Capricorn Man Secrets

Your Personal Guide to Understanding the Zodiacal Taskmaster

Hi there!

I am so happy that you’ve found your way to this copy of my book on how you can attract and understand the Capricorn man. I hope you are ready because you are about to learn a lot!

Before we get too far into things, I want to tell you a bit about who I am and why I have written this book.

I am sure that some of you are still a little skeptical of astrology, and I totally understand that. Although you may find it unbelievable, I was also once a skeptic and had trouble finding the value in what the stars had to say about life.

Back then, I did not fully grasp that, through studying the stars, I could gain a better understanding of people based simply on the conditions present in the universe at the exact moment they were born. Back then, I had no concept of how much astrology was going to change the course of my life.

All that changed when I went through a rough patch with the man I now consider the love of my life and, thanks to my mother insisting that I took a trip to visit a distant aunt of mine whom I had not seen in ages.

That trip opened my eyes to the possibilities of what astrology had to offer, and I never turned back. What my aunt had to show me was how incredibly valuable this knowledge could be, and how astrology could help me to gain a solid understanding of my man and my relationship.

After spending some much-needed “me” time by getting to know my aunt, who is an amazing astrologer, I came to realize that by understanding more about him astrologically, I could learn so much, dig deep into the depths of his psyche and understand who he was as a person.

I was convinced that this new level of understanding could and would help me keep him in my life forever...And I have to say, so far so good!

Honestly, I have my mother to thank for the long awaited introduction to my aunt. Thanks to their strong sense of family heritage and staying true to who you are, I was able to explore the wonders of astrology and learn more about my partner, as well as myself, more than I could have ever before imagined. This is where my journey into astrology officially began.

One year my mother suggested that I get to understand my own heritage a bit better by traveling to Romania, just outside of Bucharest, to spend some time with my aunt. Unbeknownst to me, she was, and is, a much-respected astrologer within her close-knit circle of friends and clients.

She had been a practicing astrologer to some high-end clientele for several decades, and she really knew her stuff. Not only that, but she had this crazy kind of connection to, and understanding of, the Universal energies inherent within each of us that I found fascinating.

As I said, I was skeptical at first, but as it turned out, she really knew how to get to the heart of things just by asking a few simple questions about when my Taurus man was born.

I was absolutely floored at all the things she was able to tell and at how detailed her insights into our situation were, and all with very little information from me beyond his birth time, date, and location. I mean, it really gave me chills.

This is what inspired me to write this amazing book you are reading right now. Within these pages, you will find the secrets guarded by the stars that will help you understand your Capricorn man better.

Using this information, you will be able to connect with him on a level that will help you build the relationship that may have up until now seemed to be just outside your reach.

After years of studying my craft and working with many private clients seeking guidance and relationship advice, I am now able to extract a great deal of information about each sign and the way they relate to one another in relationships.

My goal here is to share these secrets with you so that you, too, may benefit from your astrological guidebook to life that we are all born with.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to share with you a quick story with you. This is the story of one of my closest long- term clients, a particularly intense Aries, and of the way she gained a closer relationship and a better understanding with her Capricorn man she had fallen head over heels for.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with hundreds, maybe even thousands of women seeking out advice or help with how to find success in their relationships. Of the many stories that I have heard, I will never forget one or two clients.

Linda the Aries was intensity incarnate, I mean, this woman could accurately be referred to as being larger than life. Linda was successful and held a good amount of power in her circle of friends and associates, and there was something about her that this Capricorn man just could not resist.

These two met when they were in high school, they even dated briefly back then, but him being several years older than her, they eventually went their separate ways and built separate lives of their own.

Three failed marriages between them and 15 years later, Linda had returned to the small town where the two grew up and was diligently working on building her empire, as she always told her friends, family, and well, whoever would listen.

The two got back together when her Capricorn heard through the grapevine that she was all set to marry a prominent doctor in town. He thought it was all over, but ringed her phone anyway, just to see.

Seeing as how she was not actually set to marry the doctor, and in fact, the doctor already had a wife who wasn’t willing or ready to give up her name and stature, Linda agreed to a date with her old flame. The rest, as they say, is history.

Linda and her Capricorn man were able to build a wonderful life together, full of wealth, status, and power. All of the things they both strive so hard to attain. The Capricorn man, we will call him Tom, and Linda shared their great work ethic and drive to achieve more than the average bear. Therefore, between them, a great love developed.

Had it not been for the positive aspects in their synastry and composite charts, there were several times throughout the last few years that Linda has related to me she would not have tried so hard to make things work through the hard times. That said, her and Tom’s life together has played out very close to the life depicted for them in the stars.

In fact, they both have more rich, fulfilling lives than either of them had ever dreamed. Had they cut it short, who knows where they would be right now?

Luckily for them, they listened to their intuition and trusted the promise held in the stars that this relationship would bring great success and happiness to their lives.

Surely, that happiness and success wouldn’t have been as possible had Linda continued being so critical of Tom when things went wrong, but through trusting and using the knowledge about her love revealed in his natal chart, Linda was able to permanently turn things around for the better.

These two surely had their fair share of problems. There were a few times through the years where she kicked him out in a furious fit of anger and he calmly listened, not saying a word.

He called her a few days or weeks later saying she had a jar that she could not open (or something like that), and perhaps he would be gracious enough to lend a hand.

Well, of course, once he was back in her presence, all she had to do was ask him to stay and he would do it in a heartbeat. This is a part of what makes the Capricorn man’s sense of loyalty second to none. He made the choice to stand by her and, through thick and thin and he kept his promise.

Who knows what direction their respective lives would have taken, hadn’t Linda the Aries found her way to a good astrologer when she did? I could go on forever and share countless stories of how astrology has allowed me to help countless couples find true happiness together.

This is why I have this valuable offer to share my knowledge with you so that you, too, may benefit from the magic held within your own stars. People are always saying how it is too bad life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but what most of these people don’t understand is that it does!

Astrology is literally your own personal guidebook and instruction manual, revealing your true path to happiness and relationship success. All have to do is take the time to decode the messages waiting specifically for you and follow your stars’ advice.

As you work your way through the pages of this book, you will learn how to not only attract that Capricorn man on your mind, but also how to connect with him and understand his inner workings.

Using this knowledge, you will be equipped to develop a relationship with a substance that will last. Who knows, you may even decide to start, or further, your own journey in learning all about astrology!

So, now, let’s get started and get into the headspace of your Capricorn man so that you may find the relationship success you have been longing for and successfully go after it. I wish you all the very best of luck!


First Things First - The Capricorn Basics

Before we delve too deeply into the secrets of the Capricorn man, let’s take a look at the basics and talk a little about the fundamental characteristics of this down to earth Sun sign.

Born between December 22nd and January 20th, Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the symbol of the goat or a sea-goat.

This visual representation of what the Capricorn man’s psyche is all about is connected to the determination and drive to achieve present in Capricorn personalities. The ‘horn’ represents the feast made possible by the dedication and hard work, two traits synonymous with Capricorn.

The Sun actually moves into the constellation Capricorn at the time of the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, which is then followed by the gradual return of longer, warmer days.

It was at this time when the ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a festival of Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn. The Romans held this festival each year to honor Saturn and to celebrate the agricultural rewards of their labor.

The exact mythological origins of the constellation Capricorn is a topic of debate, with some believing the goat to be a representation of the Greek demigod Pan, others believe the sea- goat to be connected with Pricus, the father of sea-goats who was created by Chronos, the Greek god of time.

There are several other theories on where exactly the fastidious sea-goat comes from, but that is a topic for an entirely different book!

We associate each sign in the Zodiac with specific elements, descriptions, colors, symbols, and so on. Now we will look at what things are associated with Capricorn and what these things mean.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn, also co- ruler of Aquarius. Saturn gives your Capricorn man that reserved and stoic energy you have probably encountered by now, as well as the determination and drive to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

Once the outermost planet visible to humans, Saturn, represents obstacles that must be overcome and also responsibility and discipline. He is excellent at solving problems, and even makes it look quite easy to find solutions using only the resources available at the time-In fact, the Capricorn motto happens to be “I use.”

Being a Cardinal sign, Capricorn is extremely driven and prefers to be the captain of whatever ship he is sailing on. This can make your lovable sea-goat a bit overbearing and difficult to deal with, at times, but you can trust that he does have a plan and he knows what he is doing.

Being an Earth sign, your Capricorn man is sure to be one of the most steadfast and reliable guys you’ll ever meet. Having that Cardinal quality, the Capricorn man is driven to achieve and one of his goals is to ensure a stable, comfortable future for himself and for his family. He wants to build a legacy.

The season of Capricorn is winter, the toughest time of the year when we have to work hard and overcome obstacles if we are to make it successfully into the next season. Capricorn never gives up; it is simply not an option or even a word held in his vocabulary.

The mindset of always being in motion and working toward overcoming obstacles is inherent to your sexy sea-goat, and I can think of no one better to lead us through the cold winter months.

Each sign is also linked to a specific color, or colors. Capricorn is most closely associated with dark brown and black, keeping with the earthy Saturnian vibe. Each sign in the zodiac is also connected to a specific crystal or gemstone and resonates the vibrations held within.

Capricorn’s gemstone is garnet, a gem which holds a vibration that attracts success, popularity, true love, and self-esteem, things that some don’t realize are actually quite important to the Capricorn personality, due to his naturally standoffish and cynical nature.

Along with symbols, colors, planets, and stones, each sign is also linked to a specific part of the human body. Capricorn is closely connected to the skeletal system-knees, hips, joints, bones, and teeth.

Many Capricorns have amazing bone structure, but often times those born under this determined Sun sign will experience problems with the joints, knees, hips, arthritis issues, teeth problems, and the like.

Ok, I know what you are thinking-this is interesting and all, but it doesn't tell you a whole lot about your Capricorn man and how to get closer to him, right?

Don’t worry, we’ll get to that! As we go through this book, I will explain a little about astrology and the way the horoscope works. I will also explain a lot about what the Capricorn man really is like on a deeper level (and how you can make him fall for you).

Together, we will delve deep into the Capricorn psyche, allowing you to gain a truly deep understanding of how he works, why he does the things he does, and how you can get closer to him. Moreover, as you come to understand all of this and put the pieces of the puzzle together, you will see why knowledge of his basic traits and origin is so valuable.

When you get to the end of this book and learn to put all these pieces together, I am confident that things will click, and you will be able to relate to him in a way that makes him stop for a moment and think seriously about you and expanding your relationship and connection.

The information contained in this book extends far beyond what you can find with a quick Google search about your Capricorn man. My goal is to arm you with EVERYTHING you need to know not only to attract and keep your Capricorn man but also to make him fall head over heels in love with you.

In order to achieve this, we must look beyond the typical Capricorn information that most see as common knowledge.

Just as there are many facets to each individual’s personality, there are as many facets to every horoscope and astrological chart, and we will make our way through many of them here. To begin with, let’s explore what gives us our vitality and our driving force. Let’s explore the Sun in astrology.


The Sun - Our Astrological Driving Force

In order to get a good initial idea of what someone is all about based on astrology, we look primarily to the placement of the Sun in their natal chart. This is why we refer to the different signs of the zodiac as “Sun signs.”

The Sun’s placement in the skies at the time of your birth is what creates the core element of your main personality traits. Now, there is so much more to a person than simply where the Sun lies, however, the Sun is the largest factor in what determines a person’s fundamental astrological disposition. Essentially, this is the key starting point of reference when reading a natal chart.

We see the solar system as being a heliocentric system of planets all revolving around, you guessed it, the Sun. Your astrological chart uses the same precedent. This term is actually derived from the Greek terminology “Helios,” which simply translates to “Sun.”

In astrology, the placement of your Sun is a strong indication of your conscious thoughts and tells a lot about who you are at your core.

This explains why people born under the same Sun sign can be very different yet still have many of the same fundamental characteristics. In a Freudian sense, the Sun would be your Ego in the whole id and ego theory.

You will find, as we go through and you learn more about astrology as a whole, that there are many theoretical concepts that have molded the way we look at modern astrology.

There is also a myriad of different terminologies used that you will become accustomed to and learn the meanings of, should you choose to delve deeper into learning about the amazing art of astrology. This, of course, depends on how deep into astrology you intend on going.

For now, we will keep things relatively simple and stick with just learning the basics so you don’t constantly have to Google this or that as you read through this book.

Now, as I have said, there are many facets to your horoscope beyond one’s Sun placement. You may have your Sun in Virgo, but your Mercury in Leo, giving you the fundamental practicality of a Virgo on the surface, but the way your mind works and processes information and communication would be more linked to how a fiery Leo thinks.

Think of the Sun as being the foundation that the rest of your personality is built on.

You may be wondering why I’m going into so much detail about all the technical aspects just to find out how to get to the heart of your Capricorn man, but trust me, there is a method to my madness.

I want you to be able to understand how his mind works, inside and out, so you can see the full picture of what he is all about.

As much as I would love to be able to give you that even of understanding with a simple explanation, there is nothing “simple” about astrology.

It takes quite a bit of effort and a lot of time and dedication to be able to decode one’s personality using the stars.

However, by putting together the most important elements of his astrological background into terms that are easy to understand, I think this book offers just the right amount of education on astrology, in general, to help you reach the high level of understanding of the Capricorn man you are looking for.

To reach the level of understanding I’m talking about, you have to be able to decode the different elements of his birth chart and know what these things mean.

Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, you cannot judge a person simply by having knowledge of their Sun sign -this is, however, a great start.

Together we will now go through the different parts of the natal chart, and I will explain a bit more about how you can get to know your Capricorn man just by looking at where the planets were positioned in the skies at the time he entered this world.


The Cosmic Fingerprint - The Natal Chart

When you hear someone say they are “casting a natal chart” or having their “chart done,” they are referencing the cosmic snapshot of the Universe at the moment they were born. The natal chart shows us exactly where all of the planets, signs, and houses were positioned at the moment of birth.

The more information you have, as far as date, location and time of birth, the more accurate your natal chart will be. Just like we all have very different fingerprints and genetic makeup, we all have a natal chart that is specific to our own unique personalities and who we are and will become.

Some people don’t know their exact time of birth, and that’s ok. It is not ideal, but it is not the end of the world, either. Although this is an important piece of the puzzle, there are ways to get around not knowing you or your man’s time of birth.

Without the time, we simply create a more generic type of chart called a solar chart. This is what is used when you read horoscopes found in newspapers and magazines.

This is also why sometimes you may read your daily horoscope and think, “That is totally fitting for me!” and sometimes you think, “Man, was that off or what?”

In casting the solar chart, the beginning reference point is the start of your Sun sign rather than the sign and house that were on the horizon at the exact moment you were born. Hence, the term “solar” chart.

With knowledge of the time of birth, the ascendant, or rising sign can be derived, allowing us to see more depth of detail and where in one’s life the planetary energies will manifest and when.

The ascendant refers to the exact degree of whatever sign is at the starting point of the natal chart and tells a lot about how others perceive you and your outward personality.

This is your mask, or the face you show to people and can be considered to represent the side of your personality that you readily show to the world.

Astrological charts today are comprised of a 360-degree circle with the 10 planets (because we count the Sun and Moon as planets) and the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The signs are then designated to certain houses, which delineate where the signs, elements and planetary energies are the strongest in your natal chart. All of these celestial ingredients together make up your personal natal chart.

YES, we do still count Pluto as a planet.

In order to understand better how the natal chart works, think of a wheel within a wheel. These wheels are separated into 12 sections, each one being designated to a specific sign.

The outer rim of the chart shows us where the signs are placed and the inner wheel shows what houses the signs occupy. Which sign each planet falls in the chart indicates how we relate, act or feel, while the houses show us where these elements of our personality are felt the most.

For instance, if you have Mercury in Leo you will be more outgoing and impulsive in communicating your thoughts and ideas to others.

If this falls into your 7th house (where we look for relationships and partnerships) you will be able to most easily express yourself in one-on-one conversations, and you probably do your best thinking when you have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Interpretation of the astrological natal chart goes much deeper than that, but this pretty much explains the gist of how to go about creating and decoding a natal chart.


The Difference between Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable Signs

As I mentioned earlier, your Capricorn man is one of the four Cardinal signs in the zodiac. He is a go-getter who refuses to wait for others to get things started.

Holding reign over the 10th house of the Zodiac and ruling over career and life path choices, his Cardinal quality pushes the Capricorn man to push forward in his career and make good use of his skills and knowledge to get ahead in life.

The Cardinal signs include:

• Aries

• Cancer

• Libra

• Capricorn

You will notice that these are all signs that have a lot in common, one of those things being that they are signs with polarity to one another. Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites, and Aries and Libra are as well.

Those born under this quality are adept at inciting change and forward motion. There are also Fixed and Mutable signs. Each quality is a bit different in how they relate to situations and people, allowing for a good sense of balance within the Zodiac.

As a Cardinal Earth sign, your Capricorn man can be quite stubborn in how he goes about life, and actually, he seems to have a bit more in common with signs with a Fixed quality than the other Cardinal signs. It may take him a while to decide on what would be the best, most efficient plan of action with the highest odds of success, but once he has made his decision there is not a lot one can do to change his mind.

Unlike his mutable neighbor, Sagittarius, Capricorn is not very fond of change. He will make it work if he must, but having Saturn as his ruler, those born with a Capricorn Sun prefer to maintain the status quo. In other words, once he has found a method that works, he would rather not rock the boat.

The houses ruled by Cardinal signs are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, but we won’t delve too deeply into this aspect of astrology-Not right now, anyway. Just remember that these are the houses of self (1st), personal security and home (4th), personal relationships (4th), and career or life path (10th).

Although quite different from one another, all of the Mutable signs have in common that they are focused on moving forward and protecting the things most important to self.

They strive to make progress and cannot stand to become stagnate or stuck in a rut where their progress is hindered. Signs with the Cardinal quality can come off as being abrasive, but somebody has to do it, and I can tell you it will not be your Pisces friends you see out there making waves and standing confidently alone.

By now, I bet you are starting to see a bit of your Capricorn man in these descriptions we have gone through thus far. It is exciting, isn’t it?

Just wait, it only gets better and more intriguing from here!

So, what is the significance of your man being an Earth sign with Saturnian energy?

Just as each Sun sign is either Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable, each sign in the Zodiac is also connected to a specific element. These elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Some astrologers also include Spirit as an elemental influence, but for our purposes, we will just be exploring the basic four. Really, we are going to focus mainly on Earth, as this pertains specifically to your Capricorn man.

The Earth signs include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These are the most steadfast workers in the Zodiac. They are the ones you call when you really need someone you can depend on.

Not incredibly social, Earth signs tend to be more reclusive than someone born under an Air or Fire sign is. Less concerned with social popularity and friends, the Earthy signs prefer to focus their efforts on building and maintaining a stable life and adding to their worldly possessions and collections.

Symbolically, Earth signs represent intelligence, stability, and determination, and they tend to feel a deep connection to their roots.

They are not as sociable or inquisitive as Air signs, they tend to be less dominating and aggressive than Fire signs, and they don’t have the level of emotional intensity as water signs.

Earth signs have a deeply ingrained need to succeed, but keeping their nose to the grindstone and focusing on one goal at a time can cause your earthy friends to lose sight of the big picture.

They can sometimes fall into the headspace of not being able to see the forest for the trees and need the help of someone capable of seeing beyond the forest to help broaden his scope of things.

Your Capricorn man is disciplined and intelligent, and he would never leave a project unfinished, unless, of course, he determines that his current plan of action is no longer the best plan with the highest chance of success.

He requires more certainty and security than the other Earth signs, due to having Saturn, with all his restrictive qualities, as his ruling planet.

Deep down he has a desire for close companionship and he really wants to have someone to love, but he has some trouble in letting his guard down and achieving true intimacy with another human being.

The major differences between the earth signs stem from the controlling and slightly dismal views imparted by Saturn’s influence.

Where Taurus is ruled by Venus and has an affinity for life’s luxuries, Capricorn could not bear to consider indulging himself unless he was certain that he had the means to do so, and where Virgo is ruled by Mercury and can adapt to whatever situations come her way, Capricorn doesn’t like to have to adapt.

He wants things his way and will live a solitary life if he must to ensure that he doesn’t risk losing control of his life.

The Romans hailed Saturn as the god of agriculture, and the one who was in control of overseeing the harvest that was sewn that year.

Saturn also has connections to Chronos, who you may know as “Father Time,” that holds a restrictive energy and a knack for slowing progress.

Both of these Saturnian depictions are excellent depictions of how the Capricorn mind works and what their personality is all about.

The energy from Saturn is slow, methodical, and a bit harsh at times, making it important for those under this planetary influence to stay on track and not lose focus of where they are headed.

A stressed Capricorn who lacks the ability to head in the direction he has set forth on can come across as being somewhat mean and cold hearted.

With the mindset of being a workaholic, it is important for your Capricorn man to be able to maintain a positive balance of work and personal happiness.

Aside from these issues, there are huge positives that come from being ruled by Saturn, one of which is the undying determination to succeed in whatever he takes on - including relationships.

The combination of being an Earth sign, as well as being ruled by Saturn is what makes Capricorn so masterful when it comes to the achievement of goals, as well as really pushing his drive to learn and understand the world around him.

He can be far too hard on himself when things don’t go right and tends to be his own worst, harshest critic. A negatively aspected Saturn can bring on bouts of depression, causing him to become a recluse if he feels he is not worthy of happiness due to personal failure.

For this reason, it is of great benefit to the salty sea-goat that he has people in his life that help him see the positive side of life and show him that there is always opportunity in failure.

You can learn a lot from just being in the presence of these guys, but you might have to work at keeping up.

It can be more than difficult to get him to open up and reveal any sense of vulnerability at first, but once you have a Capricorn who has dedicated to you and your relationship, there is nobody better to have in your corner fighting for your love and the success of your relationship.


Common Traits of the Capricorn Man

In some cases, the personality of a sign can be easily connected to the physical description of their constellation. For instance, Taurus, the bull, is described as being stubborn and having generally bullish tendencies.

Leo, the lion, can be described as being regal and having more showy tendencies like that of a lion strutting his stuff and demanding to be the center of attention-Think of a cat who just won’t let you read the newspaper without doing his best to walk all over your reading material.

Capricorn is well represented by the sea-goat and the goat’s horn, or cornucopia, which together represent the positive rewards of a hard work and perseverance.

They will get you through the darker days and carry you into the spring-Not quite as cut and dry as a bull being bullish, but when you understand the background of the constellation and what it means, it makes perfect sense.

As hard as he can be on himself and others, you will rarely find a Capricorn who is lazy or unwilling to work (and if you do, it is almost a certainty that he is just going through a phase). In many ways, work and accomplishment are what makes him the happiest in life.

This can be difficult for some to understand, but just the same, your Capricorn man just doesn’t “get” how some of his peers can even consider stopping their work in order to relax or to go have some fun before the job is done.

The 10th house in the Zodiac, also known as the Midhaven, sits at the top of the natal wheel and represents career and your overall life path direction. As a ruler of the 10th house, Capricorn men tend to self-identify with their careers. Because of this, a failure at work can make him feel like a failure in life.

When your Capricorn man has a bad day at work, don't press the issue until he’s ready to talk about it. He may sulk and brood about it. Let him. Pushing the issue and trying to force him to talk it out will only evoke anger and cause him to feel even worse than he did before.

In our individual birth charts, the 10th house shows what field of practice resonates most with our life goals and ambitions. It is here so that we can see which career path one might find the most success in by capitalizing on our own natural skills and habits.

This area of your stars also shows in what ways you are most willing to give your all and dedicate yourself to high achievements. Just the same, wherever Capricorn falls in your natal chart shows an area of life where you are dedicated.

Considering all this, it comes as no surprise that your Capricorn man is masterful when it comes to achieving personal and professional successes.

The downside to his off the charts drive and determination is that he runs the risk of dedicating his whole life to working and amassing wealth, all the while missing out on the things that are truly most important, things like happiness, love, and companionship.

Because he is so focused on his goals, the Capricorn man is not one much for multi-tasking. He will work diligently on one goal until he sees it through to completion, and he doesn’t understandhow some others can spread themselves so thin and risk failing as a result of having too many irons in the fire at once.

Not one to act on impulse, Capricorn men are well aware of the reality they live in. He relies on cautious planning and the belief that one of the biggest mistakes people make is relying on anyone for anything.

He takes life seriously, some say too seriously, but he can gain a great deal of perspective from those who come into his life and impress upon him the importance of balancing work and responsibility with fun and joy.

I am not suggesting that anyone should enter the life of a Capricorn and convince him to throw caution to the wind, but there will be people in his life who will help him see the brighter side of things.

As he gets older, your Capricorn man will likely become less serious and miserly as he learns that he is deserving of all the good things life has to offer and to stop feeling guilty for his happiness.

Many Capricorn children come into this world being wise beyond their years. Actually, if you look at the natal charts of some of the people who are referred to as having “old souls,” more often than not, you will find they either have their Sun in Capricorn, a Capricorn Ascendant, or a strongly placed Saturn.

I am reminded of one little boy in particular who sticks out in my mind as being the quintessential Capricorn child. This little boy, the child of a very close friend of mine, is like a little old man in a child’s body, I swear.

I recall one instance in particular when he was about 4 years of age, he came to his mommy and told her very matter-of-factly that he had a headache and needed some headache medicine and maybe a nap. What kind of small child asks for a nap? A tiny Capricorn, of course!

That story also reminds me of an older Capricorn, the tiny Capricorn’s great grandfather, who is now in his 80’s. In these latter years of the older Capricorn’s life, and since reaching a high level of success built from a lifetime of hard work and dedication, he is one of the most delightfully friendly and easy-going men I have ever had the pleasure of coming to know. There you can literally see astrology in motion looking at these two Capricorns!

These two have many of the same aspects and energies within their respective natal charts, clearly exemplifying the common notion that Capricorn men seem to actually age backward.

Born with the weight of the world on his shoulders, through life experiences and learning to love himself, the typical Capricorn man will live out his later years enjoying the benefits of all of that hard work and effort he put into life.

When you think about it, it is somewhat nice to know that throughout the time you spend with your Capricorn man, he will continually grow more youthful and curiously charming. That means that there is always more to look forward to when you pair yourself up with one of these industrious men!

Your Capricorn man will not be the person who stands out because of his great conversational skills, and he will not be the one showing off and acting flashy to get your attention. When it comes to romance, his style is much more subtle.

He does enjoy good conversation, however, and, despite the melancholy vibe he can give off, he is actually quite witty when he wants to be. Note that I said good conversation, as the Capricorn man is not one to engage willingly in meaningless small talk.

There is far too much to be done for him to waste his time talking about things he finds to be nonsensical or just a waste of his precious time. Time is important, time is money, and to the Capricorn man, time is everything.

Another area of life where Capricorns tend to be drastically underestimated is in their creative abilities.

Where these creative skills are most useful for Capricorns is in their inherent ability to bring order to chaos and complete each task they take on in the most efficient manner possible.

His motto of “I use” is indicative of the ability to work with what he has in order to get things done, a task that requires next-level creative thinking skills.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes your Capricorn man really tick

Now that you know a bit about how astrology works and you have a general idea of what the Capricorn man is all about, we are going to take a deeper look into what really makes him tick.

As we delve deeper into the secrets of the Capricorn man, you will gain a more clear understanding of how his mind works, bringing you one set closer to snagging that salty sea-goat you’ve had your eye on!

To understand what makes your Capricorn man tick, you first have to consider what he needs in order to be happy in life. The pursuit of happiness is ultimately what all of us are working toward, even when you are a hard working Capricorn.

Throughout life, this is what drives our ambitions and is at the root of all of our desires. If you can figure out what he needs to be happy, you can figure out what makes him tick.

Your Capricorn man needs structure, stability, and a routine to keep things going smoothly and in the right direction. If any part of his life is lacking in these things, he will not be able to rest and feel content or happy until he feels stable and in control again. If you want to be in a relationship with a Capricorn man, you have to be capable of offering the emotional stability he needs before he will ever consider taking things to the next level.

To some of you, a routine is like a form of punishment, and I get it, really I do, but don’t worry. You don’t have to have a boring, same old day after day after day kind of routine, he just wants to know what’s coming so he can prepare accordingly.

Therefore, while he would appreciate a surprise weekend getaway more than a Taurus man, he will not appreciate chaos and mayhem ruling his daily schedule-it is all about striking a balance through compromise.

Unbelievably enough, your Capricorn man does have a fun side! He can be silly and even little wild & crazy when he wants to be. He doesn’t often show this side of his personality to others, however, as he wouldn’t want to skew the professional image he works so hard to uphold in public.

Once he has developed a trust for you and the relationship and feels comfortable relaxing and letting his guard down around you, you will start seeing a different, funny, adventurous, happy person.

To be perfectly honest, he is completely delightful when he is in the mood to have fun and when you realize you are in this kind of moment with him, enjoy it!

The thing about his “fun side” is that it doesn’t come out in the daylight all that often, so you have to indulge your inner opportunist and enjoy those moments with him whenever you can.

Most of the time, your Capricorn man is serious-minded, goal- oriented, and not concerned with fun and silliness, so cherish those fun-loving moments with him.

Pro Tip: If you can make him laugh, smile, and have a good enough time to help him forget about life for a while, you just might be “the one” he has been waiting for.

He is a loner, but he really does crave affection and companionship underneath his sometimes-unapproachable exterior.

Because of his restrictive nature and his no-nonsense approach to everything, he has spent (or will spend), a lot of his life feeling lonely.

You would never know it from looking at or talking to him, though. He is not one to express his emotions openly or freely, especially when he is lonely.

Even with the feelings of loneliness placing a proverbial dark cloud above his head, he is not willing to settle for a partner or relationship that is not right for him (save for rare situations where a Capricorn man might stay in a relationship due to some kind of feeling of responsibility or something like that).

He is one of the few willing to forego his own happiness if that is what it takes to fulfill his obligatory duties.

The Capricorn man doesn’t approach any aspect of his life with the attitude of, “I’ll just half-ass it,” and this goes double and triple for who he’s going to spend his life with.

It takes a special woman to attract and hold on to a Capricorn man, and you have to be genuine, hardworking, and honest through and through to have a chance with him.

Living with a Capricorn is like living with a living, breathing bullshit detector, seriously, and should he ever realize a woman has been less than entirely honest with him, he will quickly discard the notion of starting a committed relationship with her.

Because his career is so incredibly important to him and he places so much of his focus on professional success, it’s not uncommon for women who love Capricorns to feel kind of abandoned or deserted by their man. This is one of the hazards of being with him, but it is something the two of you can very probably get past.

The situation where you feel like you come second to his work one is where that routine can actually work to your benefit-If he’s not giving you enough attention and focusing all of his energy on work and sticking to the plan, put yourself on his schedule.

He would never deviate from the schedule. I will also tell you how to get his attention back when he goes into a workaholic mode in a further chapter.

At his core, your Capricorn man is really a big softie, but he goes out of his way to conceal this fact about himself. He hides his depth of emotion, which is all too often grossly underestimated until you have established a bond of trust and intimacy.

There are certain things he is sensitive about, and he doesn’t like having his feelings hurt. In fact, he will do anything to prevent that gut-wrenching feeling from taking over his body and soul.

If his feelings become badly hurt, he will separate himself from whoever is the cause of those bad feelings.

There are only a few things that can penetrate through his gruff exterior and detached emotional disposition in order to achieve giving him a case of hurt feelings. He can probably count on one hand the number of people in this world who are close enough to him to do so.

If you do get together with your Capricorn man and you spend some time together long enough, you will eventually make him feel this way, it is inevitable.

He will pout and give you the silent treatment-He really wants you to feel his disdain-As long as whatever upset him was a minor offense, he will eventually get over it, and you can go back to being madly in love with one another.

Capricorn man needs to be constantly challenged to keep moving forward and feel fulfillment in his life. He tackles work and career challenges with passion and intensity that helps him work his way up the ladder, all the while making it look effortlessly easy.

He gets compliments on his organizational skills and some people marvel at his sense of self-discipline, something he thinks is a bit strange but finds them unimportant.

The sign of the goat is symbolic of his ability to overcome all challenges and obstacles life throws at him, and a failure is never an option.

Not all challenges are stressful and terrible. In fact, it is good to challenge each other when in a serious, long-term relationship. Not in an aggressive way, of course, but challenge one another’s ideas and thoughts and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from/about one another.

When things in his life are no longer a challenge, he may lose interest. Alternatively, he will hit the pause button on that one thing for a few months or years until taking it back up will again hold his interest and offer a challenge.

I always imagine Capricorn as being a gladiator warrior, you know. Fighting it out, dedicating himself to training, an exterior vibe that doesn’t exactly send out the message, “Hey! Want to go out?”...the Capricorn vibe gives off a less friendly message, “Get out of my way. Now, before I start judging you and the life choices that have brought you to this point.”

Success and achievement are extremely important to his happiness and emotional well-being. Luckily, it is never really a problem for him because succeeding is just what Capricorns do, but be forewarned.

You are never fully prepared to deal with an angry/unhappy Capricorn who is feeling like a failure at everything in life because of not meeting his personal expectations. It is not pretty.

The other side to that is that he goes into silent mode while he deals with his anger at himself for not doing whatever it was well enough. Either way, a large part of his happiness in life is a direct result of his level of achievement.

Besides feeling accomplished in his business world, your Capricorn needs to know that he is appreciated and that his role in your relationship is successful.

He wants to know if it was good for you as well. He needs to know that! I will tell you how to let him know how much you dig the Hell out of him a little later in this book.

At his core, your Capricorn man is a genuinely good person. He can be stern, strict, and set mean on the surface from time to time, but fundamentally, he is honest, fair, and kind.

Having Saturn as a ruler gives Capricorn what seems like instant karma for his actions, and it is very likely that he has figured this out by now, so he tries his best to stick to a strict code of conduct.

He will not even consider an action if it falls into the three main categories of being illegal, illicit, or immoral. It would take something serious to compel him to default from this Capricorn factory setting.

His honesty is one of his best relationship qualities because this is a man who will never cheat on you or leave you because you hit a rough patch of life.

Often Capricorn men will insist on doing things the hard way simply because he has decided the hard way is the right way. He believes strongly that the only way to reap positive results is after putting in a lot of hard work and dedication, and he is not always interested in new ways of doing things that he is already good at.

Doing things the hard way is a habit present in most Capricorn children, as well, which I find to be quite fascinating and telling of how deeply ingrained a solid work ethic is within those born under the Capricorn Sun sign.

I can’t read my Capricorn man emotionally, does that mean he doesn’t like me?

First off, the answer to that question is, “no.” If your Capricorn man leaves you feeling like you are missing something when it comes to understanding his emotional inner workings, you are not alone.

It is quite difficult, if not impossible, to fully understand his emotional side. That is ok, though, because he does not really want anyone to understand him entirely...he doesn’t even understand himself entirely yet.

Being ruled by Saturn, your Capricorn man has not been given a whole lot to work with when it comes to being able to voluntarily open up and share his thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Saturn tells him he doesn’t need emotions, those only get in the way of success and slow down his progress in life. Emotions can be expensive, they can literally cost you your life if you aren’t careful, and Saturn just sees no sense in even taking that risk.

Venus and Moon positions in his natal chart will reveal the intensity of his emotional weirdness. When these softer, more emotionally friendly planetary energies are well placed, they can override or greatly soften the influence of Saturn.

A poorly positioned Venus or Moon can produce extreme trust issues, insecurity or confidence issues, or just cause him not to feel like he is able to express himself accurately on an emotional level.

Having knowledge of exactly where his Moon and Venus are in relation to the other planets in his chart and to the planets and houses in your chart can quite literally make or break a relationship.

You can only go so long with having a partner, someone you share intimate parts of your life with, being too emotionally closed off or just generally emotionally weird. At some point, something has got to give.

It just makes sense to look into his natal chart for some help, because if you wait for him to explain the inner workings of his

mind, you may as well be waiting for a ship that sank out at sea to return. It is not going to happen.

Understanding the energy created by his emotional rulers allows you to rethink your approach to getting through his hard emotional shell.

Tailoring your approach to your Capricorn based on his Moon and Venus, and, if you want a well-rounded representation, which we do, also his Mercury, is the quickest way to break down some of his defenses and get him to open up to you more.

Pro Tip: The placement of the Moon and Venus in your Capricorn man's natal chart will reveal the secrets to understanding his emotional style.

Unbelievably enough, there is a wealth of passion smoldering deep inside of him that’s waiting to come out once he connects with someone on a deep enough level.

You see, some Capricorns hide their passion deep inside and never let it out unless they are working or if they are in a serious, committed relationship and it is that kind of date night.

Other Capricorns routinely exhibit their intense passion for this or that (usually career it business related) like it is no big deal, using this excitable passion to cover up any tender, sensitive, affectionate feelings he has. Depending on the company he is in, your Capricorn may actually use both of these approaches to how he handles his passionate side.

People generally see him as being strong, confident, and intelligent leader. What many people don’t see, though, is that his inner confidence doesn’t always match up with what people perceive to be his outer sense of confidence.

Because he puts so much pressure on himself to be perfect at everything he does, he spends a relatively large portion of his time second-guessing himself and wondering if he is doing well enough.

He is always convincing himself he needs to work harder or do more to succeed, a thought pattern that gets him started down that slippery slope ending in his feeling as if nothing he accomplishes is ever truly good enough.

Should you notice your Capricorn falling into this vicious cycle of self-loathing and doubt, it is vitally important that something stop the cycle and help shift his thought patterns to realizing how much he accomplishes on a day to day basis.

Pro Tip: Your Capricorn is someone who really needs periodical recognition for his accomplishments, meaning that sometimes you will need to play the role of his own personal cheerleader.

Once he becomes well established, successful and learns how to maintain a balance between his career and personal life, many of his insecurities will transform into confidence and aggressive ambition.

There will always be that little voice in his head, regardless of how successful, rich, or powerful he becomes that softly whispers, “You could do better.”

It is the curse of the Capricorn man to become a slave to ambition and a prisoner to success.

Another common reason Capricorn men tend to be emotionally distant is because they are dealing with the memory of emotional pain from a time when they let someone into their heart that they should not have, or wish they hadn’t.

The salty sea-goat is a logical thinker, and probably the most logical sign in the Zodiac. Therefore, if he is hurt by a woman after he opens himself up and shares his inner workings with her, it is only logical to not let that happen again. Well, that is all good in theory, but ultimately that kind of thinking causes problems, doesn’t it?

Here you are, wishing and waiting for him to open up to you, but some chick you have never even met screwed it up for you before the two of you ever even met.

Sometimes life is unfair, and this is one of those times. The solution to this requires having a lot of patience while he rebuilds his ability to trust.

If this sounds like what you have been going through with your Capricorn man, don’t fret. It is not the end of the world. Even though he is ultra-cautious with trusting a woman again, he will come around as he discovers that you are different.

Pro Tip: The key to getting him to open up emotionally and knock off the weirdness is can be summed up in one simple word. Trust.

It takes time for a Capricorn to build up trust in a partner, and many women lose faith and move on thinking he will never come around to her.

When those thoughts come creeping in, consider this: If he did not think you would reach that point, he would not put any effort into trying. However, just because he believes you could make it to the next relationship level doesn’t mean he will give you all of his trust immediately.

Never lie or stretch the truth with him. One lie and that bond of trust will be irrevocably severed and you will lose your chance with him forever.

It can be frustrating going through the layers of complexity held within the Capricorn man. Getting to the place where you feel emotionally secure and you both completely trust in one another may be a long process, but what you are doing is building a solid foundation for an unbreakable relationship foundation.

When you look at it that way, it is not so bad dealing with his emotional issues, knowing at the end you will be closer to him opening up and have a good foundation for your union.

So many couples start out with unstable foundations and don’t make it together, knowing that you and your man are solid is really kind of a relationship blessing, I guess you could say.

The best tip I have, above all else, is to build a friendship with him before you become romantic with one another. This speeds up the building of trust bonds while adding an extra layer of protection to your plans to make it together in a romantic capacity.


Real Talk: The Best & Worst of Loving a Capricorn Man

With everything in life, you have upsides and you have downsides upsides. Nobody really likes the downsides, but it without them there would be no upsides, so it is all relative.

Nobody is perfect because perfection is an impossible goal, but you can bet your Capricorn man will try harder to reach “perfection” than anyone else you will meet.

From his unending loyalty and dedication to his partner to his nasty habit of seeing the glass as being half-empty, in this chapter we’re going to explore the best and the worst traits Capricorn men bring to romantic relationships.

The best of what he brings to the relationship

Ok, so what do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the good news!

1) He is fiercely loyal when in a committed relationship

Those born under the Capricorn Sun are unique in their unwavering ability to stay on their intended course. He has an incredible sense of self-control, and would never dare to entertain the idea of being disloyal to his partner.

Of course, he expects his lover to reciprocate his level of loyalty, and he takes his commitments quite seriously (I know, it’s ashocker), so it’s important that you are certain he’s who you want to be with before you commit to one another.

Your Capricorn man will love you as much on the bad days as he does on the good days-He may even love you more when times get hard. He is not one to run when things get tough. In fact, he has very little, if any, respect for men who disappear at the first sign of trouble.

You can rest easy knowing he is someone you can count on through thick and thin. This goes right back to his ambitious nature. Failure is never an option for Capricorn, not in work, and not in love.

This, however, doesn’t mean he will stay in a relationship that’s not working out because he’s committed to it. He is honest to a fault, and if things are not working, he will tell you. However, as long as things are working out and he intends on being with you, you could not ask for a man more loyal to his woman.

2) He adds a strong sense of stability and security to your life

There is something about his earthy vibe that just makes you feel safe and secure. He will be your protector and your knight in shining armor, but he needs stability and security within his relationship.

That said, if you are looking for something casual, or perhaps you are just looking for a fling, you might want to reconsider looking for a man born under an Air or Fire sign to satisfy your needs.

To Capricorn, relationships are a sacred agreement between two people. Despite his sometimes-lacking ability to express his feelings, he feels things very deeply.

He can’t function at optimum efficiency if his relationship feels shaky or unstable, and he will go out of his way to fix whatever elements of the relationship are at the root of this uneasy feeling.

One of the ways Capricorn men add an extra layer of security to their relationships is by taking on the role of provider. He is the kind of man who is happy to bring home the bacon while you keep the home fires burning.

If either of you ever starts to feel your relationship stability slipping away, it’s super important to address whatever issues are acting as the catalyst for those feelings and work through them together.

3) He has a deeply sensual side that is reserved for you and only you

On the surface, your Capricorn lover may seem shy and reserved, and maybe even a bit prudish. Few people know just how hot his fires are burning for the one who holds his heart.

If you are lucky enough to be with one of these sexy, smart, successful men, you should better prepare yourself for some deeply intimate and erotic encounters-seriously, he will blow your mind between the sheets.

As you might imagine, it can take some time for him to open up to you and let you see this side of his personality.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some Capricorn men out there who are total manwhores, but usually, this trait is found in younger, less evolved sea-goats who haven’t yet found their footing, and who obviously haven’t found the right partner to settle down with and give their all to.

Actually, many Capricorn men don’t marry and settle down until later in life.

If you want to get a sneak peek inside the mind of your Capricorn man to see what kind of freak he really is, look no further than his natal chart. The positions of and aspects to Venus, Eros, Mars, and Pluto in his birth chart will reveal how your Capricorn man deals with his erotic desires.

Observing these celestial energies within his natal chart can show you how to seduce him and draw out the sensual beast inside by entertaining his soul’s true erotic desire.

The moral of the story: Sex with your Capricorn has the potential to be the best you have ever even thought about having-And if that is not motivation to understand this side of him more in depth, I don’t know what is!

The worst of what he brings to the relationship

You cannot have the good unless bad is also present. Now that we have looked at the top three positive elements of being with a Capricorn man, it is only fair that we explore some of the not so great things.

1) He can be the worst kind of perfectionist

As I said at the beginning of this chapter, nobody is perfect. Your Capricorn man will try to be, but what he sees as an admirable trait can actually make him come across as picky, judgmental, and even kind of mean when he decides to point out how you should have done this or that differently.

Few people share his level of dedication to achievement. Which, on the surface seems to be a positive personality trait. However, when dedication turns into an unhealthy obsession with perfection, this trait loses many of its positive qualities.

When he sets his mind to something, it is going to happen. That is all there is to it. This is the attitude that carries him through life and helps him to achieve success in whatever he takes on.

When frustration over not being able to succeed in whatever it is he is working toward sets in, sit back and watch your sea-goat turn into a sea monster. When he gets into one of those moods, his words can cut through you like a samurai sword through butter.

2) He is a total workaholic

I have said it before, I will say it again..., and probably several more times before we finish this book...Professional success and achievement are the main things that drive your Capricorn man.

He never does anything half-ass, especially not work-related things. As far as he is concerned, his career path, level of success, and pay grade are all intrinsically tied to who he is as a person.

He has no problem sacrificing fun to get ahead at work. He has incredible work ethic, something that is all too often lacking in society today, and there is no doubt, whatsoever, that he is in the top percentile of everyone he works with.

He is so dedicated that he will even go into the office on the weekend and he is ready to face any professional challenge on his climb to the top.

This is great! In fact, it is fantastic. The only drawback to his ambition and professional obsession is the tendency for your Capricorn to place work above your relationship, which ends up feeling as if he cares more about his career than he cares about you. Because he takes his career so seriously, this topic is best approached with a touch of caution.

The most successful method of dealing with a workaholic Capricorn boyfriend or husband is to suggest the two of you have certain days or nights when you both forget about your cell phones, tablets, computers, and the rest of the world.

During that time, both of you should exclude your work lives out of the picture and focus just on each other and strengthening your relationship bond.

You will garner much more positive results with this approach than if you were to, in a fit of anger, demand he stop working and pay more attention to you. That kind of behavior is only likely to make him unhappy. Diplomacy is the key.

3) He has a bad habit of being a pessimist

Even when your Capricorn man has everything in the world going for him, he still has a propensity toward taking on a negative attitude. The intensity of his pessimism can vary and depends on the intensity and Zodiac houses involved in aspects to and from his natal Saturn.

For instance, Saturn in the 1st house indicates a lack of self- confidence and a tendency toward depression and depressive thought patterns.

In the 2nd house, Saturn is indicative of self-esteem or seeing only the negatives within himself, as well as a negative perception of earning a good living he can be satisfied with...and so on and so forth.

A positively aspected Saturn can have a positive influence on his sense of responsibility, wisdom, and maturity. However, even with the most positive Saturn influences known to man, there is just something about Capricorn personalities that causes those born under this Sun sign to see the glass as half empty.

This is a common trait for many Capricorns and it begins the moment they enter this world. As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, however, these guys seem to age in reverse (some have all the luck!).

Bearing the weight of the world they have just been born into on their shoulders and sporting a cynical scowl, as the years go by, the salty sea-goat seems to grow softer, more optimistic, and happier overall.


How You Can Impress & Attract a Capricorn Man

Now that you have some insight into the pros and cons that come along with these guys, I’ve got some secrets to share with you that will help you attract that Capricorn man and finally make him yours.

Getting the attention of a Capricorn can be challenging at first, especially if he is immersed in his work or other duties. Don’t sweat it though, after you’ve finished my Capricorn Man Secrets series you’ll know how to turn the tables and make him chase after you instead of the other way around.

The Capricorn man has high standards in life, and he never settles for anything but the very best. Therefore, if you want him to notice you, it is important that you exhibit this level of awareness of your position in life as well.

In other words, if you are a slacker type, you will have a difficult time getting him to take a second glance at you. However, if you hold a high position of stature in your professional field or in the community, getting the attention of your sexy sea-goat will be no problem at all.

Having such an earthy quality, Capricorn men hold traditional values and prefer to be in control. In a romantic relationship, your Capricorn man will want to be the one who wears the pants, so to speak, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for him to be the one to call or ask you out.

He appreciates a woman who is confident in herself and knows what she wants in life, especially when HE is what she wants!

One of the most confusing and frustrating things about getting together with a Capricorn man is that he’s apt to graciously decline your invitation at first, even if he is really keen on you. Obviously, this can give off the impression that he is not interested, but trust me; if he truly is not interested, you will know.

He will not usually go out with a woman until he thoroughly thinks it through and becomes convinced that she is the one...the one for a first date, anyway.

His shy, reserved nature can sometimes make it difficult for him to feel confident about initiating contact with a woman to whom he is attracted. It is because of this ultra-cautious approach that makes some Capricorn men remain single throughout their younger years.

Even the most successful and attractive Capricorn man has had his share of missed romantic opportunities, often ending with the woman walking away feeling as though he’s just not into her, whilst he is left standing there asking himself why he just did that.

The story you are creating with your Capricorn man doesn't have to go this way, though. Using the following tips on how to appeal and attract him, you can increase your chances of developing a relationship with one of these hot men.

So, without further ado...

Top 5 ways you can attract that sexy Capricorn man

There are a few basic things that will stop just about every Capricorn man in his tracks, and we will go over these now.

1) Keep it classy

There is nothing that will get the attention of a Capricorn man faster than a stylish and classy woman will. The Capricorn man works hard to achieve and then maintain a high position of social standing, and thus is a man of class. Of course, he is going to look for a partner who can stack up to his level.

Remember, he values tradition, and he will not be impressed by anything too flashy, too tight, or too revealing. What he will respond to, and to be honest, what will make him drool with desire, is an attractive woman wearing something classic, and in a dark color such as black.

What to wear: To wow and impress your Capricorn man and stop him in his tracks, black heels, knee length skirt with matching the top and an overcoat with your hair in an updo that is just perfect and your best pair of sunglasses reminiscent of Jackie-O style.

This classic look will drive him wild and show him you have class and style. Just be sure that you follow through and maintain being classy in all other areas of your life.

2) Appeal to his sense of humor

Capricorns get a bad rap when it comes to their sense of humor. A lot of people think that because their ruling Saturn’s energy and influence is so restrictive and limiting that these guys don’t have a good sense of humor or don’t know how to let loose and have fun. This is a completely bogus assumption that comes from people who obviously have never been close with a Capricorn man.

Your Capricorn has a goofy, funny, very chill side to his personality, but he goes out of his way to make sure this is not visible to the general population. That would ruin his reputation.

Work always comes before play, of course, but when you catch him in the right mood and at the right time, your Capricorn can be quite a lot of fun. If you know what kinds of things he finds amusing, you can initiate one of these moments with him yourself.

How to make him laugh: It is not easy to make a Capricorn laugh, I mean, he’s usually far too serious to stop for a laugh session. When he is in a good mood, however, you have a little window of opportunity to display your wit.

Capricorns have a dry sense of humor and are especially fond of hearing jokes or ironic stories about real situations. Think along the lines of smart, sarcastic, snarky jokes that not everyone will get, and you will be right up his alley.

3) Be confident and bold

Capricorn men are attracted to women who exude confidence and a strong sense of self. You cannot be timid or weak if you want him to consider including you in his life on the level as serious as a romantic relationship. Like a moth to a flame, the more powerful you are, the more he is drawn to you.

Part of the reason for this is because of his love of power and prestige, and part is because he knows if he is going to partner up with someone, she’s got to be able to keep up with him and accompany him down the path to success. If she is lacking confidence there is a chance that she will not be able to fulfill all of the duties his life partner will be tasked with handling.

How to draw him into your flame: Not everyone is super confident, and even your Capricorn man has his moments of self- doubt and insecurity.

If you have trouble with showing your confident side off in public, you can try a few things that will give you an almost instant boost of confidence just when you need it.

Power poses have been found to boost your confidence and mood levels, as well as release negative or self-limiting thoughts from your mind.

Having a mantra or positive affirmations is another way to give yourself a little boost anytime, anywhere. Show your personal power openly in his presence and speak your mind with meaning. He will take notice and listen (I guarantee it).

4) Be passionate about your career or whatever it is that you do

Capricorn men are passionate creatures who operate on only one setting, and that setting is to achieve goal after goal, always working on ways to be better and more successful than the day before.

He puts himself into his career 100% and he is dedicated to completing every task with precision accuracy, whatever the task may be.

Your Capricorn man would not consider coupling up with a partner who is lazy or who has a poor work ethic. In fact, these are the things that will quickly turn him off and you will never hear from him again.

He knows if he is going to build a life with this partner in the future, and she is lazy or has a poor work ethic now, the odds are good that he will wind up doing the majority of everything. That way, making success as a couple will be difficult to attain with one person pulling more weight than the other does.

How to show him you are passionate and have a good work ethic: When the two of you are talking, do not hold back about your professional life, your goals, and whatever your future plans are at that point in time.

If you don’t have a traditional job but you are an entrepreneur, or maybe you have some kind of project going on, whatever it is that you put the most of your focus on in your life, show him how passionate you are about getting through it and succeeding.

You can even throw something in there about how you plan to exceed expectations, that will really turn him on!

5) Engage him in an intellectually stimulating conversation

Some believe Capricorn men tend to be shallow when it comes to selecting a partner to date or marry, choosing a woman based on her appearance, wealth, or social standing.

While these things are considerable benefits, Capricorn men require much more than a gorgeous body and a stacked bank account.

Your Capricorn man does appreciate attractive women, don’t get me wrong there, but it isn’t the most important thing. He wants his woman to be able to spar with him mentally and handle herself in swanky social gatherings as well as seedy bars.

He doesn’t want a beautiful bimbo, he wants a classy woman who can spark his imagination and make him think, and who isn’t easily intimidated by other people who come from snobbish or powerful backgrounds.

What to say to stimulate him intellectually: When talking to your Capricorn man, you will want to keep the topics of conversation focused on things that are important, worldly, and, of course, interesting.

He doesn’t want to talk about what he had for lunch yesterday or where your friend is going for her date later that night. Gossip is definitely off the table as an option.

You have to come up with a conversation that has substance or don’t bother at all. Things you can discuss that he will find to have intellectual value include politics, the current state of war, new scientific studies that have recently come out and have to do with something he’s interested in (if you know what he’s interested in), or, his career.

If you can show an interest in him and the things he’s into and speak intelligently on those topics he will be delighted and probably amazed all at the same time!

There are other things you can do to enhance your chances of attracting a Capricorn man, but these five tips will get you off to an excellent start! As you get to know your Capricorn man better, you will learn what kinds of things he likes and come up with new and inventive ways to spark his attraction.


Astrology and Compatibility

Sun sign compatibility is a useful reference and starting point when looking at how compatible two people are. That said, there are many articles out there that support the notion that some Sun signs are either strictly compatible or strictly incompatible.

This is an oversimplification in the worst way, in my opinion, and wrong. Every pairing of Sun signs stands a chance to make it in a relationship; the deciding factors will lie in the other planets in the synastry or composite charts.

Yes, there are things about certain Sun signs that make them more compatible right off the bat, but if someone tells you that you could not possibly make it work with someone all based upon their Sun sign you need to move on and talk to someone who is a bit more educated on the topic of astrological compatibility.

A good astrologer looks at a combination of information, taking into account your Sun sign, your Ascendant, your Venus, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, and examines all aspects between the planets.

Then, if you want to look further into how compatible you are, and this is where many people become definite believers in astrology, you can look to certain asteroids and mathematical points in the charts.

Juno, an asteroid that represents what one looks for in their perfect partner is found aspected in the charts of many happilymarried people. The Vertex is a mathematical astrological point in one’s chart that represents a point in your life wherein destiny will come into your life. Often times one person’s Vertex is activated by the other and the couple either marries or has some other profound impact on each other’s lives.

Sun sign compatibility is a great starting point for compatibility between two different signs, but as with most things in life, the deeper you go in your investigations, the more you will learn.

Some relationships definitely take more effort and understanding than others to make things work and no two people will ever be perfectly compatible all of the time.

One of the greatest things about astrology, though, is that by reading the two charts you can figure out where your strongest and weakest points are in any given relationship.

You can as well unlock the secrets to your partners emotional style, figure out exactly what fuels his sex drive, and learn how you can communicate with him so he will not just listen, but actually hear you. It is almost like relationship magic!

Beyond looking at a natal chart, there are also what we call synastry charts (compatibility charts). With synastry readings, an astrologer can see how your planets all work together by superimposing your two natal charts together. This technique reveals a roadmap for your relationship and is a very handy tool to have at your disposal!

Composite charts are another option for determining the astrological compatibility of two people, only instead of comparing your two natal charts your astrologer uses the information held within your two charts to create a single “relationship chart.”

Both synastry and composite charts are wonderfully informative options to anyone wanting to understand their partner and their relationship better.

Many people believe that signs with the same ruling elements work best together, and on a superficial level, this can be true. In other words, Earth signs work best with Earth signs, Air signs with Air, Water signs with Water signs and lastly, Fire signs with Fire signs.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The reason these like-minded signs work well together is that generally speaking, they operate fundamentally on the same wavelength.

For instance, a Gemini and an Aquarius will automatically have in common that they are more cerebral in their approach to life and relationships, making their conversations flow rather easily.

This in no way means that someone who is a Virgo cannot have great conversations and develop an amazing relationship with an Aquarius.

Really, it all boils down to how your planets and Sun sign personalities interact, as well as where you each are in your personal life path. Luckily for you, and millions of others, astrology can reveal all of this and more!


The Art of Determining Compatibility with Astrology

There are many important astrological elements and energies within your charts to consider when comparing the compatibility of two people.

As I have previously mentioned, the two best options for determining compatibility between two people are with a synastry or composite chart reading.

These two methods literally provide you with a picture of the relationship’s energies, and a map showing you how to succeed together.

Knowledge of properly using these astrological techniques makes it easy to tell how two people communicate with one another, where they will rub each other the wrong way, and can even indicate things like whether or not marriage is favorable for the couple.

Both composite and synastry readings are useful and effective ways of mapping out important elements of a relationship, and both are valuable tools of the trade.

Before you get into a full compatibility reading, your astrologer will want to gain a good sense of how you operate and what makes you tick by fully exploring your own natal chart first. After all, before you can ever even begin to understand or love someone else or be able to relate to this other person, you have to understand yourself first.

Astrology can help you to discover new things about yourself and help you figure out how to handle certain situations in your life as they come up.

Really, astrology is pretty amazing, which is probably why so many people still put a lot of faith in this age-old practice of using the stars as a roadmap to the best life possible.

Once you have gone through your own chart and have an understanding of what all of your planets and aspects mean, then it is time to see how well your chart meshes with that of your partner.

In order to be able to complete compatibility charts as accurately as possible, it is always best to have each person’s full birth information, including the exact time of birth.

The reason is that only with the time of birth included can the houses of one’s chart be determined. This plays an important role in seeing where two people connect.

A skilled astrologer can work around the issue of not having a client’s exact time of birth, so don’t get discouraged if you just can’t get it.

Aspects between planets and sign/element placement can show how you relate to a partner, and the more birth information you can provide, the more in-depth your reading will be.

I definitely recommend that all couples, whether they are just getting into a relationship or have been married for fifty years, have compatibility charts drawn up.

You would be amazed at the things you can learn from your partner's planetary placements and how they relate to your own. If you think of all these charts as road maps for life, the compatibility charts offer you the chance to decode your partner and figure out how to be the best wife/girlfriend/lover you can be.

It can be a real help, too, for those times when things get rocky and you just don’t know how to handle problems that arise- When in doubt, consult the stars!

I will not go too much deeper into explaining the finer details of compatibility charts and all that, not in this book anyway. For now, we will look at the basics of Sun sign compatibility between Capricorn and the other signs of the Zodiac.

Capricorn Man with Aries Woman

Capricorn and Aries respect one another and both can feel the attraction building and building between them without any effort on either part.

These two could have a tough time getting a relationship off the ground, but once they figure out how to best relate to one another without making the other shudder in distaste for how they approach life, well, when that day comes they’ll get along just fine.

Capricorn, being an Earth sign, and Aries being a Fire sign, are not in any way dependent upon one another for life. Earth can actually put out Fire if you think about it, a reference to the overly oppressive tendency that some earthy personalities have.

The other side to that is how much the Capricorn man enjoys the company of such a high-spirited beautiful Aries woman.

Capricorn men are conservative, while Aries women are innovative and spirited.

As an Aries, you are always looking for new and inventive ways of problem-solving, but your Capricorn man quietly wishes you would take a more realistic approach and stop approaching real life situations with your cockamamie plans and schemes.

He is convinced, without a doubt, that you will get better results if you take a more traditional approach to life.

Both natural born leaders, Aries and Capricorn, can butt heads over who is running the show in their relationship. With Capricorn, Aries cannot get away with being the boss.

In fact, Capricorn cannot stand the lack of planning and fly by the seat of the pants approach Aries takes in life...even when making important decisions! Capricorn needs security to stay in a relationship, and between these two, Capricorn will be the one who provides the security, not the hotheaded, feisty Aries beauty he has fallen for.

Aries, being the first in the zodiac, trails behind most Capricorns when it comes to maturity. Secretly Capricorn enjoys being in the company of someone so full of life and determined to succeed, even if he is constantly surrounded by a burning ring of chaos. Sometimes, however, Aries’ reckless behavior can be the catalyst that pushes the sea-goat over the edge.

Often Aries/Capricorn couples fall into a pattern where the Capricorn person fills the role of the “adult” in the relationship. Considering their individual personality traits, this can actually be the best solution to the frustrations that come up between Aries and Capricorn. As long as Capricorn doesn’t get tired of having to conform for the eternal youthful Aries.

Should you take advantage of the fact that Capricorn will always clean up whatever messes are made, the relationship dynamic would change drastically, and not for the better.

Capricorn is not one to jump into a relationship on a whim, and his slowness can be a point of frustration for Aries. His cautious approach to relationships is unavoidable, so you really either choose to be patient or move on. The Capricorn man will not enter into a relationship until he is financially secure.

Capricorn has a deeply sensual side that will surprise and delight his Aries lover. It can just take some time to get him to open up to you that much.

The time Capricorn makes Aries wait adds to the anticipation and desire between these two. The pushier Aries is the less likely Capricorn is to succumb to her advances. Capricorn is not attracted to a woman who jumps into bed too quickly. Get to know each other first!

Capricorn Man with Taurus Woman

Some people believe that the Taurus and Capricorn pairing is a boring one. That is because when they come together, it is a very stable, down to earth connection.

The big edge they have to everything, as a couple, is also the thing that can cause some issues: neither is particularly concerned with taking risks unless they know there is a payoff. Where this causes a bit of a wedge is when his Taurus lover is slow to want to commit.

Both being Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn start out understanding one another on a fundamental level, making your compatibility come on easily and feel natural. Your Venus energy can help to soften Saturn’s influence over him and show him how to lighten up and see the beauty in life.

Both of these signs have big ambitions. They will come together and have a very strong mutual appreciation for the strength the other may have. However, as a Taurus, you may find that Capricorn is too stern and serious about things.

This match brings together a pairing of two very different planetary influences, as well: Venus, for Taurus and Saturn, for Capricorn. Saturn energy may seem very cold, and it is a very masculine planetary influence.

Venus, on the other hand, is feminine and inviting. For a Capricorn, it can be very frustrating to be with a Taurus female because, as much as she may want all those finer things in life, it takes an awful lot to get her up and working on them.

This pair shares the habit that once they have begun working towards a goal, there is very little that would stop either of them. The Taurus in this scenario will have more down days than the Capricorn, who doesn’t readily have down days.

In a traditional relationship, it can be fine that he is the one earning more, but you will have to keep your side of things up and running by taking care of your shared home.

The thing about this relationship is that you actually have a lot to teach each other. What your Capricorn sees as laziness is really just a willingness to relax, and what you see as restrictive or oppressive stems from his concern and affection for you.

Sexually, these two both have a closet full of dark and kinky secret desires. When you finally get to where you trust one another and you are experimenting sexually, you are going to blow one another's minds.

The odds are good that neither of you understands fully how sexually compatible you are until you start to share your deepest fantasies and it all comes out.

The other side to this union is the potential for boring, repetitive sexual experiences. If this occurs and you realize it, you can make positive changes by spicing things up. Have fun with it!

Capricorn Man with Gemini Woman

At first glance, the relationship between the Capricorn man and the Gemini Woman seems to be one with little, if any, potential for success. How could Gemini, the “eternal child of the Zodiac,” and Capricorn, the “Zodiacal adult,” possibly find happiness together, you ask?

Well, it takes a lot of cooperation and understanding on both sides, but it is very possible when both partners are willing to set aside their differences and make the necessary efforts.

Capricorn is probably the most grounded of the three Earth signs, while some would say that Gemini is the airiest of the three Air signs, placing these two at odds with one another.

You each possess qualities that the other could use a dose of, and you will have many opportunities to learn from one another and learn how to see through the perspective of the other person.

A Capricorn man who falls in love with a Gemini woman will act as her anchor for as long as she will let him, but it will break his heart every time she flits away for who knows how long.

Often the attraction shared between Capricorn and Gemini is one of a mutual need for one another. These Sun signs are so vastly different that they are drawn to one another simply for wanting to see how the other person goes about day-to-day life.

In Capricorn, Gemini finds a parental type, someone who will al- ways make certain things are taken care of, leaving little worry that bills will be paid and responsibilities will be handled. In Gemini, Capricorn finds someone so full of life and vitality that even the darkest of days seem brighter simply because of your association with him. It is not quite yin and yang, but it is close.

Gemini is far more socially well rounded than Capricorn, having many friends and the incredible ability to talk to anyone about anything.

The sea-goat is more serious and places much less importance on socializing than the twins. He feels that there is always work to do somewhere that is surely more important than mindless chit- chat or partying.

The connection to someone who is so well received does come in handy though, and Gemini can actually help Capricorn by making new connections, both personal and professional. In a business relationship, this can be an invaluable plus, opening door to opportunities for Capricorn that would not otherwise become available.

Gemini’s tendency to flit from one thing to another can drive Capricorn mad and is one of the biggest problems this couple faces when it comes to compatibility. Capricorn needs stability, something that even the most responsible Gemini may have difficulty providing.

You know the Gemini habit I am talking about (I am a Gemini too, do you remember?)...We may seem stable one moment, but the next thing you know we have forgotten the plans we were so adamant about following and decided to try paddle boarding instead.

Conversely, Gemini needs freedom and Capricorn can be quite stifling. Being the designated adult in this relationship means being the one to spoil the fun sometimes, which is not something Gemini responds well to.

Gemini’s work ethic is another thing that perplexes Capricorn and can cast a negative light on the potential for longevity of this romance. Capricorns need to know that their partner is responsible enough to grow old together. Ironically enough, Gemini refuses to believe that she will ever grow old.

When it comes to how well this couple matches up in the bedroom, they run hot and cold. Because Capricorn typically needs a commitment prior to engaging in any kind of physical intimacy, it can take some time before these two even make it to the bedroom.

Gemini has the habit of flirting with people on a regular basis, but not really meaning anything by it. We know it means nothing, but the Capricorn man can be really bothered by it.

Overall, this is not what you would call a match made in heaven, not by a long shot. If both Gemini and Capricorn can set aside their differences and try to embrace the things about one another that are more annoying than they are charming, then there is potential.

However, as I said, it will take a lot of work. Honestly, these two make much better business partners than they do lovers.

Capricorn Man with Cancer Woman

The relationship between the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman is well balanced and fueled by their tender and passionate love for one another.

This can be the perfect match in many ways, where Capricorn can take on the traditional male role while you, the Cancer, can fill the traditional wifey role.

Capricorns are about as well grounded as they come, a feature that Water sign, Cancer, appreciates. Capricorn wants to build a home with a loyal and dedicated partner, and Cancer is the perfect match, considering this is very similar to your dream life of a perfect home and family environment.

Both Capricorn and Cancer are Cardinal signs, giving the relationship a lot of energy, but also creating a bit of trouble where conflicting egos come in. As a Cancer, you don’t appreciate his domineering manner of handling some things, and you get confused about his emotional aloofness.

He can be annoyed by the emotional demands that come with dating a Water sign. He comes across as cold and uncaring when all Cancers are really looking for is affection.

Your natural tendency as a Cancer is to take care of those around you, especially people in your family and people you know and care about. Your nurturing and loving nature gives the Capricorn man a sense of security and stability, something he requires.

Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites of one another but balance one another perfectly. Both are loyal, both are intensely passionate, and both are generally working toward the same things in life.

On an emotional level, these two could not be more different. Capricorn doesn’t like to share his feelings, and he can’t stand to listen to other people whine and botch about the things that happen to them in life that aren’t fair.

Cancer’s wealth of emotions just waiting to be shared with him is sometimes more than the sea-goat can bear and he becomes mean or tyrannical.

Sexually the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman share an intimate relationship that has the potential to change the way both partners look at sex in the future.

Capricorn is the quintessential virile masculine man, while Cancer is literally the mother of the Zodiac. Their connection is sweet, tender, and loving. These two connect on a level that transcends the physical.

Overall, the Capricorn man and Cancer woman stand a good chance at making a long-term relationship a success together. These two can live a long and happy life in the traditional way.

The Capricorn man will be the breadwinner while his lovely woman handles home affairs and has whatever career she chooses, should she have chosen a career.

Capricorn Man with Leo Woman

The relationship between the Capricorn man and the Leo woman is an interesting one full of excitement, if, of course, the two ever get close enough to one another to make plans for a real date.

These two personalities are quite different and have different sets of values and manners of thought. There are a few benefits though, and for some, these make all of the frustrations worthwhile.

Capricorn is steadfast, stable, and connected to the Earth element. Leo is a highly passionate and impulsive Fire sign whose high-energy love and affection warm even the detached Capricorn man, bringing some of his emotions to the surface.

She is the only woman who knows how to make the Capricorn man cry on cue, and he hates her for it.

Both of you are leaders, and this is something the Capricorn man respects about his Leo woman. You handle yourselves very differently, him preferring to stay behind the scenes while you prefer the spotlight on high.

Together you can achieve a lot and it is very likely that you can amass a good bit of wealth together, but you will both have to make some compromises and sacrifices if you are going to make this relationship work for the long term.

As long as these two are getting along, things will go just fine. However, as soon as they begin to fight or bicker, Leo, being a fixed sign, will stand her ground firmly. Capricorn has the patience to outlast anyone for anything and anyone, so as you might imagine, this can go on forever.

Sexually these two can share some intensely intimate nights together, and neither will walk away feeling disappointed. If there is one thing about this relationship that the Capricorn man cannot get enough of, it is the attention and adoration he gets from Leo.

In the bedroom, the compliments and the warm and loving embrace are two very important ingredients of your sea-goat falling in love with the idea of his lioness. After Leo becomes bored with showering him with so much attention, her attention will suddenly go to something different.

Overall, this pair is at the bottom of my list of best mates for the Capricorn man. Leo is exuberant and impulsive, things that the Capricorn man disapproves of without even giving it a thought, and Leo says it feels like torture always waiting so long for the Capricorn man to do, well, just about anything!

The list of things to bicker about runs on and on, and unless there is an element of true love involved, it can be hard for this couple to stick together.

Capricorn Man with Virgo Woman

The relationship between Virgo and Capricorn is one that seems destined for success from the inception. These two relate well to one another because they are already on the same wavelength.

From day one, there is a strong sense of understanding what the other wants before it is even voiced that it is wanted. The main reason that these two get along so famously is because they are both Earth signs and they both have the same fundamental needs and desires.

It is true that like signs tend to pair best with like signs, Earth with Earth, Air with Air and so on, making Capricorn one of the most compatible matches for Virgo. Your Capricorn man loves the idea of creating a good, solid foundation for the rest of your life.

As a Virgo, you love knowing that once you create that foundation you are not likely to be going anywhere. The two of you feel you have hit the romance jackpot with one another, and that is a great place to be, don’t you agree?

Within this union of Virgo and Capricorn, you each feel you have found a kindred spirit. Finally! Someone who has the same values and the same degree of responsibility as you, who you feel you can entrust with creating and growing up a foundation for the rest of your collective lives. Not much could be better, or so it may seem.

Neither Virgo nor Capricorn are impressed with mushy displays of emotion. Virgo finds romantic displays like flowers or a box of chocolates to be superfluous, which works out because Capricorn sees things like that as being a huge waste of money.

When it comes to finances and creating a good solid sense of security within the relationship, these two are just the best. You work well together, have the same values and neither of you is into the endless relationship drama that some just cannot seem to avoid.

The only major downside to this relationship is in the area of romance itself. Both Virgo and Capricorn are so goal driven and practical that there is not a whole lot of romance.

While you each value responsibility and your goal-oriented lifestyle, you need to have a little bit of romantic fun time injected into the relationship from somewhere.

If one of you is able to accomplish this and spice things up now and again, you can keep the relationship from going stale. Unless you find ways to soften up your partner, the relationship will soon start to feel more like a close friendship or even like you are dating your business partner.

Sexually these two are very compatible. There is a lot of passion burning beneath the surface of Earth signs and the way you connect and understand one another, makes you each feel very secure.

A sense of trust and security in a partner is the key to unleashing the beast within both Virgo and Capricorn personalities, so the chemistry here is through the roof.

There may not be a whole lot of cuddling afterward, but you both get exactly what you need and you work to ensure that your partner is enjoying the experience as much as you are.

Overall, the Virgo/Capricorn relationship is one that could definitely withstand the tests of time. The main thing to remember is to prevent your romantic relationship from turning into a stale business-like partnership. Find ways to make life interesting together and the two of you can go very far.

Capricorn Man with Libra Woman

The connection between the Capricorn man and the Libra woman is fueled by more than just the undeniable attraction and chemistry felt between these two. They share the ever-present desire for, and the pursuit of, higher stature and status.

Their manner of achieving success and climbing the social ladder is quite different from one another, however, with Capricorn taking the path of hard work and dedication while Libra, ever the socialite, relies more on her intellect, wit, and immeasurable charm.

Being an Earth sign, the Capricorn man needs stability and substance in a relationship for it to mean anything, but to Libra, that sounds very restrictive and almost scary.

Libra has a very open mind, but tends to be a bit of an elitist, and can be found flitting about or making plans for the next big social gathering.

This can be a positive point of attraction, actually, with Libra opening up some potentially important social doors to higher associations for the sea-goat, allowing him into some new inner circles.

Capricorn and Libra support different values and have very different approaches to life. One major area of tension and disagreement between these two is the matter of how finances are handled.

Libra tends to spend freely and gives little thought to how much is in the account spend vs how much should be saved, or whether or not there are any outstanding or impending bills to pay before they buy that cute new hat. Capricorn works very hard for his money and cannot stand to see it spent frivolously.

For someone so intelligent, Libra can be incredibly flighty sometimes, a quality that can get on the nerves of someone who takes life as seriously as a Capricorn man does.

Libra sees the Capricorn man as being stingy and too much of a tight wad and doesn’t understand why he can’t just lighten up and have a good time.

If these two stopped and really listened and talked things through openly and honestly, they could resolve whatever issues stand between them and probably learn a thing or two from each other, too.

Libra has a hard time with the thought of settling down forever and ever, and may not be too keen on making a commitment to Capricorn that sticks.

Capricorn doesn’t want to keep up with Libra’s jam packed social calendar, and Libra has no desire to stay home on a perfectly good Friday night.

This can lead to jealousy and arguments, but these are generally quickly resolved. Another point of contention in this union comes when Libra becomes a slacker after realizing that, given the opportunity, Capricorn will handle all of the responsibilities. Eventually, Capricorn man will grow tired of this and decide it is time to move on to a relationship that feels equal.

Sexually, this pair feels a magnetic kind of attraction or infatuation with one another at first. Capricorn is drawn in by Libra’s exquisite style and grace, and Libra is attracted to his slow burning passionate side. After the newness wears off, however, Libra will begin to desire more romance and excitement than the sea-goat can provide, and her desire for something more will fuel his jealousy and create an oppressive feeling environment for these two.

Capricorn Man with Scorpio Woman

The relationship between the Capricorn man and the Scorpio woman is one with depth and intensity. Both are ambitious and success and power drives them through life.

Something about the Scorpio female makes Capricorn feel flustered by her gaze. This is a pretty big deal, as it is quite difficult to fluster the sea-goat.

The combination of Earth and Water is one that works to create a blend of both material and emotional stability between in their life.

Without water, the Earth would dry up and life would perish, not unlike the need Earth signs have for nurturing and finding someone who finally understands and appreciates the depths of their emotions.

Capricorn is an Earth sign with a particularly large need for a partner who can provide him with emotional stability and commitment, despite his cool, calm, collected exterior image.

Both prefer to live their life privately and they share the habit of operating mainly behind the scenes. This allows them to build their life together quietly without attracting too much attention, which is just how they like it. Too much outside interference in their relationship can create stress and pressure for these two.

The Scorpio woman has a temper unmatched by anyone else, besides maybe an Aries woman. If the relationship goes on long enough, the odds are very good that there will be a point where the Scorpio woman explodes in a burst of venomous anger.

You might think that the Capricorn man would respond in kind, really letting her have it. Actually, he does the exact opposite. This is where that whole cool, calm, collected side of the sea-goat kicks in and he will quietly listen before leaving in silence, or as she is still talking.

This steals her power and leaves the Scorpion feeling defeated. It is because of Capricorn’s ability to control his own emotional responses that this couple can make it work.

If he were to explode like she does there would surely be hurt feelings and words that they could never take back.

Their emotional styles are quite different resulting in each taking a very different approach to building emotional connections.

Capricorn, being the quiet, reserved type who works hard at keeping his emotions stuffed deep down inside, can be intimidated at first by Scorpio’s intensity and endless depth of emotion just waiting to come spilling out and over into his life.

Because both are naturally suspicious and skeptical of life in general, it takes some time for these two to form an emotional connection, but once they do, Scorpio is actually one of the few people who can draw out Capricorns deepest and darkest secrets and feelings. Once made, their emotional connection is almost unbreakable.

In the bedroom, this couple generates enough energy and intensity to power an entire apartment complex. Scorpio comes on a bit strong at first, but once Capricorn is comfortable and feels secure with his lover, his sexual drive and naughty desires actually match that of the Scorpion.

His energy is powerful and she feels safe from the demons that haunt her, and their souls intertwine in a powerful dance of passion. She evokes feelings that he has never felt before, and both end up feeling vulnerable for a moment.

Overall, the potential for long-term happiness together is there, but it will not be particularly easy getting to that point together. Neither believes that life was meant to be simple, though, especially the important things, so the struggles early on in a relationship seal the deal for some Capricorn/Scorpio couples.

Capricorn Man with Sagittarius Woman

The relationship between the Capricorn man and the Sagittarius woman is an unlikely union at first, but as the two of them get to know one another, they stumble upon feelings of affection and attraction.

Sagittarius rules over the 9th house in the Zodiac and is the sign immediately preceding Capricorn, so already these two have a good basis to build their relationship from.

As with most Earth/Fire combinations, Sagittarius and Capricorn have very different outlooks and approaches to life and love. Sagittarius is a highly energetic free spirit who easily succumbs to her feelings of wanderlust.

Capricorn maintains close ties to his roots and his family all throughout his life, rarely ever dreaming of visiting faraway places. He generally prefers to stay close to home.

Even though these two have such differing outlooks and motivations in life, they each hold a secret jealousy, or desire to be like the other.

He would never admit it, but Capricorn would love to be blissfully irresponsible for a day and put his energy into chasing an unidentified dream, and Sagittarius quietly wishes she could get her shit together and be a bit more stable and grounded. These two can learn so much from one another, if only they make the effort to do so.

An inability to provide the kind of emotional security each of the two needs will draw a wedge between them. As a Sagittarius, you can sometimes let your emotional responses take control, but we all know moderation just is not your thing.

Your Capricorn man will actually work to keep his emotions hidden behind his serious facade. Your emotional styles relate directly to your ruling planets and your Moon signs.

However, generally speaking, Saturn works to restrict Capricorns efforts to open himself up emotionally, whereas Jupiter works to expand things that bring you happiness, such as love and emotional openness.

In many ways, you fascinate one another, but you fail to understand the thought processes of your partner. Nobody ever said you had to understand how your lover’s mind worked, though, and that is good enough for you, for now.

Both are logical thinkers, but where Sag is happy indulging in philosophical thoughts, Capricorn requires solid information and works only with facts. Speculative pondering of the origin of man and the universe seems to Capricorn a vast waste of time.

Sexually, these two have a hard time getting on the same level, so to speak. Sag’s innate ideal of free love with no strings attached doesn’t jive with Capricorn’s need for stability and trust in his relationship.

You see, by the time this pair gets close enough to really get down and dirty, the Sagittarius often loses interest as things start to feel familiar and unexciting.

She doesn’t know that there is a burning fire of passion inside of him that would be released when he felt comfortable being with her and trusting her.

Overall, this couple is not one that I see a whole lot of success with, unless, of course, there are many other favorable aspects between their synastry and composite charts.

This is an excellent pairing for a teacher/student kind of relationship, however, as Sagittarius is the eternal student of life wanting to soak up all of the knowledge and information possible.

Capricorn Man with Capricorn Woman

The relationship between two Capricorns seems like it would be a perfect match made in Heaven, and it very well could be.

These two understand one another on a fundamental level, they share the same values, and neither has to worry that they will end up with a partner who drops the ball and leaves them to contend with all of the responsibilities.

The relationship between two Earth signs is one built upon a foundation of stability and security, for these are the things those born under the Earth element value most in life.

You are both dependable and allow your partner to have peace of mind that whatever responsibilities you are tasked with will be handled as they should be, without him having to check behind you to make sure it was done correctly.

The word responsibility comes up a lot between two sea-goats, and although it is very good that this couple never has to worry about falling off track, the constant weight of the world being felt on the shoulders of both partners makes for a rather somber kind of vibe created when two Capricorns come together.

There has to be some kind of an outlet for fun and excitement otherwise, this pair is doomed to a dull and lifeless relationship that eventually feels like a job or an obligation.

When two Capricorns join forces, the sky is the limit to how far they can go in achieving their goals together. Capricorn’s steadfast and dedicated drive to succeed is doubled when teamed up with a fellow sea-goat, making this power couple unstoppable.

Financially, two Capricorns could easily amass a fortune over their lifetimes, so that when they are older and the “aging backward” thing kicks in, they will have all that money to use, enjoy life and reap the rewards of all of their hard work. This brings new meaning to the term “work hard, play hard.”

Having such a heavy Saturn influence in a relationship can easily spell out doom for that couple and this is the major hang up when two Capricorn lovers come together.

The controlled, restrictive nature of Saturn does not allow for much of an emotional connection between these two star crossed lovers.

Over time, and actually, it will take less time because, if he can trust anyone it’s a fellow Capricorn, and being emotionally one with one another may become easier.

The thing is, both partners are living up to the Capricorn definition of “opening up,” which, as you would imagine, is not very much. Couples counseling can help to steer this couple in the right direction and learn how to be more emotionally available and in- tune with their partner.

Sexually, two Capricorns are either supremely sensual and intense in their lovemaking, or very inexperienced and wooden if they are in that period of life where insecurities and self-limitations create awkward intimate situations.

Which of these you will end up being depends entirely upon where you are individually at in life. And, even when your sexual styles are in line with one another, you sex life will eventually become dull and boring, unless one of you takes up the new habit of trying new things...and we all know that the likelihood of that is not very good.

Overall, two Capricorns may seem like the perfect match, but things are not as they seem. The truth is that someone as serious as the Capricorn desperately needs a partner and lover who is different from him or her.

The perfect match for a Capricorn is someone who can brighten up his day and help him find the positive aspects in life.

Without people like this in his life the chances of a Capricorn man falling into depression, or worse, never experiencing life, become

much greater. He needs someone to bring balance to his life, and who can make him smile.

Capricorn Man with Aquarius Woman

The relationship between the Capricorn man and the Aquarius woman is definitely interesting. It may not be very successful in the end, but there is potential for success if only these two can get past their completely different viewpoints on life, love, and money.

If you remember, earlier in the book we talked briefly about the planetary rulers of Aquarius being not only Uranus but back in the day Saturn. As you know, Saturn rules Capricorn, so you would think that these two would work out splendidly. Ironically, this is an inaccurate assumption.

Capricorn, as an Earth signs, is quite conservative and knows the value of sticking with what works. As an Aquarius, you are all about investigating, and possibly investing in, the latest and greatest, the things that are innovative, unique and anything that breaks the mold.

I know, I know, you are wondering how in the world these two planets can co-rule the same sign. Well, it is somewhat weird, but they just do.

In mythology, Uranus was the father of Saturn, yet Saturn stole his throne and title of king of the gods. Metaphorically speaking, this is what it is like when you have an Aquarius and a Capricorn together in a relationship.

Capricorn men are known for being wise, methodical, and tend to be a bit controlling. He values tradition and hard work above all else and keeps both of his feet planted firmly on the ground.

As an Aquarius, you often have your head in the clouds, and in case nobody has ever told you, your feet are very rarely ever anywhere near the ground!

You are both very strong willed, but Aquarius just cannot seem to satisfy Capricorn’s need to create stability and just slow down for a minute, or a lifetime. He sees the way that Aquarius acts and just cannot seem to wrap his head around it.

He just doesn’t get it-How can she be so frivolous and carefree and not worry about creating a cushion of material security? However, this intrigues him and he doesn’t quite understand that either.

Conversely, Aquarius is a little bit amazed at Capricorn’s ability to complete tasks perfectly and make it look so effortless. There is a lot that you can learn from one another if you both just take the time to listen and pay attention.

Neither Aquarius nor Capricorn is impressed with mushy displays of emotion. Aquarius finds romantic displays like flowers or a box of chocolates to be tacky and overdone, which works out because Capricorn sees things like that as being a huge waste of money.

It is funny because you can relate well on a lot of levels and despite what some think, there is potential for a long-standing relationship to develop between Aquarius and Capricorn.

Sexually, this pair can go either way. As I mentioned already in this book, Capricorn is a very sensual sign, but he does tend to be far more reserved in the bedroom than the more progressive Aquarius.

The difference between his version of being kinky and your thoughts on new and inventive ways to have sex, you can find a common ground where you are both comfortable and both satisfied. Over time, it will get better as you learn how to love one another and come out of your respective shells.

Capricorn Man with Pisces Woman

The relationship between the Capricorn man and the Pisces woman is one of deep sincerity and can go either way when it comes to long-term relationship success.

Both get the feel of this being a karmic connection they have found, adding to the intensity of the relationship and their connection as a whole.

The mixture of an Earth sign and a Water sign will normally herald positive results and a good balance of emotional nurturing and rational intellect. In the case of Capricorn and Pisces, this becomes a bit more complicated than with other Earth/Water combinations.

Saturn, as we have said, is a planet associated with the harsh reality of life, and has a rather rigid and unsympathetic feel to its energy. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, embodies everything that is the exact opposite of that.

Neptune is associated with fantasy, illusion, creativity, imagination, and escapism. These characteristics are at the root of problems in many Capricorn/Pisces relationships.

Capricorn is strong, and a leader who never backs down. Pisces will sometimes opt to take the role of the victim, in an effort to elude their responsibilities or situations they find to be unpleasant and/or be offered sympathy from others.

The soft and feminine side of Pisces brings out the Capricorn man’s protective instincts. As long as he wants to protect her he will stay by her side, and when she discovers this she may do whatever it takes to require his protection for as long as possible. Both of these signs have the capacity to manipulate their surroundings, but doing so, on either side, could end disastrously.

Because of the depressive nature inherent to both Capricorn and Pisces, this can be a dangerous combination if either of themwere to fall into addiction to alcohol or drugs, or any other escapist means.

Pisces can be emotionally demanding to the point of Capricorn not knowing how to respond, thus leaving her to feel as though he doesn’t care as much as she does. Open and honest communication is going to be the key to any success these two find in their relationship.

Sexually, this pair can share some supremely intimate and sensual encounters. Pisces easily draws Capricorn under her intoxicating spell, rendering him temporarily incapable of remembering what is on the long to-do list in his wallet.

His primal instincts kick in and the strong, virile male energy takes control over his trusting Pisces lover. Both give the other exactly what they need right when they need it.

Overall, this couple is not the worst, but they are not the best match, either. If you want to figure out whether one Pisces is compatible with one Capricorn or not, you would have to look closely at the other planets present in their charts, because as I said at the beginning of this description, this relationship connection could go both ways.


How You Can Make a Capricorn Man Fall in Love with You

So, now that you know just about everything there is to know about these guys (what they like, what to expect when you interact with them, and how compatible they are with each individual Sun sign), I’m going to share even more Capricorn man secrets with you.

I will now show you how to actually seal the deal with him and make him yours for keeps.

It is time to put what you have learned thus far to use and start building a real relationship with your sexy Capricorn man!

Most of us spend a big part of our lives looking for that one perfect love that transcends all else. We search and search for our soulmate or our twin flame, hoping that we get to be the kind of old people who are still laughing, kissing, and holding hands in our golden years.

It is entirely possible to achieve this and reach the pinnacle of love and happiness with someone else, but before any of this can even begin to be possible-you have to learn to love yourself.

Overall, it is not that difficult to attract a Capricorn man. There are many things he likes, and if you play your cards right, he will like you too.

Attracting him is only the beginning in your quest to finding true love with your Capricorn man, however. It is keeping him that you have to work at.

Before you can worry about how to hold on to him, you need to know whether he has feelings for you or not. In the following sections, I will share with you ways you will know without a doubt that your Capricorn man has the hots for you, along with some additional tips on how to attract and keep him in your life.

How to Know If He has The Hots for You?

1) He asks your opinion on things he is planning or doing

Capricorn men are independent personalities who are completely capable of figuring out what he wants and how to go about getting it on how own.

He will often ask the opinions or advice of those he sees in the capacity of being a mentor or something of that nature, but in the day-to-day life, the opinions of others are not typically on his radar.

If other people had such spectacular advice then why aren’t they all wildly successful, he has concluded, so if he does ask your advice on something it could be a way for him to get a conversation going with you and show you that he values what you have to say.

Taking that into account, it’s a pretty big deal when your Capricorn man begins to not only consider how his actions will affect you but actually asking for your input as to what you think he should do.

Remember that Capricorn leads, he doesn’t stop to ask permission (as long as he’s not violating any substantial laws or rules), so involving you in any personal decision-making process of this is pretty huge.

2) You overhear him telling friends or coworkers about you

Capricorn is not one that will comfortably chat it up at the water cooler, so when he does all of his co-workers know something must be up.

He tends to talk about things in his life that make him feel happy and accomplished, that is unless he is the type to keep everything to himself.

Not all Capricorns are the same. That said, when your Capricorn gets to the point that he is so smitten he is telling his co-workers all about you, you will know without any doubt that this man has real love for you.

He is building you up to his peers, family members, or whomever, and showing them all how much you mean to him.

There is a hidden part of the Capricorn man that really wishes he had a trophy wife that would make other men jealous. A good trophy wife will not only look good on his arm but will also boost his social standing with the other men.

Therefore, when he gets to the point where he starts to brag about you more than he does himself, this is a huge indication of his growing love for you.

For him to make it public knowledge that he has such feelings for you means he is either thrilled with your social standing position, or he is just that into you.

3) He lets you see his sensitive side

On the surface, the Capricorn man is reserved, shy, determined, and the kind of man who very rarely, if ever, lets his guard down. He is not really aggressive, but more stoic and concentrated on his professional goals.

It takes him a long time to trust, and until he does, he will not be comfortable opening up at all. When you do notice your Capricorn love begin to show his softer side and allow himself to be vulnerable around you, you will know that you have gotten into his head AND his heart.

It takes time to get to this point with one another, but the time you put into becoming friends and getting to know one another better will lay a solid foundation for love and romance.

If you skipped the friendship phase with your Capricorn man and went straight to the “lovers” phase, it will be more beneficial than you could imagine to create and nurture a friendship along with your romantic ties.

Once you get to know him, like really get to know him, you will discover that your ruff and gruff sea-goat is nothing more than a big old teddy bear when in the right company.

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Capricorn Man

There are a few key rules you will want to follow when it comes to dating a Capricorn man. To him, life is serious business, and he has certain rules and standards he lives by of his own free will, simply because he believes it is the best choice for him to make and way for him to live.

He may have a harder time settling down with a partner who violates these personal guidelines, but don’t worry, here I’ll go over the major do’s and don’ts that will keep things running smoothly in your relationship and keep him interested in your companionship.


1) Do be on time, always!

If you want to get and keep the attention of your Capricorn man, you have to be punctual. Capricorn men are quite aware of the restraints of time and, as a result, time is very important to him.

He thinks of time as being a rare, non-renewable resource, so he carefully plans how and with whom he wants to use his time.

When you are late it disrupts everything he has planned for hours, days, and sometimes weeks ahead. I know, it seems dramatic, but it is something about what he is definitely passionate.

2) Do let him know you think he is doing a good job

Capricorn men need to know they are doing well, it fuels them to keep going and gives them a nice little confidence boost. He is always working on something, and when he is not, he feels like he should be.

The result of all the work he takes on is a heavy load of pressure being placed upon him. The younger Capricorn men have a harder time with this and benefit the most from positive affirmations and reinforcement from their partner.

This also lets him know that you realize and appreciate his hard work. Many people seem to overlook how hard he works, so when you notice it makes him feel good.

3) Do talk about your family and your home

Capricorn men tend to be family men and feel responsible for the well-being of his family members from a very early age on. Remember, he is in a process of aging backward, so as a young boy he probably took on more family responsibility than he had to.

He still has a duty and dedicated attitude toward his family, and knowing that you are also close with your family will help him to see you as the perfect match for a serious long-term commitment.


1) Don’t ever kiss and tell

It may not seem like a big deal to chat about your date with your Capricorn man over coffee with a friend, but if you share too many of your most personal experiences with outside people, your guy will no longer feel the same way about your hookups.

In fact, he may break things off if he finds out you have been sharing the things that he thought were your personal secrets. To him, lovemaking is a very personal experience and he would never reveal your secrets to his friends. You can talk to your friends, of course, just don’t let him find out you gave away too many details!

2) Don’t embarrass him

Capricorn men are easily embarrassed by things they feel are beneath them or are a reason to be embarrassed about. This is especially serious when he is in the company of people of importance and high stature, such as his boss, client, colleagues or cohorts.

If he takes you to a fancy dinner with his peers, do you best to avoid any comments that will effectively place your foot in your mouth, and if you are not sure what someone is talking about, don’t engage in conversation.

The chances are good that the company he keeps can be snobbish and judgmental, and the last thing you want to do is make them think you are beneath them in any way.

3) Don’t pressure him to commit to the relationship before he is ready

Capricorn men are known for taking their time to do, well...everything, if we are being honest. He is cautious and calculating when making major life decisions, he is even cautious when making minor day-to-day decisions, but his caution can cause some potential partners to move on in search of someone who is more ready for commitment.

If you pressure him, you will only push him away and he will never commit. Getting together with a Capricorn man is, or can be, a long and drawn out process, but the rewards are long lasting loyalty, security, and love that's honest and true. Be patient with him and he will come around sooner.

Some of His Views on Commitment

The Capricorn man truly wants to find a trustworthy and loving woman with whom he can build a life. He is a family man, in that he feels the need to protect and care for his family, to whom he is unbelievably loyal.

Before committing to any woman, he will want to gauge his family’s response to her (if he is a Capricorn who lives close to/is super close with his family). As long as they give you the green light, all you have to do is continue to impress your Capricorn himself.

He needs stability in his life and gravitates toward things that provide him with such. If you want him to commit to you and only you, you have to find ways to make him feel a sense of security and stability from your relationship.

Having a partner who will be able to help him continue to build a positive and rewarding life is important when choosing a wife or girlfriend, and being able to add stability to his life lets him know you are that girl.

Some Capricorns do marry for money or stature, this is true, but not all, and not even many marry for these reasons. For the most part, Capricorn men commit to women who they can see themselves building a future with, and who have a good head on their shoulders. If you want him to think of you as the woman he could settle down with, you have to put yourself together. Period.

He wants to know that the future mother of his children, or, if he doesn’t want children or already has some, his future life partner, is truly dedicated to the relationship and their shared goals before he will officially seal the deal and commit to a woman.

If you are not yet sure about your path in life, he may suggest that the two of you revisit the idea of commitment six months or a year from that date. Committing to someone is a huge deal, so if he puts himself into it, he wants to know that you are ready to do the same.

Coaxing him into committing to you will take time, but once he does, he will be yours forever. Unless, of course, you give him a reason to leave or if you leave him.

How to Get Your Capricorn Man into Bed

Capricorn men have the reputation of being prudes, when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I mean, he is definitely no man whore-unless he is going through a hypersexual phase.

He connects sex and love, and he feels strongly that you cannot have one without the other. Without love, sex leaves him feeling empty and unfulfilled, and without sex, love seems cold and unloving. Therefore, he has to feel a genuine connection with his partner, as well as trust them with his heart before he will engage in physical intimacy.

He is attracted to women who are classy and intellectual and who have loads of self-confidence. After all, there is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman that exudes confidence that shines through her body language.

You will have plenty of time to get to know his mind and heart before you get to know his body, but when you do, prepare to be blown away!

We will go into every facet of sexuality and your Capricorn man, to include what it is like being intimate with him, in my “Sextrology” book (included in your Capricorn man secrets series). For now, just know that he is definitely worth the wait!

A Few Last Words of Advice on How to Make Your Relationship Last

It takes a special kind of woman to land one of these amazing men, but it takes an even more amazing woman to figure out how to make the relationship with her Capricorn man last forever and ever.

Here I have listed the biggest things I hear from my clients who love Capricorn men, and I think there are even a few bits of advice from a Capricorn man himself on how you can create an atmosphere that makes him stick around and an energy that keeps him there because he is happy.

Maintain some level of healthy competition between you and your Capricorn man!

Capricorn is one of the most competitive signs in the Zodiac, and this competitive edge is part of what keeps him working toward bigger, better goals and achievements.

He finds some kind of competition in just about everything he does. If you can throw out a little friendly wager and engage in some activity that is competitive yet fun, your Capricorn man will begin to see you, not just as a friend and lover, but also as an equal and someone who pushes him to be the best version of himself.

Moreover, competition keeps you on your toes, and research has shown that couples who keep it competitive (and loving/friendly) tend to have longer lasting and happier marriages.

If you want to keep his interest, you have to keep him on his toes!

If you haven’t already, make it a point to become close friends and really get to know one another well

Any relationship will be improved by the foundation being built on and growing into a strong friendship. Even if you and your Capricorn man did not start out as friends, that is ok! You can start right now and work on strengthening the friendship area of your relationship and connection.

This is not only a strengthening exercise to improve the longevity of your relationship, it provides you with a more objective view of your partner, should you get into a major blowout.

One of the best pieces of advice I have for anyone in a relationship, regardless of their Zodiac sign affiliation, is to nurture the friendship you have with your partner.

If you plan to be together forever, this is whom you will be spending the last years of your life with...Can you imagine spending those years with someone who is not your best friend? It is kind of a scary thought.

~ When everything else fell apart, they still had their friendship to rely on ~

Be available for him and for the relationship

Capricorn men are complex creatures who require both a lot of attention from her partner, as well as a good bit of time to themselves.

If he doesn’t get enough attention from his partner, the Capricorn man can become jealous or feel insecure about his performance, thinking there is something he’s done that’s causing his lady to ignore him.

If his mate is overly needy or clingy, refusing to give him the space he needs to gather his thoughts in peace, the Capricorn man becomes grouchy and intolerant of things that he disagrees with. It is important to remember with the Capricorn man, sometimes to be there for him you have to be in his personal space less.

Being available for him includes being nurturing and loving toward him. He needs the love and support of his woman to push him to greater heights than he could alone.

Things like taking the time to offer words of encouragement and motivation are what he thinks back to when things become tough. Being the beam of positive light in his all too often pessimistic world means more than you may ever realize.

When we get right down to it, your Capricorn man needs to know that he is needed & appreciated and that he is an important part of your life.

Behind every successful man is a woman who supports him wholeheartedly.

Congratulations! You’ve Just Reached Capricorn Man Expert Level-Advanced

Now that you have made it all the way through this original guide to understanding the secrets of Capricorn men, I am happy to tell you that you are now officially a member of my Capricorn experts club.

You are currently at the “Advanced” level, but once you have read the bonus books included with this original guide I am certain you will reach the “Master” expert level and finally have that Capricorn man wrapped around your little finger.

To recap, in this book we have explored the story of the constellation Capricorn, and the role the sea-goat played in ancient history and mythology.

I have explained how astrology is used and what kind of things we can tell about your relationship by using synastry and composite techniques, as well as interpretation of both people’s natal charts.

We have talked about compatibility in general and explored the relationship potential found between Capricorn and the other 11 Sun signs. We have looked at things you can do to attract him, and things you should avoid doing if you want to keep him around.

The most important thing to remember when you close this book is to have the patience with your Capricorn man and show appreciation for the work he puts in to make sure you are happy and well taken care of.

And, whenever possible, take the time to go the extra mile and be the ray of light in his life that can brighten the dark days when he feels the pangs of depression coming on, when he feels judgmental about himself and inadequate.

He needs you to be a positive influence that can help to balance out his heavy Saturnian energy. He needs to be reminded that he is loved and appreciated regularly to achieve and maintain peak performance and carry on down his path to success.

A lack of someone in his life who appreciates him won’t keep a Capricorn man from achieving success, but when he feels good about his place in life success comes more easily and he will reward the one who stood by his side and supported him all the way through.

It is also extremely important that you remember to go easy when it comes to offering your Capricorn man criticism. He doesn't take well to such, and it can actually cause tension to build if he feels he’s being attacked rather than critiqued.

Only offer your opinion on his abilities when he asks, or if you are certain that he will be receptive-because, as with all bits of advice in my books, you know your man better than I do, and you will want to tailor each tip, trick and bit of knowledge to fit your specific Capricorn man.

Now, I know that relationships don’t always go as planned, which is why this is not all I have to share with you about the Capricorn man.

If you have had him and lost him, whatever the reason, there may be a way to mend your broken relationship, and you can find the secrets to doing so in my bonus book How to Get a Capricorn Man Back.

I wish you all the very best in life and love, and I always love to hear from my readers, so please, never hesitate to be in touch if you have questions about things we didn’t cover or suggestions for future books!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and create the relationship you have always dreamt of with your Capricorn man!

May the stars be on your side,


P.S. I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or if you need some extra help with your specific situation, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help you out as soon as I grab some time.