because they truly do understand what their partner needs, thanks to that powerful sixth sense and intuition, and partly because they have a primal kind of energy that comes out when engaging in sexual activities. Seducing him is easy, what’s more difficult is getting close enough to him to develop an emotional relationship. Getting to that level requires gaining his trust and convincing him that he is your one and only.

Despite his jealous and possessive nature, it isn’t uncommon for a Scorpio man to string a partner along after he’s lost interest. This is a rather cruel way to go about things, but it does happen. Once he is ready to move on he will let his partner loose and there is usually a bit of shock when the one he’s just dismissed shows displeasure about what’s just happened. He can be a bit self absorbed in this way.

The Scorpio man operates on an emotional plane and he feels everything deeply. On the outside he will present himself as whatever he wants you to see, he can seem as calm and laid back as the next guy, but you can bet that underneath that cool exterior is a tsunami of emotions.

For the most part he does a good job at maintaining control over himself and his emotional state, there are times, however, when it all comes rushing to the surface and that tsunami of feelings comes out full force. Depending on the nature of his feelings on the particular subject at hand, this can be a positive rush of emotional outburst, or it can be very negative and formed by rage. At any rate, you can be certain that it will be intense.

The Scorpio man can seem like a loner, not wanting to form relationships that would provide a partner in life because of the fear of getting hurt once he allows himself to become vulnerable. The key to making him more comfortable with his vulnerability is, again, developing a bond of trust between the two of you. Be open with him, share your secrets, and tear down those walls that keep you from being vulnerable with him.

He is extremely sensitive, even beneath that powerful exterior, and is very easily hurt. This produces anger, frustration and sadness, as well as worries of being inadequate. To him, the solution can sometimes be to just not engage with a partner on a real, emotional level.

Deep down he really does want to have someone to share his life with, he just wants it to be the right one who won’t smash his heart to bits. It takes a special kind of partner to create and maintain a long term relationship with a Scorpio man. But, once he finds the one for him he will not easily let them go.

That being said, you’ve got to be a strong personality to withstand the ups and downs of loving a Scorpio man. However, when you find a way to make it work for both of you, you couldn’t ask for a more fiercely loyal partner.

Generally speaking, Scorpio is most compatible with a fellow water sign, but two Scorpios together can make for a crazy kind of dynamic. Cancer and Pisces make the best matches for a Scorpio mate, but it’s not set in stone that these two are the only viable option-They just tend to be the easiest. Nothing amazing in life comes easily though, so don’t let this stop you if your Sun sign is one other than Cancer or Pisces.

Your Scorpio man is likely to be a great success, but it may take him some time to get there. He takes his career seriously and is a natural when it comes to managing his finances. Many Scorpios end up living very affluent lifestyles, thanks to their ability to amass wealth and manage their funds responsibly. Investments and playing the stock market are areas where the Scorpio man can excel, but his methods of choosing investments may seem a little strange when he goes with his gut on a major transaction. It is this “gut” that helps him get ahead in life, and he’s learned along the way to not second guess his intuition.

Along with all of the emotional intensity that comes with the Scorpio man, he’s also one of the most intelligent signs in the zodiac. He makes it a point to explore every subject which interests him in great depth. He has the mind of a detective and won’t rest until he fully grasps the concept or idea of whatever he is learning. Generally quick learners, many brilliant doctors, surgeons, scientists, as well as spiritual and political leaders are born under the sign of Scorpio.

If you can handle his occasional emotional volatility and his level of personal intensity, the Scorpio man is really a great catch. He can fulfil your needs for affection, erotic satisfaction, love and loyalty, plus he has the added bonus of knowing how to handle finances and being a hard worker. No wonder he comes with the price tag of dealing with his vacillating emotional state.

The Upsides to Being With a Scorpio Man

He is Loyal

The Scorpio man is just about as loyal as they come. Once dedicated to you and your relationship he will go to great lengths to maintain the relationship. He finds importance and value in honesty and loyalty in a relationship and will give to you whatever you give to him.

This loyalty can turn into obsessiveness, though, so it is important to work to maintain a healthy relationship and not let things get out of hand. It isn't that he wants to go into obsessive mode, he just winds up there a little more easily than most. You’ll have to do your part to keep him in check in this respect, and you can do so by standing your ground and reinforcing that you’re dedicated to the relationship.

When a Scorpio man loves you, he loves you with every fiber of his being. I mean, everything he does is with extreme intensity, so the way he loves may as well be too, right? One thing that’s for certain when you enter into a relationship bond with a Scorpio is that you have a partner you can depend on. He can become a bit clingy, as Water signs are known for, but to some this will be seen as endearing.

If you don’t like clingy lovers, don’t get wrapped up with a Scorpio.

He is an Amazing Lover Who Will Keep You Satisfied

We’ve all had those relationships where day to day life with your partner becomes about as exciting as watching paint dry on a rainy day. This is something that you never have to worry about when you link up with a Scorpio man. The Scorpio man is kind of known for his sexual prowess and is a mind-blowing lover. He has a large sexual appetite, so he needs a partner with a high libido to match.

He will draw out your deepest and darkest fantasies, all the while making you feel totally comfortable exploring this side of your own personality. He is known for being brazen and bringing taboo elements into the bedroom. No question, he will give you a sexual experience that you’ll not soon forget!

He uses his intuitive senses when making love, and really knows what you need or want. He will never leave you feeling like you got the short end of the stick in the bedroom and always makes his lover feel wanted. The Scorpio man has this amazing ability to make you feel sexier than you every thought you could feel, which only adds fuel to the fire created when the lights go out.

He has a Magnetism That is Completely Irresistible

There is just something about the Scorpio man that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know that you like it! He’s irresistible and has this sort of magnetism that just draws you in to those piercing, dark eyes and makes you want to stay forever. He is mysterious and even a little dangerous and you just can’t seem to get enough of being around him. There’s this part of you that wants to understand what it is that he has that you just cant get enough of, but then there’s this other part of you that doesn’t care.

He is determined and forceful when going after what he wants. When he wants you, he makes you feel like you are the queen of the world and will shower you with a kind of attention and affection unsurpassed by previous lovers. Never boring, he always keeps you guessing and makes the relationship feel exciting. He pushes you to be the best you can be and makes you really want to live up to your fullest potential. One thing is undeniable with these guys; they aren’t your average Joe off the street, and once you’ve had him you’ll never forget him.

A Few Downsides to Being With a Scorpio Man

He Can Be Jealous and Possessive Over You

We’ve all been there, when your partner displays a little twinge of jealousy over you and it feels pretty great to know that they care that much. Well, with the Scorpio man this can be taken to extremes. Imagine that, an extreme trait from a Scorpio!

In all honesty, his jealousy can become quite annoying and can be the root of a lot of resentment in the relationship. You are left wondering why he doesn’t trust you and may even feel a little offended that he feels he can act like he outright owns you.

It can get to the point where your Scorpio man begins to resent time you spend with others, even friends, family or when you are at work.

This drives a wedge between the two of you and is not exactly a breeding ground for happy feelings. Eventually this can lead to the end of the relationship altogether if it is not addressed and handled properly.

He needs a good deal of reassurance to know that you are his and nobody else's, which can become a rather tedious task over time.

It’s best to try and talk things out with your Scorpio man if you reach this point and do your best to avoid ending the relationship over something silly like jealousy.

If he simply won’t come around, though, you may have no other choice than to move on.

He can Be Obsessive and Overbearing

Another common trait in Scorpios is obsessiveness. He can be kind of like a dog with a bone and just not be able to let some things go.

He never forgets any transgressions, and can come to the point that he becomes obsessive over the past. When angered or hurt he can become quite volatile and even, on some occasions, he can be pretty mean.

It’s never a good thing for one partner to obsess over the other. I mean, if he asks you how you enjoyed your salad at lunch, only he wasn't there when you had lunch, it may be time to loosen those ties that bind the two of you together.

He may also try to dominate the relationship to the point of driving you away. It takes a strong personality type to be in a relationship with one of these guys, so needless to say, you’ve got to be someone who isn’t easily dominated.

You have to work at creating a balanced relationship with the Scorpio man, and avoid letting him get away with pushing his beliefs on you.

Basic Ways You Can Connect With Your Scorpio Man

When it comes down to it, there are a few basic things to consider when entering into a relationship with a Scorpio man. First off, you can’t go into this half-cocked. If you want this relationship to work out and to last you’ve got to be ready to commit. Casual relationships are not his thing, not if you want to forge a real connection.

He is a multi-faceted, complex guy and it can take time to get to the point where he trusts you enough to actually connect and let you into his personal bubble.

He is an extremely emotional creature, however, and once he does decide that he wants to be with you, or that you are the one, you’ll be hard pressed to change his mind. In the beginning stages of the relationship it’s always a good idea to honestly state what you want, what you need and what you’d like to gain from pairing up with him.

As much of a transformative and unpredictable personality as he has, he needs to feel a sense of security in the emotional connection you share.

Avoid trying to engage the Scorpio man in mind games-He will see through this before you even get started. There are a lot of things that he just knows, and he probably can’t even explain how he knows them, but he does.

You stand little chance of coming out on top should you engage in mind games with this guy, plus, that’s not a great way to start a relationship anyway. Avoid this.

The Scorpio man is a highly sexual creature and can’t resist a passionate, sexy mate. You won’t get too far with him if you have a prudish outlook on sex, not that you have to be promiscuous, not at all, but it does help to have an open mind about sexual encounters when trying to attract the Scorpio man. He’s not hard to seduce, not usually anyway, and he loves a little leather and lace. Being confident and comfortable with your own sexuality is important when trying to connect with a Scorpio man.

Five Tips to Help You Get His Attention

1.) Show him you have a sense of humor

One thing a lot of people overlook when it comes to the Scorpio man is the fact that he does have a sense of humor, it is just usually of the dry, sarcastic variety. While slapstick probably isn't going to make him laugh, an intellectual joke with a twinge of dry humor will make him crack a smile in your direction. Ironic jokes and humorous comments that aren't your typical “knock-knock joke” show that you have your wits about you and demonstrate intellect, which the Scorpio man finds incredibly sexy.

2.) Don’t be afraid to embrace change as it comes into your life

The Scorpio man thrives on change and strives to continually grow and evolve. If he sees you as someone who is totally against change or transform areas of life as it become necessary, the odds are he won’t see you as someone he can successfully partner up with. This doesn't mean you have to go out and seek major changes, but you’ll do well to let him know you aren’t afraid to evolve, and even better, if he sees in you someone who finds value in personal growth through transformation, he will be far more inclined to see you as someone who could make a good partner or life mate.

3.) Be passionate about your goals in life and show determination

Nobody is as passionate as a Scorpio, and I mean nobody, so it stands to reason that the Scorpio man will be most attracted to a mate who shares that same passion for attaining goals and getting ahead in life. He wants to know that his partner is someone who can hang in whatever situations life throws at the two of you, and what better way to display this than to show him that you’ve got the drive you need to get ahead in life.

4.) Dress sexy, but avoid looking skanky

As we’ve discussed, the Scorpio man is sexually driven and it isn’t hard to seduce him, if that is your goal. However, as much as he enjoys the dark side of sexuality, he wants his partner to keep it classy on the outside. You want to leave some things to the imagination.

Save the raunchy stuff for the privacy of your bedroom and show that classy is sexy when in the company of others. Showing a little leg, wearing a tight shirt that fits perfectly in all the right places, or sporting a sexy pair of heels is sure to turn his head in your direction.

5.) Show an interest in the occult

While not every single Scorpio man out there is all about embracing and exploring the dark arts, there’s a good chance that your Scorpio guy is at the very least somewhat interested in the side of life that few dare to try and understand. Of course you don’t have to take on a new religion or get too far into occult matters if you’d rather not, but it can actually be quite an interesting subject to study, and it is almost sure to get his attention. You see, it can be difficult to find people to connect with who share an interest in the occult, so if he is into it, which he very likely is, you’ve got an instant topic of conversation to bond over.

How to Handle Your Scorpio Man's Darker Side

Despite all of the great things that come along with pairing yourself up with a Scorpio man, there are also some not so great traits that these guys possess that can be a real downer. This kind of goes back to maintaining balance in all things. I mean, without the darker side the positives wouldn’t seem all that positive, now would they?

So what are the things you need to avoid or watch out for when it comes to a relationship with a Scorpio man? Well, I’ll tell you:

How to Handle His Mood Swings

Being such an emotionally driven creature, it is no surprise that these guys are prone to mood swings that can seem to come out of nowhere. Because of their sensitive nature, it can be hard to know what will set a Scorpio off and send them spiraling down into a negative thought process.

Once in that headspace the Scorpio man can really be a downer and cheering him up isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. Don’t worry, as long as it’s not a matter of feeling like his feelings have been hurt by you, he will resolve whatever the issue is in his own time.

To the more optimistic partner this can be incredibly frustrating and stressful when all you want to do is make your guy feel better about whatever caused his mood to shift in the first place. Generally these mood swings come from nothing more than his obsessive thought processes and looking way too deeply into something that would really have been better off left The best way to go about handling this with your Scorpio guy is to avoid making him feel like you think he’s going overboard. He’s entitled to feel however he feels and telling him he’s not will definitely backfire.

He will get over whatever the issue is in time, but you can help him by being there and listening, or if it is an actual solvable problem you can help him figure it out. As long as it’s a valid thing he’s unhappy about, you can help him to validate his feelings and resolve the issue at hand by just being there. If he chooses to seclude himself to work it out, let him.

He’ll come around. Also, if you’re at the point where it’s appropriate, you can usually get him to perk up some with some amazing sex. You’ll find with these guys that sex can resolve almost any bad mood.

How to Deal With His Vindictive Nature

One thing Scorpio men and women are known for is their vindictive side. If your Scorpio man feels like he has been done wrong or sees a need to get revenge, he will do just that. It doesn't have to be instant, in fact, the longer he waits, the sweeter the eventual revenge will feel. Acts of dishonesty are never forgiven and this guy doesn’t really believe in second chances, making him someone you don’t want to gain as an enemy.

First things first, if you’ve done him wrong and he knows it, you really can’t “help” him through this one. However, if the problem is that he’s been slighted by someone else you can strengthen that bond of trust by being on his side. Sure, nobody really benefits from revenge, but it doesn’t hurt to show him that you’re decidedly in his camp and not his enemy’s.

Let’s Go Beyond The Basics!

He is intense, magnetic, brooding and can come across as a bit of a loner with a dark side, and you are totally diggin’ him. You just can’t seem to escape the feeling that there’s something special or different about him that is irresistible, and you really hope he’s taken notice of you, too.

He’s a powerful man on a mission to find the deeper meaning in life and you’d love nothing more than to be his co-pilot. Well, worry not, because this chapter can help you get there.

Now that you are more familiar with the inner workings of the Scorpio man and you truly know what you’re getting yourself into with one of these guys, we’ll explore the secrets to how you can make him yours. That is, after all, why you’re here reading this book, right?

How A Scorpio Man Will Show That He’s Totally Smitten With You

It isn’t exactly hard to know when you’ve come under the radar of a Scorpio man. Once he’s set his sites on you and decides to move in, you will most definitely know what’s on his mind.

That makes the initial stages of your romance with him pretty easy, as he is not someone to beat around the bush. Scorpios are straightforward and don’t like to play silly mind games, meaning that if he wants you he’ll very likely just come out and tell you so.

He will start to show a big interest in your life and he things you enjoy and do on a day to day basis. He’ll kind of inject himself into your daily routine and, over time, he will become a regular staple in your day.

He will start to show that he felt protective over you, which is a big indication that he’s becoming more and more smitten with you as time goes on.

When smitten with you, the Scorpio man will become easily aroused by things that you do. You’ve got to remember that he’s a very sexually driven guy, but this doesn’t mean that just anyone can walk up and rev his motor.

When he starts showing interest in you and getting to know you and develop stronger feelings for you, you’ll start to turn him on more and more. With the right chemistry those sparks you feel when looking into his eyes will follow you right into the bedroom and make for some intimate encounters that eventually turn into erotic adventures.

When a Scorpio falls for someone he falls hard, making it kind of difficult to not know what’s going on.

He will start intently into your eyes and want to become more involved in the things that you do. As time goes on he may become jealous of your time spent with other people, a big indication that he’s full-blown in love with you.-Head over heels and everything.

A Few Tricks to Making it Last

1.) Show him that you are someone he can trust with anything

When it comes to relationship success with the Scorpio man, trust is of paramount importance. He’s got to know that he can count on you in every way. He will reciprocate, of course, and with a strong bond of trust shared you can reach heights of intimacy and connection that other couples only dream of finding together. With trust comes loyalty, which holds an equal amount of importance.

Your Scorpio man will show unwavering loyalty for the partner who is deserving of such, and you can be that partner as long as you have equal love, loyalty, trust and respect for one another on every level.

2.) Respect his need for privacy

One of the biggest complaints I often hear about Scorpios is their tendency to maintain their habits of being secretive and mysterious. It’s all well and fine when you are first attracted to his mysterious personality, but then it becomes off putting and, for some, can even be a cause for worry or concern that your Scorpio man is hiding things from you. Being mysterious is ingrained into the Scorpio psyche and it isn’t something he’s going to stop doing, in fact, he probably couldn’t stop being mysterious even if he tried real hard to do so.

Scorpios need their privacy and they need a partner who understands and respects that about them. They get some kind of a rush out of having little secrets, but that doesn't mean the secrets are things that would bring your relationship to an end. If you are to trust your Scorpio you have to be able to trust him to maintain his loyalty to you, secrets and all.

The truth is, his secrets probably don’t even involve you and if you did know what they were you wouldn't care. It’s getting over that fact that he has things he doesn’t share with you that’s difficult, and I get that, but this is one area where you will very likely end up just having to bite the bullet and not let this one thing bother you.

3.) Be sure to give your relationship, and your Scorpio, enough attention

When in a serious relationship, Scorpio men need to know that they are number one in your life. Don’t skip out on spending quality time together and give your relationship the time and nurturing it needs to grow and blossom into something amazing.

Scorpios can be a lot of work in this way, but they really do require a good deal of your attention. Failure to do this will have your Scorpio convinced that you no longer love him, or even worse, that you’re stepping out on him. This is one way that those jealousy issues can creep up and become a problem for the two of you, so do your best to make time to focus on keeping your bond strong.

A Bit About Astrological Compatibility With The Scorpio Man There are many articles out there that espouse there are strictly compatible and strictly incompatible Sun signs. This is wildly inaccurate, as there is really no such things as two signs that just don’t stand a chance based solely on their Sun placement in their natal charts.

While those articles are helpful, and even fun to read, there are many elements of one’s chart that help to determine the level of compatibility that stands between two people. Yes, there are things about certain signs that make them more compatible right off the bat, but if someone tells you that you couldn’t possibly make it work with someone all based upon their Sun sign you need to move on and talk to someone who is a bit more educated on the topic of zodiac compatibility.

That being said, some relationships definitely take more effort and understanding than others to make things work. That’s one of the great things about astrology, though, is that you can pretty much read the two charts, or have them read for you, and figure out where your strong and weak points are in any given relationship.

Beyond just looking at a natal chart, there are also what we call synastry charts where you basically overlay your chart and that of your partner and look at how your planets all work together. This acts as a sort of roadmap for relationships and is a very handy tool to have at your disposal! We can get more into this later.

Many people believe that signs with like elements work best together, and on a superficial level this can be true. In other words, Earth signs with Earth signs-Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air signs with Air signs-Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Water signs with Water signs-Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. And lastly, Fire signs with Fire signs-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The reason these like minded signs work well together is that, generally speaking, they operate fundamentally on the same wavelength.

For instance, a Gemini and an Aquarius will automatically have in common that they are more cerebral in their approach to life and relationships, making their conversations flow rather easily. This in no way means that someone who is a Virgo can’t have great conversations and develop an amazing relationship with an Aquarius, though. Really, it all boils down to how your planets interact, as well as your personalities, of course!

The Art of Determining Compatibility With Astrology

As I mentioned earlier, there are many astrological elements that we look at when comparing the compatibility of two people. The best ways to determine your level of compatibility are with a synastry or composite chart.

With these astrological techniques it becomes easy to tell how two people communicate with one another, where they will rub each other the wrong way, and can even indicate things like whether marriage is favored or not.

The difference between these two types of charts, synastry vs composite, is that with a synastry reading we look at the two individual’s charts and how they relate to one another, while a composite chart actually melds the two people into one chart. Both are useful and effective ways of decoding points in a relationship.

Before you get into a full compatibility reading your astrologer will want to gain a good sense of how you operate and what makes you tick by fully exploring your own natal chart first. After all, before you can ever even begin to understand someone else or how you will be able to relate to this other person you’ve got to first understand yourself.

Astrology can help you to learn things about yourself and help you in figuring out how to handle certain situations in life that come up. Really, astrology is pretty amazing, which is probably why so many people still put a lot of faith in this age old practice of using the stars as a roadmap to the best life possible.

Once you’ve gone through your own chart and have an understanding of what all of your planets and aspects mean it’s time to see how well your chart meshes with that of your partner. To accurately complete compatibility charts it is always best to have each person’s full birth information, to include the time of birth. The reason being that only with the time of birth included can the houses of one’s chart be determined.

This plays a pretty important role in seeing where two people connect. Aspects between planets and sign/element placement can show how you relate to a partner, but having that added information of where adds depth to your compatibility reading, which is pretty important.

I definitely recommend that all couples, whether they are just getting into a relationship or have been married for fifty years, have compatibility charts drawn up. You’d be amazed at the things you can learn from your partners planetary placements.

If you think of all these charts as roadmaps for life, the compatibility charts offer you the chance to decode your partner and figure out how to be the best partner you can be in the relationship. It can be a real help, too, for those times when things get rocky and you just don’t know how to handle problems that arise.

We won’t get too much deeper into compatibility charts and all that, not in this book anyway. For now, let’s take a look at the basics of Sun sign compatibility to help you relate to and wow your Scorpio man.

Scorpio and Aries:

When it comes to relationship compatibility, the connection shared between Scorpio and Aries is one of fire, passion and so much drive that these two could quite literally move mountains if they tried. This relationship will be fueled by intensity, and maybe even a little bit of insanity, depending on who you are talking to. This relationship, however, could be the setup for a bumpy ride, so there is going to be a need for a touch of caution here so that neither of these partners decides to just spontaneously combust or something like that.

Some signs share planetary rulers and some signs used to back in the day. Aries and Scorpio are one of these couples who shares the latter. You see, back before astronomers and scientists had invented a telescope capable of finding Pluto, Scorpio’s current, main, ruling planet, this watery sign was ruled by the fiery Mars. And I’m sure you already know this, but Mars is the ruler of Aries and always has been.

This fact, in and of itself, gives this pair a jumpstart in the right direction when it comes to understanding one another-something you don’t often get when you mix Fire and Water signs. This makes the connection between Scorpio and Aries unique and slightly dysfunctional, but in a good way.

As an Aries, you can’t seem to get away from those piercing eyes and the depth that you feel oozing out of the soul of the Scorpio man.

He admires your tenacity and knows that you would surely make a formidable opponent, as well as a worthy partner, fully capable of keeping up with his own intensity as you make your way through life together. Where this coupling can become a bit rough around the edges is when your fiery, full force kind of attitude decides to go off and take on new adventures without your Scorpio mate.

Scorpio, although very powerful, is also very sensitive. Any inkling that you are not 100% his and that jealous side will come raging out and there is a lot of potential here for there to be some battles of will, of which, really, neither of you will win. You each tend to get what you want in life, yet you go about it in very different ways.

You, being the Ram, want to take on everything headfirst and you are not willing to back down. Your Scorpio man does admire this, but his way of getting what he wants in life is a bit more subdued-Let’s just say he likes to work in the shadows. While you will quickly get past any spats, your Scorpio man will hold on to these indiscretions, possibly until the end of time.

When it comes to your passion levels and how you handle business between the sheets, you couldn't ask for a more passionate partner.

The Scorpio man knows how to really get your motor revved up and how to get you to indulge in your darker side. Your boldness and lack of fear is enticing and intriguing, but be careful, he might just see how far he can push you for the fun of it. You’ll both have a grand time, but will you be able to look yourself in the face in the morning?

Scorpio and Taurus:

Scorpio and Taurus have an interesting kind of connection, being that these two are opposing signs and all. This can make for a great relationship, but one which requires a lot of work to make things run smoothly. On the one hand, you have your Sun literally in one another’s relationship houses, but on the other hand you are both fixed signs, meaning that neither of you are too keen on the idea of budging from your points of view, beliefs, or even what you’d like to have for dinner. It can get a bit silly, to be honest.

There are several things that these two have in common, though, aside from lighting up one another’s relationship zones and being immovable forces.

You both like to have a sense of security in your relationships and you both really value having a partner you know is someone you can depend on. Very rarely will these signs let you down, but oh boy...cross either of you and you may as well just hang up the towel and call it a day, because you won’t be getting a returned call.

You both know how to handle finances, and this can be a major selling point in a serious relationship. Scorpio men tend to be the powerful types, and even if they make some mistakes in creating their own financial stability, all it takes is wise words from a financier, such as yourself, whom they trust and revere to help these guys realize that they aren’t quite headed in the right direction. With a little cooperation on both sides, you can build an empire together. I can already see the amazing decor and the treasures strewn about the home you could collectively create.

This is a relationship that could work, in fact, it could work vey well. It will take some compromise, and perhaps learning to compromise is something that you both desperately need, but you require finding that right person to help push you in the right direction when it comes down to learning that whole concept of giving in-You know, taking one for the team. You offer one another things that the other needs and this is a major plus of this union between the Scorpio man and the hard headed bull.

One area where these two don’t quite see eye to eye is in how you go about approaching different life situations. Taurus is practical, pragmatic and wants to ensure that things are done right, all of the directions are followed and that the checkbook is properly balanced in the process. Earth signs...what can I say?

The Scorpio man, however, being a Water sign, will follow and trust in his intuition. For the majority of the time he will be right and his instincts will end up being on-point, but this is hard for Taurus to understand. Learning to trust one another is a huge thing these two have to work on.

When it comes to making love, this is a couple who have it figured out. Scorpio is naturally a seductive and no-holds-barred kind of lover. Taurus is sensual and feels things very deeply, almost as deeply as Scorpio. Being ruled by Venus, the Taurean here offers a bit of a softer feel to the darker side of Scorpio. Sex can be a life changing kind of experience for this couple who, at the heart of things, just want to love and be loved. If this couple can avoid letting their stubborn, jealous tendencies drive a wedge between them, there is huge potential here for a pretty well balanced union.

Taurus and Gemini:

It is not often that you find an Air/Water combination that works when it comes to relationships. Scorpio and Gemini are really no exception. Sure, there is an initial attraction on both sides of the fence, and these two can feel like there’s some invisible magnetic force drawing them to one another. What happens when the relationship starts to advance beyond the initial pleasantries, however, is a totally different story.

The very nature of the Gemini personality is incredibly changeable. After all, Gemini is a mutable sign. This does not go well with Scorpio’s personality. Both of these signs are highly intelligent, both have some pretty interesting world views, but the depth of the Scorpio man almost always goes far beyond what the Gemini is looking for in the moment.

Being a Gemini, you like to be social and flit among your social circles, sharing stories and exchanging conversation with just about anyone who will listen. This is not the way that Scorpio likes to go about socializing. The free-spirited nature of Gemini can make for some ripples in the relationship when the Scorpio man starts to wonder if his Gemini counterpart has chosen superficial conversations with semi-strangers over the deeper, more meaningful conversations that could be had right there at home.

Think of it this way-Gemini is light and airy, whereas Scorpio is dark and brooding. Both of these signs have some great traits, but these just don’t really mesh with one another. On the other hand, in some rare cases, this can create a sort of Yin and Yang kind of relationship. The light and the dark...some might say a comparison of good and evil, but I didn’t say that.

The key to this relationship working out in any sense is if the Gemini here has already sewn wild oats and is ready to settle down. Not the kind of settling down you do when you move in with your first partner and think you know all there is to know about life, the kind of settling down that comes with true life experiences that show you what you truly want. If this is the case and you are a Gemini who truly wants a Scorpio, then by all means, give it a shot. Superficial does not work for these guys, though, and that goes for every facet of life.

Now, when it comes to the more intimate side of the relationship and enjoying a fulfilling sex life, these two can have a few good romps in the sack. This is not likely to be a sexual relationship that can stand the test of time, though, and each party should try to keep that in mind and not expect too terribly much out of the longevity of things. As a Gemini, you’re probably pretty willing to experiment, something that the Scorpio man really digs, so that’s a definite plus. You’ll love the insatiable sexual appetite that the Scorpio has, but could actually get kind of a big head over the whole thing. Botton line, this is not what you’d call a match made in heaven.

Scorpio and Cancer:

Scorpio and Cancer tend to have it going on when it comes to the whole relationship thing. For starters, both of these are Water signs and can relate to one another on an emotional level that they feel is lacking with a lot of other partners. Each of these signs are intuitive and know they can trust their instincts. That being said, if these two decide to trust one another the results can be pretty positive.

I’ve known many Scorpio/Cancer couples who have made their relationships last the long haul, but it isn’t ever a totally smooth ride. Then again, what relationship is? The thing about this couple is that they can run hot and cold. While they do understand one another on an emotional level, the Scorpio here is almost always a lot more intense than the nurturing Cancer. You see, Cancer is drawn to the intensity and the powerful feelings of protection that comes from the Scorpio man, but isn’t quite on the same level when it comes to certain other things.

As a Cancer you like to know that your partner isn’t going to abandon ship. I mean, just about everyone wants to know this, but with you this need is far more pronounced. Scorpio, too, has this deep-seated need for fidelity and to know that he can trust in you and that you won’t stray.

There is a lot of co-dependency happening here, which you both really dig, but you both know that nothing in life is truly 100%. The Scorpio man can be unforgiving, just as you can, but he is a touch more vengeful than you’d like and knows exactly how to slice through you with his words, and even worse, with his actions. He'd never cheat on you, but the fact of the matter is, you Cancers are just a softer lot and it can be overwhelming trying to deal with the ramifications of taking on an angry, or even worse yet, an emotionally wounded Scorpio. For the most part things can be just grand, but there will be some moments of discord where you wonder if it is all really worth it or not.

There’s bound to be a bit of disagreement when it comes to the question of who is in control of this relationship. Ironically, it can be tough to figure out who’s tops and who’s bottoms within this dynamic duo. Being a Cardinal sign, you Cancer types are used to ruling the roost, so to speak.

You do so in a softer manner than most, but you always know what’s going on and you like to be the one in control. If something needs to be done, you do it. Scorpio, being a fixed, stubborn sign doesn’t much like to be told what to do, and herein lies the potential for problems. A solid set of boundaries respected by both partners is the key for success here.

On a more positive note, the relationship between Scorpio and Cancer is almost a magical one. You each think and operate on a level that allows you to fully embrace the areas of your mind and thoughts that other people just don’t seem to be able to access. Your relationship is, at times, psychic feeling. You know what your partner is thinking before they even think it. The strong Scorpio personality provides a great security that you need deep down, and you soften him up a bit. All in all, this makes for a very deeply felt union that could be the holy grail of relationships.

Sexually the two of you are wildly compatible. The Scorpio is naturally the most sexually charged sign in the Zodiac and his advances make you feel like a goddess on a lot of levels.

Your Cancerian nature adds romance to your sexual adventures and really makes the Scorpio man feel special. This creates an enchanting mixture of leather and lace and true intimacy that can be intoxicating for both parties. You undress one another with your eyes while out in public and you have this unspoken bond that you are convinced not another soul in the world could ever even begin to understand.

Scorpio and Leo:

The romantic relationship between Scorpio and Leo can get off to a pretty exciting start with both being instantly attracted to the dominant personality of the other. Neither of these signs want to be with someone who lets themselves be treated like a doormat, and both Scorpio and Leo are on a quest for power and domination of sorts that can be revered and admired by the other. The Scorpio man has a sense of power that the regal Leo just cannot resist, not at first anyway.

When you mix Fire and Water the flames don’t stand too much of a chance, however, and this is a relationship that may quickly fizzle out. The Lion wants to be doted on and Scorpio can do just that, but the demand for such will eventually become a source of problems for this soggy couple. The saving grace here just might be the fiery Mars influence from the Scorpio man’s co-ruler, but this will truly depend upon each person’s respective Mars placement in their own charts and how well they mesh.

Being a Fire sign, you, the Leo, don’t too much appreciate Scorpio dousing your flames and demanding so much of your attention. After all, it’s supposed to be the other way around, right?

Being that you are both on a quest for world domination, there are times where you can work very well together. The ruling planets have a lot to do with how you go about your quests in life, however. Ruled by the bright and unavoidable Sun, Leo wants to be noticed and to be center stage in life. Scorpio is ruled by the much darker Pluto and the aggressor, Mars, so you can see how this couple’s success can be thrown off by their own personal desires.

Think about it, the Sun is what gives us life, it is there each and every morning, bright as can be, demanding to be seen. Pluto is the farthest planet from the Sun, and to some, is not even really considered a planet anymore.

This alone lays the groundwork for a relationship that will require a lot of hard work and effort if there is to be any chance of success. Scorpio tends to be quite jealous, something that Leo doesn’t like. Leo tends to be boisterous and really in your face, something that Scorpio doesn’t really like. There are ways to make this relationship work, but like I said, it will require some effort and a lot of determination.

Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of a feud between a Scorpio and a Leo. Things can get ugly and loud very quickly. Can you say DRAMA? This stems from the intensity of each partner, though, and at the end of a fight, granted nobody is emotionally wounded to the point of no return, the makeup sex can be pretty darn incredible.

Sexually this couple can have amazing times behind closed doors. The Scorpio man is always up for a good romp in the sack and makes you feel like you are the center of the Universe. With your powers of intensity and the edgy, sometimes questionably taboo, side of Scorpio, your sexcapades can last all night and well into the morning.

You each have a huge amount of stamina and as long as Scorpio is stroking that mane you are more than down to let him. All in all, this is a very powerful coupling that, if you can get past your differences, can put any other power-couple to shame.

Scorpio and Virgo:

You wouldn’t typically look at Scorpio and Virgo as two signs that could make a relationship work, but you’d be incorrect in that assumption. On the surface it seems as though these two are far from compatible, but that’s the thing, they both like to live their lives far below the surface that most can easily see.

You Virgos can be seen as something of an enigma. Earthy and practical, yet deep and intellectual, all at the same time. Scorpio can be quite enigmatic, as well, and in some way it works. Both Virgo and Scorpio are very private personalities and neither of them like to just put themselves out there for the world to see. You help one another to grow in ways you’d not imagined were possible. After all, when yo add water to the Earth, what do you get?

The Scorpio man appreciates your fierce loyalty and your more private demeanor. Virgo’s are known to be hard working, honest individuals, and this is precisely what the Scorpio man is looking for. Conversely, you have major respect and admiration for Scorpio’s drive to succeed and the sheer power that this sign possess. While some see Scorpio as a dark and brooding type, impossible to read, you are one of the few who can pierce through his darkness and, through your own kindness and genuine nature, you are able to see the real man behind the shadows.

Virgo analyzes, and while Scorpio hates to be analyzed, there is a strong sense of respect that the Scorpion has for Virgo simply because Virgo is one of the few who isn’t rattled by Scorpio’s darker side.

There can be problems, however, when the Scorpio man states that his way is THE way and that you will do things in such and such a manner. How could he be so confident that he’s right? Well, he knows that he is and that’s that. You would like to see some proof. Disagreements are easy to find here because the Scorpio man operates on an intuitive level and you are more pragmatic in your way of thinking.

You both crave loyalty and stability and you are each willing to offer these things up on a silver platter to the right person. If you can come to find a good mixture of intellectual, fact based thinking and trusting your intuitions, there is a lot of chance for success in this relationship. You each will work toward building a strong sense of home and financially you couldn’t ask for two more compatible personalities.

When it comes to your sexual compatibility, there is huge potential for sparks to fly here. Scorpio is known as the one most likely to engage in taboo, kinky sexual escapades, and while Virgo may not be ready for this in the early stages of the relationship, there is a lot of trust between the two of you. Virgo may not be up to Scorpio’s sexual “level” when it comes to what he’s already experienced, but there is a lot that he can teach you and vice-versa.

Because of the healthy trust between the two of you, there are really no limits to where you can take the sexual relationship. This is a relationship that has all the makings of being long lasting. Where the Virgo seeks order, Scorpio seeks power and domination. Together you just might be able to rule the world.

Scorpio and Libra:

The connection between Scorpio and Libra is one that is not exactly built on shared values and desires. These two will have a certain attraction to one another, but there are a lot of bumps in the road ahead if they are to be able to find true happiness in a relationship together.

Fire and Air can often make for a fantastic combination, and there is nothing to say that a Scorpio and Libra cannot get along, it just isn’t all that probable. Ruled by Venus and being the sign that we most closely associate with relationships, balance and partnerships, the Libra is always looking for the perfect mate.

The Scorpio man is mysterious and intriguing and there is just something about this dark fellow that is kinda irresistible. Libra sees this and thinks, “Challenge accepted.” Now, Scorpio, as I’ve mentioned, is co-ruled by Mars, which creates a lot of passionate tension between the two of you. Venus/Mars combos always make for a little excitement, which ever way you cut it.

The thing about Libra and Scorpio is that Libra, while an intellectual sign, is more of a social butterfly that the more private Scorpio. While you fancy a night out on the town, the Scorpio man is apt to be a ball of jealous fury at how easily you are able to flit from one conversation to another, making your rounds around the room or club, or wherever you choose to go.

At first the jealousy may be flattering, but after awhile you start to feel a little controlled and your Libra personality isn’t too keen on having your wings clipped. And never mind going out without him...if this becomes a regular habit he will be convinced that you are running around on him and the vengeance will be..well, it won’t be good.

Libra is a Cardinal sign and wants to get the party started, whereas Scorpio is Fixed in his thinking and doesn’t really want to go out and party every night. The Scorpio man’s deep thinking typically grows to find the Libra in the equation a bit flighty and even superficial.

Conversely, Libra isn’t too much into all this dark and dreary brooding shadow man stuff. This can all be a cause for concern if you are thinking that you’ll settle down with a nice Scorpio and that will be that.

As with all Zodiac couplings who just don’t seem to fit, there is hope, so don’t be discouraged. There are some elements of this relationship that could spell out happiness for you both, they are just beneath the surface.

To be honest, what you have to do to make this work is dig deep below the surface and find the man beneath the dark exterior. Perhaps you are a Libra who isn’t so much a party animal and he’s a Scorpio that likes to socialize. This has happened before, and when it does happen it makes the relationship all the more special. And trust me, if a Scorpio wants to make something work, he will find a way. He’s stubborn like that.

The Scorpio man will falter you to no end when it comes to the sexual aspect of your relationship. He has a lustful hunger and when directed at you it can feel like you’ve had the rug pulled right from beneath your feet.

He will teach you things and show you things that you may have not imagined were even things people did! Should he start to think that you are going to wander off and show someone else your new tricks, though, it will abruptly come to an end...and he might burn your house down. For a good idea of how compatible you truly are with a Scorpio man you will really need to take a look at how your other planets work together.

Scorpio and Scorpio:

When you put two Scorpios together in a romantic relationship things get very heavy very quickly. You are both strong-willed, enigmatic creatures who expect a lot from your partner. You are actually so much alike that you may not be able to understand one another at all. It’s weird, I know...but really, if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about already.

Because both partners here are the jealousy and clingy type, the double Scorpio relationship creates a sort of insular relationship. You won’t find this couple off doing their own things, no sir, they will be completely conjoined at the hip wherever they go. On the one hand, they are obviously both very needy when it comes to knowing that there relationship is secure, but on the other hand, they can actually begin to suffocate one another without even realizing that is what’s happening. Two Scorpios together create a world all their own and it’s unlikely that outsiders will be welcome.

All in all this isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, it could work out wonderfully for the right two Scorpios. The key to making this work, though, is finding a balance and deciding who’s in control of what. Scorpio is a very dominating and domineering sign, so when you have two of them sharing a life the lines can become quite blurred as to who is in charge. They’ll both tell you that they are the on in charge, obviously, and this is where the real issues can ensue.

One thing is for certain, if you are a Scorpio and plan on entering into or building upon a romantic relationship with someone so similar to yourself, you have to be strong and confident. Shows of weakness here will cause the scales to tip, and not in your favor. These two can see right through one another, which is a part of what makes the union so comfortable. There are no walls put up, because, well...X-ray vision, I guess is a good way to describe it.

There is a sort of psychic connection shared among Water signs, and Scorpio is most certainly the most powerful of the Water signs. This can be especially handy when in a group of people. You don’t really even have to speak, you just know what your partner is thinking. Financially these two can build an empire, and depending on where Jupiter and Venus are in each partner’s chart the possibilities for what can be achieved when you put your minds together is exponential.

Of course two Scorpios will have a mind-blowing sexual relationship. What else would you expect? Both partners here are bold, daring, and willing to explore the more taboo side of their sexuality. Those piercing eyes that pierce the soul times two and the deep bond that is created makes for a side of sexuality that few people actually get to experience. The intensity and power between these two is incredible and, honestly, if you get the chance to meet someone on this level, go for it. Should two Scorpios create a relationship that is well balanced and manageable, they could really rule the world -If you’ll notice, Scorpio could rule the world with several partners, but two of you, oh my...World leaders take a step aside-If, however, you can’t make it work out, the separation will be very difficult. Neither of you will be able to just walk away, and things could get ugly.

Scorpio and Sagittarius:

Scorpio and Sagittarius are two very different personality types, and yet these two find one another irresistible at first. The Scorpio man appreciates the fiery and confident Sagittarian mindset and Sag just can’t seem to get away from the mystery and mystique that permeates from Scorpio. As a Sagittarius you’ve got this naturally charismatic, intelligent and worldly kind of presence that can make you seem larger than life, which intrigues Scorpio.

If you look at this relationship through the scope of their elemental compatibility, well, it’s not great. Just as you saw with Leo and Scorpio these two are a mixture of Fire and Water, which means that there will be times where Scorpio tries to extinguish your fire with by pulling you down into his watery depths.

This causes Sagittarius personalities to feel pinned down and stuck, which we all know is a no-go for you Sags. It isn’t really that Scorpio wants to drag you down, though, he just wants to have you all to himself, even if it does feel terribly smothering to you. There is some Fire behind this Water sign, however, due to Mars being Scorpio’s co-ruler. This shows potential for some fun times, but on a serious level this isn’t so much a pairing that will last too terribly long without some other great influences in each partner’s chart.

In Scorpio you find someone who is incredibly loyal and who would be wiling to settle down and build his life around you if this were only what you wanted. The thing is, it’s rather difficult to find a Sagittarius who wants to settle down to the degree that Scorpio does.

Your Scorpio is the type who can be completely happy being joined at the hip-Sagittarius, not so much. You love your life of adventure and learning about new things and Scorpio loves his life of brooding and lurking in the shadows. It can be rather difficult to get these two things to really mesh.

One thing that the two of you certainly share is a healthy dose of passion for whatever it is that you are doing. You may go about getting what you want or where you want to be in different ways, but the drive to do so is comparable. If you can learn how to best communicate with one another without pushing the other person into panic mode there is hope for this relationship, but it won’t exactly be easy.

You see, the Scorpio man is reclusive and ever changing and evolving. You can never really figure out what he’s all about because his soul is on a mission to become who he’s supposed to be and who he wants to be. You are too, but you are much more open about your journey.

Sagittarius reads like an open book, never complicating life by trying to hide things. Scorpio, on the other hand, has lots of hidden things and you’ll be lucky if you can uncover even a small percentage of them. It’s not that he’s trying to be sneaky or underhanded or anything, he just is this way. It’s like this-When Scorpio see Sagittarius is become very clear that, basically, “what you se is what you get.” With Scorpio it’s totally different, he's like peeling an onion, revealing different layers of his personality the deeper you go down the rabbit hole. This can be tiring for Sagittarius, as you really just wish he’d show you all of him at once and stop with the silly nonsense of having to go digging to find out who he truly is.

Sexually there can be some sparks found here, but the odds are it won’t be enough to keep the fires burning. The Scorpio man is intriguing, mysterious and oh-so sexy, which Sagittarius really digs and feels drawn to him.

As a Sag you are willing to experiment and try new things and the Scorpio man appreciates this and will push the limits as far as you’ll allow him to go. You both have a lot of passion and want to share it with someone, but eventually the Sag here will want to move on and the Scorpio will be left feeling slighted and hurt. Not the best match unless you have a true kind of love. Your personal charts can offer insight as to how and if you can make things work.

Scorpio and Capricorn:

The relationship that forms between Scorpio and Capricorn is one that can result in great success. Here we find two individuals who have a lot to offer one another, and not just in the realm of a romantic relationship. Although they may seem quite different on the surface, Capricorn and Scorpio actually have a lot of the same basic needs to achieve happiness in life, even though happiness is something that neither of these signs seem to be able to easily find. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are driven for success and both need a certain level of security in order to really feel comfortable opening up and sharing their “real” selves with another.

Emotional stability and financial stability seem to go hand in hand for Capricorn and Scorpio can see where the got is coming from on this front. While Capricorn is very Earthy and doesn’t quite grasp how Scorpio can rely so confidently on intuition, in time the Scorpion can prove that his methods are actually effective and quite successful.

You capricorns are wise, methodical and tend to be a bit controlling. You value tradition and hard work above all else and you have your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Scorpio is also controlling but admires your ability to totally take command in any given situation and the ease in which you can troubleshoot just about any problem and arrive at a plausible solution. Together you can find success through melding your powers of practical logic, efficiency and intuitive insights. As long as you are willing to let one another utilize your respective strengths this relationship could definitely stand the test of time.

Also, being that you are both ruled by outer planets who are a bit less that forgiving in most instances, this will be a relationship where you each hold one another to some pretty high standards. This is good and creates a sense of accountability for your actions individually and as a couple.

The biggest problem between Capricorn and Scorpio is your desire for things to stay the same while the Scorpio man is someone who is constantly evolving and changing. He needs to reinvent himself and rebuild his life from the ground up every few years. This lets him know that he’s not being stagnate and stuck in a place he isn’t karmically supposed to be. This can be unnerving for you Capricorns and can create an uneasy feeling.

The Capricorn way of thinking goes something like, “If something is working, why change it?” And then the Scorpio completely changes everything. This doesn’t mean he won’t still love and care for you, it just means he’s evolving, and really, you’d do well to work on your acceptance of change and personal evolution. Trust me here, change is good, just make sure you are changing in the right direction. You can help one another in this aspect- The Scorpio man can help you to learn how to evolve and you can help teach him about personal stability. It’s all about balance.

Intimacy and love making is very personal for this couple. You each revel in the act of sharing yourself with someone whom you trust completely and can truly feel comfortable with.

Despite the cool exterior Capricorns are actually very sensual beings, and you aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. You take things seriously, this is true, but when it comes to your sexual partners you take pleasure to a whole other level and the Scorpio man knows exactly how to bring out your naughty side.

Scorpio and Aquarius:

Scorpio and Aquarius make a bit of an odd couple, if only because they are such vastly different personality types. Aquarius is the visionary, always thinking and dreaming of newer, better ways to improve the world, while Scorpio has a more narrowed focus and isn’t nearly as comfortable as the water bearer when it comes to working within large groups. They seem to be equally intrigued and confused by one another, but this creates a challenge that can become irresistible to both of these unique signs.

Air and Water create a few different scenarios, to include hurricanes, storms and tsunamis. In the relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius these stormy waters come about easily when the cool demeanor of the Aquarian just doesn’t match up with the deeply felt emotions of the Scorpio man. At first things can seem grand and wonderful, but when Aquarius moves on or becomes less enthralled with what Scorpio has to say the emotions foundation becomes shaken for the Scorpio man and he will either recoil or retaliate, depending on the situation at hand. -Queue emotional tsunami.

The social life of a Scorpio/Aquarius couple will be stressful at times, especially when you, the Aquarian here, wants to invite everyone over or go out to another social function but the Scorpio man was planning on a nice and quiet evening in-just the two of you.

You see, the Scorpio man needs to know that his partner is going to be there for him as a partner and as a friend. He doesn’t too much like to socialize within large groups and the Aquarian tendency to do just that can make Scorpio feel less important that the ones his mate actually is paying attention to. Frankly put, Scorpios are really needy guys and you can’t expect him to happily hang around if you aren’t intending on putting him at the top of your list.

With the neediness comes jealousy, which is a huge turnoff for any Aquarian. This will be something that needs to be addressed, and there will have to be some compromises made, if you are to make a successful relationship. If you want to be in a relationship with a Scorpio man you may have to make some changes and he will definitely have to reel in his jealous side-If he can, that is. It isn’t easy for a Scorpio to just stop being jealous. It’s engrained in him from birth.

If you can find an even ground with a Scorpio man there’s potential for a very interesting relationship to form here. You operate on a completely different wavelength that is likely to feel alien to one another. While you are unpredictable and resist control at all costs, Scorpio is powerful and likes to dominate. The number of couples who are able to make this work are pretty slim, so kudos to you if you find longterm success with a Scorpio man.

Sexually things can be fun and delightfully dirty. You are always up for something new and fun to try and the Scorpio man is more than willing to show you the ropes. The hangup could come in the lack of intimacy and trust between these two signs. Neither are the type to sleep with someone when it means nothing, but maybe a friends with benefits kind of arrangement could be the answer.

Scorpio and Pisces:

The emotional rivers run deep between Scorpio and Pisces and the potential for a successful relationship to bloom is pretty great. Both Pisces and Scorpio are Water signs and live life primarily using intuition to guide the way. Both have a deeply felt need for emotional connections and stability with a partner, and overall you just seem to be able to understand one another on an unspoken level. It’s almost as though your connection is magical and can become very intense very quickly.

Pisces loves Scorpio’s decisive nature, and Scorpio doesn’t mind making the decisions and having the final say in what goes on in the relationship. This is only to an extent, however, because while Pisces truly does enjoy having someone who can make up their mind and not falter from the plan, Scorpio actually encourages Pisces to grow more of a backbone and learn to not let others make decisions for the fish. Pisces can become stronger just by being a part of this relationship, but Scorpio will always take the lead while Pisces happily follows.

The gentler nature of Pisces helps to smooth the rough edges of the Scorpio man. You each feel misunderstood by the masses, but together you create an incredibly intimate and unbreakable bond that most other people will never have the pleasure of knowing.

There is a sense of co-dependency that is cultivated right from the very start with this couple, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but can lead to unhealthy relationship habits if you aren’t careful to maintain your individual identity. I know it feels as though you’ve met your one and only soul mate with the Scorpio man, but you still have to be you. This is a key point to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with the Scorpion.

Now, soaking of happiness, I think it is important to point out the potential this Zodiac combination has to bring one another down into the watery depths of an emotional no-man’s land. Because you are so emotionally attached, and you’re each so very emotionally driven, there is a tendency to spiral down with one another and feed off of each others negativity when life gets rough. This is especially true if you live together. You’ve got to have the ability to set back and realize when one of you is spiraling that the other has to stop and be the voice of reason-Because you know it rarely is as bad as it seems.

Passions run high between you and the Scorpio man but it goes much deeper than passion for the two of you, now doesn’t it?

There is some crazy kind of magic that is shared between these two signs and when it is going well it is absolutely amazing. Yes, you run the risk of becoming one of those couples who friends just call by a mixture of both of your names, but you kinda dig that, and who are they to judge? They don’t seem nearly as in love as you are.

Sexually speaking, this relationship is absolutely amazing. There is a dark side to both Pisces and, of course, Scorpio, and once you’ve built up a trust between one another there’s nothing you aren’t willing to try.

The Scorpio man makes you feel strong and confident and you want so badly to please him. It’s as though you’ve stepped into a fantasy world when you are together and the level of intimacy the two of you can reach is really off the charts. This relationship can definitely stand the test of time as long as you don’t lose yourself or make unrealistic expectations of one another.

How You Can Seal the Deal With Your Scorpio Man

By now you know just about all there is to know about the Scorpio man and how to attract him. We’ve gone over compatibility and how Scorpio relates to each of the Zodiac signs and we’ve looked at what to do vs what not to do if you want to find yourself on a hot date with a sexy Scorpio. Now, let’s take a look at how you can build a relationship with an Aquarian man that can stand the test of time.

It’s not hard to get into a relationship with a Scorpio, as long as he is into you, of course. In fact, he needs a partner and if you fit the bill, there’s a good possibility he will be willing to give it a try.

He’s someone who craves longterm relationships, and he feels most complete when he has a partner. He’s got that weird mix of independent co-dependency thing going on that makes him something of an enigma.

The most important thing to consider when you decide to seal the deal is to make certain that you can handle the emotional demands Scorpios place on their partners. Co-dependency and jealousy isn’t for everyone, but if it works for you, by all means, go for it!

The Scorpio man can be rather unpredictable, which can seem kind of weird considering his fixed tendencies.

He is not into anything that’s superficial or just for show, he wants someone genuine and can see though any facade you throw up. The easy way to get around any issues here is to just be genuine. Be yourself.

Don’t Question His Intuitive Nature

As I’ve stated previously in this book, Scorpios are one of the most intuitive signs of the Zodiac. He has learned how to let his intuition how to utilize his innate sense of knowledge to his benefit. Trying to convince him that this is a bad idea is, in itself, a bad idea.

Some of his actions or reasons for doing things may seem illogical, but the Scorpio man knows that simple logic is not always the answer to finding his way or making important decisions. Most Scorpios are, or have the capacity to be, very successful, so it stands to reason that his gut feelings are worthy of listening to.

Actually, the manner in which the Scorpio man goes about some things can be quite fascinating. His ability to just kind of know things is all a part of his mystique and he won’t be shy about telling you to back off and let him do his thing. Not that he can predict the winning lottery numbers or anything, but these guys are privy to a level of knowledge that most of us mere mortals just can’t seem to tap into.

Be Emotionally Open With Him, But Don't Dig Too Deep

If you want to gain his love and trust you’ve got to be open and honest with him. The Scorpio man can see through any facade a mile away, and if you try to fool him he may let you think you are getting away with it just to see how far you’ll take it. He demands a partner who is trustworthy and who he knows will never hurt him on purpose. If you do give him a reason to feel that you are less than honest or that you have some ulterior motive to entering into a serious relationship with him things will go south very quickly.

Scorpios are known for their vindictive nature, I mean, they are ruled by Pluto and Mars, after all. Once he knows you are loyal to him and the relationship he will use his powerful energy to protect you at any cost. If he finds you to be disloyal, however, he will either shut you out of his life completely or do whatever seems right to exact his revenge.-You do not want a Scorpio after you for revenge, just saying.

He will open himself to you as you grow together and he knows where your loyalties lie, given, of course, that they lie with him. Don’t try to pry too quickly into the depths of who he is, though. Scorpios hate that. These men are private souls who will share when it’s time to share and they really don’t appreciate unwanted visitors messing around in their headspace.

I’m not saying things should be one-sided, not at all. You can open up to him at whatever rate feels right for you, so don’t feel any pressure to give him your whole life story complete with medical records on the third date. Let things progress naturally and stay true to who you are and if the relationship is meant to persist it will.

Be Willing To Go All In

Scorpio men don’t too much get into casual dating. These guys are intense and they don’t really do anything “casually.” If you truly want to get into a deep relationship with a Scorpio man you’ve got to be willing to go all in and not try to keep him on your hook with no intentions of moving forward. To a Scorpio this is cruel and will cause him to feel emotionally hurt, which he hates.

It’s not just n relationships that he will have this all or nothing mentality, either. No sir. Scorpios do everything with the intention of giving it their all. They are stubborn and can be rather dominating and have no qualms about going after what they want, whether it be a car, a job, or a partner. Make sure that you are ready for his intensity, too, because it doesn’t stop at being “all in” the relationship.

The Scorpio man brings his intensity everywhere he goes, including the bedroom. He will never pressure you to do more than you are comfortable with, but he will offer you the opportunity and give you nudge in the direction of some intense sexual rendezvous, so prepare adequately. Once you get there you will not regret it, trust me on that!

Stand Up For Yourself

As dominating as he can be, he doesn’t want a partner who is a proverbial doormat. If you want to run with the big dogs and become intertwined with a Scorpio man you’ve got to be able to effectively defend yourself and your position, whatever your position may be. I’m not saying to pick fights with him, in fact, that’s not a good idea at all, what I mean here is to be able to handle your business and show yourself as a worthy counterpart who he can travel through life with on his quest for success.

There are bound to be some bouts of drama and probably a few heated disagreements with any Scorpio you get close enough to, so know that this is a part of who he is.

He will be the dominant force in any environment, but if you can stand your ground with him, or anyone for that matter, he’ll know you can handle him as he is. Plus, when you are dealing with such a masculine energy you’ve got to show your teeth from time to time. He’s a primitive creature, just look at his ruling planets- Pluto and Mars. These planets just scream power, domination and, occasionally, aggression.

Don’t sweat it, tough, none of this is meant to scare you, not at all. It’s just that if you want to be half of a power couple you’ve got to be able to find your own personal power and learn how to use it.

What The Scorpio Man is Like As A Dad

If you are planning, or hoping, to be in a relationship with a Scorpio man forever the odds are that you will have children together. Of course not all couples have kids, and that is a personal choice wherein neither decision is right or wrong. If you do have children together, however, you can expect for the Scorpio man to be a pretty incredible father

The Scorpio father will be very protective over his children and will defend them against anything that could cause them harm. He has an almost psychic link with his offspring and will stop at nothing to ensure that they are safe and adequately cared for.

He can come off as being overly protective at times, especially as the children grow and start to make their own decisions about their lives. His style of parenting is often seen as being authoritarian and he will not waiver in whatever rules are set forth in his home.

He has all of the best intentions for the raising of his children and his powerful presence will be known amongst those who hang out with your kids.

With a daughter he will be most protective and dating someone that a Scorpio dad doesn't approve of will not be well received, not at all. “Unwelcome suitors need not apply” is the motto of the Scorpio dad protecting his young daughter, and trust me, resistance will be futile.

The Scorpio dad pushes his kids to succeed and places high expectations on them because he knows that they can become something great. To the young child, a Scorpio dad can be kind of hard to figure out, but he will have a great understanding of them due to his highly intuitive nature. If he has kids who are biologically his this will be intensified. Scorpio dad’s are dynamic and magnetic parental figures, and their children have a great deal of love and respect for them.

Kids with particularly successful Scorpio father figures will undoubtedly be the recipients of a great deal of generosity throughout their lives, but will be expected to stay on the right path so that they may become successful themselves someday. He will help them to evolve and grow so that the children never become stagnate in life. This invaluable trait will be one your kids will carry with them throughout life, placing them a step ahead of a lot of the population already.

It’s a tossup when it comes to how other kids in the neighborhood will perceive the Scorpio dad. To some he may come off as being intimidating or overly strict, but he has his reasons and he will stick to his guns. Scorpio rules the 8th house in the Zodiac, which is where we find matters of birth, life and death, making the Scorpio dad a pretty good partner to go through that whole process with.

By the time his kids come into this world, he is ready and has mentally and financially prepared himself for the ways his life is surely about to change. He accepts his parental responsibility and takes great pride in being the best parent he can be. Because of the tendency to be a bit overbearing, Scorpio dad’s may make children who are rowing into adults feel smothered. It’s important for these guys to learn when to back off some and let their kids do their own thing. This can pose an issue, particularly to teenaged boys with Scorpio dad’s.

Overall, Scorpios make for great parents. The manner in which their kids are raised is usually more strict than it is lenient, but it is all in the vain of raising them to be responsible adults who have the knowledge and ability to succeed in life. Incidentally, Scorpio dad’s relate best to kids who are also Water signs (Cancer, & Pisces), but can be an amazing dad to any child he’s given the task of co-parenting.

Putting All This To Good Use

If you can come to understand the powerful Plutonian energy contained within the Scorpio man, you stand a pretty good chance of understanding how to develop a successful relationship with one of these guys.

They are mysterious, magnetic, powerful men who, when given the chance, make amazing partners and lovers. Pluto is a planet that is often feared in astrology because it is a harbinger of change and evolution, but change is a necessity to grow, and the Scorpio man is someone with whom you can grow and evolve both personally and as a couple.

Sure, they can be a little power hungry, but once in a relationship they are a fiercely loyal and loving partner who will never leave your side.

He is going to be jealous at times and you won’t always agree with one another, but in true relationships there are always a few issues here and there that have to be ironed out.

He may seem elusive and a bit clingy, and it does take the right kind of person to build a successful relationship with a Scorpio man, but for those few it will be an amazingly deep bond that is tough to break.

The passion and intensity that he has within him will astound you and he will open your eyes to things you’ve never even imagined. Those piercing eyes feel as though they can see straight through you, like he’s looking right at your soul, and who knows, he may well be. Scorpios are a special breed and are not the type to do anything half-heartedly.

If you’re lucky enough to snag yourself a Scorpio man and you are really serious about making him yours, you can do so with the help of this book. Prepare yourself for an intense emotional connection with an amazing man who can fulfill your needs, both sexually and emotionally.

If you’ve already got a Scorpio man and you’re just here for some pointers or to gain a better understanding of him, I do hope I’ve been of some help. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and go get your Scorpio man!

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